Blind Bird Taste Test

Опубліковано 28 лис 2014
We see how well we know our poultry GMM #581!
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  • Effing gross that embryo

  • Links abrupt laugh at 8:56. Hahaha

  • Best Link reaction ever !

  • A good friend would put the crown on the right way, but a best friend will put it on backwards lol love it

  • Balut oh balot

  • Link saying he doesn't wanna be known as the guy who gags haha, yeah okay, and I want a pet T-rex to ride to work.

  • 11:53 Links face...

  • Link has them bird instincts and Judge Judith Shiendland watching over them while tasting birds is everything

  • the last one made the entire video!

  • Alex: I'm worried about my money.. 😂😂 did anyone else hear that?

  • Balut is typically chicken idiots, yet they said Duck. ummm wrong

  • as a filipino, i laughed my ass off when they tried the balut shwwhhshwhsshsuuyxnksjsj

  • my parrot was just pigging on seeds until i watched this he stared at my screen, and when it was done he was just giving me death glares Pro Tip: don't watch this with a parrot, or any animal

  • Lol I feel so bad for you! 😆

  • That reaction to the balut was priceless

  • Yeah that last one was a little too far I don't care what country you're from just like veal lamb and fois gros some food I just say no too

  • I like the Canadian Flag hat in the back. Ok I may have a US sticker but I was born in East York Toronto

  • 11:53

  • I am Willy Wonka! 9:13

  • Why would you want to eat blind birds

  • My stupid ass was like: "Do blind birds taste differently?"

  • What? duck neck is tasy!!!! 😕

  • 2:27

  • The bird head and beak dangling over his lip when it was put into his mouth 🤣

  • I’m Philippino so I like Balut

  • 11:57 Link screams in horror. its so funny

  • Alex this time i'm gonna open my mouth why don't u put it inside of it instead of in my crotch area. Link 2014

  • Omg watch this on 2x speed. Lol!

  • Ah balut, a well known Filipino delicacy. I’m Filipino, and I don’t like it. 😂

  • Omg i hurts 😂🤣🤣🤣 Ostrich eyeballs 😭

  • BALUT is from the philipines and im filipino and I love Balut

  • *btw balut tastes super good.*

  • How to eat Balut: 1 - DON'T LOOK AT IT. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. DON'T ANALYZE IT. JUST EAT IT. It's delicious, BUT the minute you think too much about what it really is, you WILL gag and puke. I love it, but if I start thinking about the baby duck, I puke

  • Balut from Philippines

  • Dear God, I never ever ever ever ever ever want GMM or The Ellen Show to end. I have never laughed and smiled so much. Thank you. Amen.

  • Link has a degree in Bird Law.

  • I know they're after views but putting an embryo in their mouths is f'ed up

  • "Put it in my mouth instead of my crotch area"- Link

  • Balut is actually pretty amazing lol.

    • Knightly Light no worries, friend. Most people don't like Balut so I wasn't upset at all. Glad you're in a better mood and hope you're doing well :)

    • +Big Winslow sorry i was in a bad mood when I wrote that

    • Knightly Light to each their own.

    • No it isn't

  • We love balut, but we love it even more, introducing it to foreigners and seeing their reactions!

  • I've eating balut it's good I'm from the Philippines

    • +Knightly Light no asians don't eat plastic they also don't eat poop

    • Aisians eat everything

  • "It was an eyeball! And everything else!!!"

  • i feel so bad for the baby duck

  • you guys sound depressed and sad and tired

  • "I dont want to be known as 'that guys'" says Link, but he is always that guy. And will continue to be that guy.

  • Me when I’m grumpy 4:22

  • I hate bird meat, because it's always so dry especially turkey, like holy shit turkey is shit.

  • 8:56 that laugh

  • I kinda feel sad the baby ducks just ended up in the bin, not allowed to live but not eaten for sustenance. Sort of a waste of a "life"

  • Will it fetus?

  • Link:"Balut,It sounds appetising" Crew:"Its a duck still inside of its egg" Link:*spits out the Balut* Lol hahaha😂😂😂

  • THOSE ARE GOOD! with salt and spiced vinegar! Filipinos where yall at 🇵🇭🇵🇭 (balut)

  • As someome who doesnt do textures well the Balut was mean

  • Omg hahahaha

  • i hate ads

  • Filipino pride 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Too bad your country is a shithole.

  • 2018 anyone

  • I'm sure all birds are tasty if I make it but not a complete embrio. You should hire like a cook for this.

  • I never seen a color difference in chicken.

  • 11:53 made me laugh so hard I woke my daughter & she’s crying 😂😂

  • Heyyy balut is good. U just dont like it because u know how it looks like hahahaha😂

  • Have neither of them never had duck? Duck isn't bad at all. Even if someone didn't like it, it wouldn't be so bad they couldn't get it down.

  • Balut is really good if you don’t think about it

  • As a viet I used to eat the yolk part of balut/hột vịt lộn as a kid. Rhett got the yolk which is still more normal, Link got the actual embryo which I never managed to eat lol.

  • Hmm, Link sure does get obnoxious when he feels confident, obnoxiously confident.

  • I died of laughter from link eating that Balut

  • I officially cannot eat breakfast during my mythical morning fix. Eating is overrated anyway. LOL

  • I love duck


  • Werrr eww,eww vet kaleb defy

  • Why the hell is judge Judy in the background?

  • Balut is not that bad though if you guys used the sauce that came with it It is a vinegary taste with spicyness to it. and the part that is actually good is the yellow part. Im a pinoy and do eat some of them so.. everyone says that foreign people see's it as gross but its like a Gut challenge for you guys XD

  • OMG... I die laughing everytime I watch this episode. The horror on Link's face brings me much joy. I show this to all my Filipino friends/family. We all agree that it wasn't fair Rhett got the yummy yolk and Link got the whole bird 😂😂😂

  • d'un ont. eybijini oiyyy inouï toujours. result FIGC not toy to we are going home we are going home we are going home we are going home kaleb later love

  • mo ig will see p vew sorry to

  • 11:55 and thats when little links innosence was gone

  • Balut is tasty though

  • You look so funny doing these blind tastings like blind nestlings who on realising their mother has returned with more food frantically thrust their open beaks in the direction of the noise.

  • Quaint

  • I want someone to make a gif of Link's screaming.

  • Masarap ang balut! Just add a little salt.

  • Wow, I'm really upset that neither of them even bit the last round once, they both just put it in their mouths and then spit it out. Would've loved to see their reactions and hear what it tasted like, gross but still would'be been cool lol.

  • Meme of the day When my father tells me he gonnns cut the internet for a whole month if I don't wake up Me: 12:52 Nani?!?!

  • I like Balut

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not da balut

  • 3 K vegans ! Lol y’all are missing out 🍖 🥩 🐥 🦆

  • I think it's pronounced as balot but spells as balut cauz i remember i ate one when i was still a child at the Philippines

  • Hmmm, anyone wanna give Link some Pig's Blood with a side of Puto? (Rice or Flour balls.)

  • 8:53 ya think they would put a whole bird in your mouth? -link

  • "Alex this time i'm going to open my mouth, why don't you put it inside, not in my crouch area... " ...ehm lol😂😂😂😂

  • Vegan gains does not approve. I do

  • 11:57

  • throwback to the first gmm vid i ever watched lmao

  • try men experiencing menstrual cramps!!!

  • Please do a taste test about Philippine street foods

  • Link pronounce Balut right, it's a Philippine street food it's disgusting but we really love it just add salt, vinegar, and chilli pepper and it will taste a LOT better

  • It was getting super sexual at the beginning

  • Today on misinterpreting the title of the video, They give a blind bird food 😂