100 Years Of School Lunches Taste Test

Опубліковано 4 вер 2018
Were schools serving up lettuce sandwiches in the 1940's or 1920's? Rhett and Link try to slide their way to victory while sampling 100 Years Of School Lunches GMM #1371
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  • Chase literally defied the laws of gravity when Link hits the trays at the end 😂

  • Link and Rhett have ate a lot of things on this show we would never eat. Most of these meals people wouldn’t want to eat in general but Link being the guy he is says.... “ew coconuty”.......

  • I believe Chase can fly....

  • I would of drink tf out that milk😂😂😂

  • 6:18 I love how Rhett laughs after Stevie said just the tip. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • “I like wood” Rhett McGlouflin or whatever

  • A Scottish person like myself will tell u aye u do have ginger oan Ur plate its in Ur gless pmsl X

  • never in my life have i heard of lettuce sandwich

  • Sorry but your merch is just trash

  • at first i thought link was short but when i googled it he was actually pretty tall at 6'1 rhett is just a freak😂😂

  • They're straight?

  • "Viener" lol

  • 14:29 the kid in the background "ooo ye its that powered donuts'

  • 1:43 chase looks depressed like he is saying why am i even here"

  • I LOVE this segment!

  • General Tso Chicken is the best meal at my school. 2nd place nachos

  • Why Americans drink milk with everything, that's just stupid lol

  • 0:55 heh heh morning wood heh heh heh

  • What salad dressing was it

  • They like horses and wood -- two straight guys? C'mon, keep it real...nobody's judging.

  • i don't know why lunch lady chase was there but i appreciated it

  • I thought it would have been safe to assume the lettuce sandwich would have been during The Great Depression

  • Odesa TX = Cocaine

  • Why u

  • They waste a shit ton of food on this show

  • The lettuce sandwich made me chuckle.

  • #shamelessplug

  • lol I laughed so hard when I first saw "lunch lady chase" I would totally want him as my lunch lady

  • school lunches worsened over the century... #evolutionofhumans

  • eat 100,000 years of school lunch.

  • FREE REPLAY 13:26

  • My school eats Little Caesars Pizza, Garlic Bread, and oranges

  • the question that I'm thinking of is....how is the glasses not tipped over when they slide it? I did that one and the glass just tipped over and I got upset but....how?!?

    • They glued them down like they always do in these episodes...

    • You're right, the glasses WOULD normally tip over haha. To answer your question, they said toward the beginning of the show that the glasses are glued down.

  • Schools back in my day use to give out strawberry milk cartons

  • Kids at my school snort koolaid powder

  • The female announcers voice is so calming

  • yes there was ; ]

  • M..M..M... *Mystery Meat* ...

  • I still love a peanut butter sandwich along side my chili from the 80s lunches. In middle school i ate chili cheese corn chips and a choc/vanilla shake every day.

  • At 13:43-47 did anyone else see chase jump

  • links sandwhich was still on da board

  • I like how link doesn't get a knife n cuts his cutlet with a spoon 😂

  • Lol now it’s a grey burger in a stale bun with a juice box and that’s £3 gone

  • All of that food is HORRIBLE, and so is the school lunch now, I haven’t gotten school lunch one time in my whole life

  • They served good stuff at HC???

  • Rhett REAALLY likes wood ^_°

  • Arange coconut custard 😂😂

  • Rhett and link must be the best dads ever

  • I'd say more like 75℅ of a straight guy combined total.

  • why give the dates immediately....

  • "The winner will get a nice modern day school square pizza" "And the lose gets to write I will learn my lunches on a chalkboard 100 times" Ladies and Gentlemen this is what we call a lose-lose situation.

  • Use shuffleboard pucks ffs! Didn't your parents teach you NOT TO WASTE FOOD? the format is fun, but this food going to waste really is unnecessary. How old you think your audience is? And if, why not lead by example? Please change this...

  • 12:11 me having a liver in school yesterday XD

  • Nope. Just no. Never served bowls of soup, fried pork chops or glasses of lemonade with a bendy straw. In the 80s pizza, french fries, the semblance of a cheap burger, corn, and small milk cartons were the orders of the day.

  • 100 years and no mold? I'm calling this one boys it's *Fake* !

    • +Katelyn Daley youre not the brightest are you?

    • Katelyn Daley its a joke

    • +cthuluhoop _ umm...what?

    • +Katelyn Daley r/wooosh

    • It's called recreation. They recreat the lunches. They are not really that old.

  • I guess the 2000’s is the decade of school lunch minimalism then, because to me these all look incredibly plentiful for school lunches. Anyone else or am I alone here?

  • *Rhett asks link if he’s wearing GMM shirt* Link: no lol why would I wear that crap

  • 432 shoutout!

  • Should've done all the years.

  • The school lunch back in the older days was much better. Today it's all processed hog shit. I know cause my son is in Jr. High.

  • sounds about white

  • Wait you mean prison food for solitary confinement. Prior to the 1960s sh** Ill skip lunch lol. So nasty!

  • 2019 lunch: A burger crustier than dirt

  • Its vi - e - na

  • Wow just the title of that game made me laugh a little no offense

  • No way their from my home town

  • Chase, that poor intern

  • I think we need a good mythical bake off

  • The 1980’s and 1960’s lunch looks so good compared to my school lunch

  • That 1930’s lunch sounds like it’d be ordered by Bubble Bass; on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, with a request to make it cry, burn it, and let it swim

  • Mininhorses and wood, awesome ideas

  • Lettuce sandwich, good lord...

  • Ha gayy

  • 1:25 butthurt LGBTQ+ members: ARE YOU SAYING GAY ISNT OK.

  • Stevie has such a good announcer voice

  • The 2010's would be an empty tray

  • How come in so many of those 20th century sitcoms all the kids have to drink milk with their meals? Was it a growth thing or something ?

  • He likes wood Hehe

  • Her voice is so soothing for some reason.

  • Ret: I really love woood

  • Currently binge watching gmm and eating pnut butter..link wud be proud

  • Names bond, James Bond and you are? BISCUTS, CHEESE BISCUTS

  • "must have been desperate times" " that's what im thinkin' the 90's " XD XD dead 5:10

  • May be late for a suggestion, but maybe 1 point for a correct answer, and two points for landing closest for a new game in 2019?

  • Better get Woody Woodpecker to peck that wood.

  • When you make and excuse to eat food....

  • Them trying to guess what the food is well that’s me everyday but I’m never close

  • Doesn’t include 2000s or 2010s which means it’s not 100 years only 80

  • ungrateful ass wiggas, y'all know well not to watse food

  • Great Depression guys desperate times

  • I hate when people shout out there merch

  • You wear that every day you’re gross

  • I’m sad that I know that the name of the game is a South Park reference.

  • That was so awkward at 1:45

  • am I the only one sad about wasting food?

  • Bring back good mythical crew!

  • 8:07 first time i heard her break out of character

  • Lol, im watching this in the night r/madlads

  • Steve1989 mre info approves

  • Damn how didn't the food go mouldy after 100 years?????

    • 🤔

    • +Yung cash register aka Lil 🅱️roomstick

    • +Brian Griffin R/woooooooosh

    • +Brian Griffin oh gee do u hear that?? it sounds almost like . . . the joke going over yr head

    • bruh sound effect #2 you best be joking they recreated it