6ix9ine or Nick Cannon? Ludacris in the Hot Seat 🔥 | Wild 'N Out | #WNOTHROWBACK

Опубліковано 8 лис 2018
Ludacris was in the hot seat during Plead The Fifth, but that didn’t stop him answering any questions! Watch to see why Nick Cannon would get a spot over Tekashi 6ix9ine. 😂
#WildNOut #PleadTheFifth #WNOTHROWBACK #MTV
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  • Me too

  • Nick smooth lol. Nubian braids

  • I saw Denzel curry in the back lol

  • Ludacris new 69 was finn get booked 😂💯🔥🔥

  • Luda predict it first idc now 69 is in the hole 💀💀💀

  • 69 looks crazy as hell!!

  • Why did nick hold up 4 fingers when he said the fifth?

  • Why he put up 4 fingers then?

  • 2:47 Denzel??

  • Luda predicted the future for 69

  • 2:29 Cali

  • No he in prison

  • Who the fuck is that

  • Looks like luda woulda made the right decision...dat nigga has the sharingan

  • That was a very disrespectful comment about someone braids. I am happy that Nick give up a point but still

  • Does any one else see denzel curry??

  • fake

  • sad

  • Best tekashi69 impression out there

  • that sixnine impersonation was so on point🔥👌🏽

  • You he did Nick dirty but that was funny as hell

  • That’s fake 69

  • How did no one realize that Nick threw up 4 fingers instead of 5 when he said 5th 😂

  • 69

  • Sigma pi phi

  • Luda was so right about 69 not being around anymore😂

  • Gfbghvjhcggdggghvvjggjb Make a Web Fallowfieldbnb. Vco

  • I love how Emanuel sais Nicholas Canon

  • Thass not tekashi

  • Lowkey ludacris snitched on 6ix9ine Jump him

  • Emmanuel hella creative for that

  • Who is the person that acts like skittles

  • Damn watching this now my son tekashi really gone


  • Well, looking back at this at least we know Ludacris would've made the right decision on picking Nick Cannon over 69 😂

  • Post malone dressed like tekashi

  • Nick reminds me on my husband lol.

  • I would’ve picked 6ix9ine nick is not on 6ix9ines level

  • get royce off this damn show

  • I didn’t get the last one someone pls explain

  • I speak like white & shit like black!

  • hahaha well luda was right takashi ain't gonna be around much longer lol

  • 00:49, few months later, 6ix9ine is now in prison. Good job Luda

  • 69

  • Luda is so damn fine 😍😍😍

  • Ludacris was fucking right.

  • Nick Cannon: The Fifth *holds up 4 fingers*

  • “With the 213” “THEY BEEN GIVING ME TROUBLE TOO!!!”

  • Only peaple with a big penis can like this No one will like....

  • Long*

  • He was right 6nine wasn't aroung for lonr

  • did anyone peep when nick cannon said "the fifth" he held up 4 fingers

  • Nick cannon said the fifth but held up 4 fingers

  • We just gonna go by like nick said the 5 but had up 4 fingers😂

  • Honestly I'm just saying my opinion on justina Valentin but she look like a thot

  • DC to much man 😂😂😂

  • I fucken thought it was 69...fuck this fake 69tekashi

  • Nick said the fifth and held up four fingers?

  • ludacris is right 69 is in jail

  • That's not 6ix9ine

  • They really did nick like that

  • How he not notice he was saying I plead the fifth

  • He said the fifth and held up 4 fingers haha 😂

  • Luda was right about 69

  • why did nick put up 4 instead of 5

  • Or her brains

  • Free 69

  • Turns out Luda was right after all lmao


  • I feel played🥺🤣💀

  • 6ix9ine who bruh y’all stupid for this ?

  • Well he's in jail now? So Luda called it right!

  • Damn luda could see him moving wrong. 😕

  • Why does everyone think DC is funny? Cause he's not

  • It's like Luda knew what was coming to 69 back then

  • Look at how much fingers nick is holding up when he says 5th

  • loo what're they even doing

  • Who the guy that be 69

  • that is not 6ix9ine

  • Damn, DC always be picking on the audience

  • Mg

  • 69 sounds gay no disrespect

  • is that denzel curry in the back

  • Ohh.ludacris is better

  • Lmfaooo!!! Luda was right, 69 is gonna be in prison for a looooong time

  • 69 ain’t there anymore too lol. #lifeinjail

  • Who watching this after 69 in jail

  • All the butt hurt 69 fans crying in the comments

  • This one if folll

  • Emmanuel is the 🐐 for that 😂😂😂😂

  • I love rewatching to see everyone’s reaction to ludicris dissing 6ix9ine

  • Emmanuel really really smart😂

  • Real niggas

  • But Nick isn't even around lol

  • luda was right

  • Ludacris just predicted the future

  • I am stiffy, uh Just touched a little girly, uh


  • Emanuel clever yo! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emmanuel got me dead