Blind Bird Taste Test

Опубліковано 28 лис 2014
We see how well we know our poultry GMM #581!
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  • 11:57

  • Balut is my favorite street food here in the Philippines hahaha

  • voi for re ri r. ri to ro Roy dlrlt

  • They should have called this bird box challenge

  • Whenever Rhett is confident about an answer and is told he's wrong, he questions if they screwed something up lol

  • That link reaction

  • Link flapping his wings....😂

  • GMM created bird box!!!! 😱

  • danm link is smart at chicken

  • Something tells me that the makers of the Bird Box were slightly inspired by this video xD

  • I really don’t honk you all should put any more whole animals in this show it’s disgusting.

  • I thought the game was called duck duck GREY DUCK. Where do people keep getting these geese from?

  • Blind bird bow challange

  • Y’all were way ahead of “BirdBox” 😂😂

  • Blind bird = bird box 🤔

  • 8:53 - *The answer is yes* - 10:48

  • Bird box before bird box 🤣

  • The blind bird. Bird box

  • How does Rhett know exactly where his mug is at 7:15

  • Rett: THE BLIND BIRD TASTE CHALLENGE Me: *thinks of bird box*😲

  • Bird box challenge, they were before their times.

  • 2:25 @Birdboxchallenge

  • Bird box before bird box

  • Clearly, Canadian didn’t happen 😆

  • Too bad the Clearly Canadian was a complete disaster and there was never a live stream. Smh.

  • Is that a signed picture of judge Judy in the background?

  • they did a birdbox reference in 2014... its 1am where I'm @ and i shouldn't be laughing this hard rn

  • bird abortion

  • I love how rhett is so satisfied with links terror that hes completely unphased by being told what it was

  • What happened to the Clearly Canadian live stream?

  • thought this was a bird box video until i saw links hair lol funny tho that there is a vid about birds and they are blindfolded

  • Bird Box.

  • Birdbox before birdbox was a thing

  • the original bird box challenge

  • *Sandra Bullock has joined the chat*

  • I felt like i had to spit the baby duck was so bad!!😝😝 love you guys!!

  • The prequel to bird box

  • It is cold balut

  • I'm going over old episodes cuz I'm just doing a marathon but they should've done this when bird box was out lmao coincidence I think not!

  • Official bird box challenge

  • You ate a baby 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 11:52

  • This is literally the bird box challenge with actual birds

  • Bird box before it was cool

  • I guess you can call this the Bird Box

  • bird box??

  • A cornish hen is just a young chicken of a particular breed...

  • *Insert Bird Box Joke*

  • Props to Link for choosing the funniest way possible to deal with weird food in his mouth that he doesn't like

  • Watching this during the whole “bird box” obsession 😂

  • Bruh where the bird box challenge began

  • 2019 here

  • bird box

  • I’ve eaten about before I’m Filipino

  • That’s judge Judy.

  • 2:25 chicken with blindfold... bird box?!

  • 2:25 Bird Box..

  • Yeah, way to support the Filipino pride by eating balut 🇵🇭

  • 11:58 12:02 when u walk in on ur grandma naked

  • Little did they know a whole baby bird would be in their mouth

  • balut is good. filipino here👍

    • Do you eat it the way they did or is it seasoned or something like that

  • you eat balut in a wrong way... thats why its taste bad.... you eat it whole!! its like walking in a cliff dont look down... (dont look at the balut)

  • noo Link didn't say "As you can see, we can't"

  • Filipino, but don’t plan on trying balut...

  • Link: Im afraid Me: are you tryna bring up naked and afraid?

  • Link's reaction from 11:53 to 12:02 BEST REACTION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Effing gross that embryo

  • Links abrupt laugh at 8:56. Hahaha

  • Best Link reaction ever !

  • A good friend would put the crown on the right way, but a best friend will put it on backwards lol love it

  • Balut oh balot

  • Link saying he doesn't wanna be known as the guy who gags haha, yeah okay, and I want a pet T-rex to ride to work.

  • 11:53 Links face...

  • Link has them bird instincts and Judge Judith Shiendland watching over them while tasting birds is everything

  • the last one made the entire video!

  • Alex: I'm worried about my money.. 😂😂 did anyone else hear that?

  • Balut is typically chicken idiots, yet they said Duck. ummm wrong

  • as a filipino, i laughed my ass off when they tried the balut shwwhhshwhsshsuuyxnksjsj

  • my parrot was just pigging on seeds until i watched this he stared at my screen, and when it was done he was just giving me death glares Pro Tip: don't watch this with a parrot, or any animal

  • That reaction to the balut was priceless

  • Yeah that last one was a little too far I don't care what country you're from just like veal lamb and fois gros some food I just say no too

  • I like the Canadian Flag hat in the back. Ok I may have a US sticker but I was born in East York Toronto

  • 11:53

  • I am Willy Wonka! 9:13

  • Why would you want to eat blind birds

  • My stupid ass was like: "Do blind birds taste differently?"

  • What? duck neck is tasy!!!! 😕

  • 2:27

  • The bird head and beak dangling over his lip when it was put into his mouth 🤣

  • I’m Philippino so I like Balut

  • 11:57 Link screams in horror. its so funny

  • Alex this time i'm gonna open my mouth why don't u put it inside of it instead of in my crotch area. Link 2014

  • Omg watch this on 2x speed. Lol!

  • Ah balut, a well known Filipino delicacy. I’m Filipino, and I don’t like it. 😂

  • Omg i hurts 😂🤣🤣🤣 Ostrich eyeballs 😭

  • BALUT is from the philipines and im filipino and I love Balut

  • *btw balut tastes super good.*

  • How to eat Balut: 1 - DON'T LOOK AT IT. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. DON'T ANALYZE IT. JUST EAT IT. It's delicious, BUT the minute you think too much about what it really is, you WILL gag and puke. I love it, but if I start thinking about the baby duck, I puke

  • Balut from Philippines