1000 Years Of Hairstyles (GAME)

Опубліковано 7 лис 2018
We've all made a questionable hairstyle choice, and that's the truth for people 1000 years ago too. GMM #1417
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  • Excuse me link.

  • Accidental model Rhett at 3:40

  • Yeah! Jen!

  • 6:17 also Brian May (he’s the guitarist for Queen)

  • More Bethany! Get her in Stevie and Lizzie’s prolapse party!

  • I want that huge comb


  • Why can’t Jordan be the only one on this show?

  • Link looks so handsome in this episode

  • Okay but Jordan really rocks that 1760s hair

  • Can Jordan please stop trying to be funny?

  • 8:12 “No I’m serious you have to keep that joke in, it will be hilarious.”

  • _Prince of Belle Hair_ Missed opportunity.

  • I still Miss links wings 2019?

  • Someone knows that Marianna? Or are you here? I would love to see instagram or something. I am an artist and she looks very very much like i imagine main character of my story. O.O So inspirational!

  • Specifies they’re straight

  • Look at my neck, look at my neck. Who else thought of Arianna?

  • K

  • I love this show. I've become addicted. Prince Harry is hot 😄

  • Interesting hair, loved Louis xiv’s hair

  • I miss links old hair 👽

  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought of Brian may...

  • Man that Emily chick has some incredible eyes. Especially contrasted with that red hair.

  • I clicked this because i thought jackblack was going to be in the episode

  • Wich one is better Good mythical morning or good mythical more

  • I think they should get a point for getting the time right and landing on it is an extra point

  • uhhh

  • why link is right but always he want rett to win, is it because Link want to be a looser?

  • You need to go back to the chin strap. Link keep your hair up and short. Thank you

  • The days when Link admit he bad at that game

  • Two straight guys?

  • Well. Mistakes are good. Go green.

  • Why did Link sound like voldemort at the end

  • Studied fashion history in school so I gotta say it: The “1760’s” hairstyle was actually 1660’s. Louis the 14th has been dead for decades by the 1760’s, so he wasn’t setting trends at that point.

  • The Louis the 14th looked like Tony Iommi or Brian May

  • Should not have counted a point for Link when his head/wig was knocked over. Just saying

  • Rhett knows his assassins creed unity.

  • Omg the shuffle sticks are combs

  • At 9:20 she's so damn cute😂😂

  • I wonder if jen has ever done steroids... its not impossible but I wanna hope she didn't...

  • Link sounded like Voldemort while he was being crowned.

  • You kill my father prepare to die

  • *A womans ankle shows* *over 50,000 men just faints*

  • Things I hate so much 1.w3rn 1Ue7 spe37K Gl46b7iSh 2. wheeeeeeeeeeen peeeeeeeeeeeeople maaaaaaaaaaaaaake looooooooooooooooong wooooooooooooooooords 3 when when when they they they repeat repeat repeat the the the words words words 3 3 3 times times times 4. when. There. Is. To. Much. Space. 5. whan thay kaep an addading latter A an ala wards 6. When they repeat what they are saying 6. when they repeat what they are saying 7. nehw yeht ekam ereht sdrow sdrawkcab

  • After link did a self promo, I knew he was a slytherin

  • Try to get gorden Ramsey on the show plz

  • Emily

  • 6:10 wow, brian may has really let himself go!

  • 1760’s is already my hair 😂

  • I knew what the third one was because of queen

  • Leave my GG’s hair out of this!!! GG is what we called my great-grandma She was a beautiful redhead. Curly hair. Bit of a poof. Circular range. Wow. Not really doing her hair justice.

  • I'm 11 and watch Leave it to Beaver every day XD

  • Emilys reaction when Rhett made the comment "it's just the hair" 1:23 Haha

  • Jordan out here giving Brian May a run for his money

  • King Louis the 14th died in 1715. The curly, piled mane of the French Court went out around the 1720s-1730s. Regardless, love Good Mythical Morning!

  • I thought the you that you were trying to get out was cotton candy Randy

  • Bababa is Grey hair cut down for the movies that were maddie ever since you have been Gabi Ramos jojo right in the heart attack that killed him to Apple's iOS devices will Anything that Women shirt and tomorrow morning if you're interested in learning about whether they can make some other time you can really be able to eat at home depot

  • Is jordan cotton candy randy? 😂

  • My great grandmother dates back 97 years. She died at 95.

  • 6:32 OM brian may

  • The “1760s” one should be 1660 it a hundred years off like Louis the 14th first wedding was in 1660 and Louis the 16th wedding was in 1770

  • Would hate to piss Jen off...

  • 13:17 Why does he sound like Voldemort?

  • Emily is wifey

  • Ok.... Wait....Hold up.... since when has Jen been built like a freaking truck???

  • Ya yeet

  • good job

  • Damn Beth was fiiineeee

  • these are some cute girls 1 like = 1 clothing taken off

  • I wish Jordan wore that hair more often haha

  • Link looks particularly handsome in this video

  • Hello my name is inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die

  • links old hair sent me back

  • The staff looked so uncomfortable and kinda upset 😅

  • bro i thought the same thing when he brought up nacho libre

  • Jordan reminds me of patton aswalt

  • Jordan in the 1760s wig looks like the guy from "The Princess Bride" XD

  • When Jordan came out I was thinking nacho, and then link comes in for the rescue reference

  • You both should join vat19 Like if you agree👍👍👍👍👍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😎😄🙂😀😀😀😀

  • Hello GMM from Oregon!! I luv u so much and I luv watching u with my family! Your apart of my everyday routine and I thank u for being hilarious creative and amazing!❤️❤️❤️

    • I'm from Oregon too, and I love GMM.

  • I personally think link looks cute with gray hair 😍❤️

  • 1410 is before America was discovered

  • Dang! Both are team hair up these days??

  • No mythical pomade I'm a dapper dan man

  • 5:50 Damn Link that was smooth af

  • Ellie has a weird attitude...

  • So weird to see Cotton Candy Randy as a regular person...

  • Rhett he wasn't even on the triangle. All you had to do was get it past him at all.

  • THose colours don't suit Link's complexion.

  • Hello Bethany ;)

  • I am pretty sure Jordan is literally THE ONLY entertaining crew member, everyone else is so cringeworthy.

  • LINK! Keep the glasses bro

  • Man, you guys are bad at guessing these haha! They were so easy

  • Louis XIV was king in the 1660’s.

  • Fundraiser!!!!!!

  • link that outfit is really nice

  • I love that their thumbnails are never misleading unlike other youtube channels like troom troom.

  • 1760’s aka Brian May

  • I want to see when the glasses got knocked off of the Link head in slo-mo.

  • Why do you guys never post on your original channel anymore?