Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

Опубліковано 7 бер 2018
Can we decipher the difference between Subway and Quiznos while blindfolded? GMM #1290.1
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  • 1-sub to me 2-comment done I’ll do the same back. TRUST

  • Jersey Mike's is very good, as is Wich Wich and JJ. None are as good as my local Italian deli.

  • You can tell any sandwich is from subway by the small amount of shit they put in. Last subway sandwich I got they put four tomatoes on which I was fine with but they literally put on pickle on top of each tomatoe and the like one extra so I had to ask for more. I always have to ask for more

  • Ok but why don't they just wear gloves? no feeling then?

  • 3:43

  • You confusing subway with firehouse subs offends me. lol

  • Links bite technique is hard to watch


  • Jimmy John's are garbage. Complete trash.

  • Jimmy Johns is the best... and you can always "leave in" the bread

  • I work at a JMikes and I am sincerely insulted


  • You like hot subs huh? I thought you can’t date teachers 🤔

  • Mine is: 1. Jersey Mike's 2. Which Wich 3. Firehouse 4. Jimmy John's 5. Subway 6. Quiznos

  • All I have to say is ... LINK AT 9:15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WAWA

  • Who is better Like RHETT Comment LINK

  • I’m so glad I live close to many Which Wichs because they have such good sandwiches!! It was funny that they guess jersey mikes and link was so sure of it ahaha

  • This video is making me hungry right now

  • Quiznos sub's are the best

  • No togos :(

  • I’m a firehouse guy.

  • rhett manhandled those subs, link did not, rhett cheated end of story.

  • WAWA

  • wheres blimpes?

  • Link always debilitates himself by trying to take a bite with no hands, while Rhett grasps the food -- it hurts to watch ;c

  • Jersey mikes is awesome

  • try dibellas subs next time!!!!!!

  • hi rhett and link

  • Which which?

  • Penn station is the best!!

  • "An excuse to eat chips"... Link please, I eat Costco family size bags in one sitting, and then wish I had more.

  • Personally I think the cold subs you get from pizzerias are by far the best. But then again the only other place I’ve gotten from is subway sooo but we only have a firehouse and subway where I live in WNY

  • Nice video.............Thank you

  • Subway is always light on the toppings.

  • Interesting fact. I went to school were the original Jimmy John's was founded. Charleston, Illinois.

  • Y’all need to come to eastern Pennsylvania and get Wawa bc it’s delicious

  • Penn station...toasted

  • Quiznos and subway def need to be toasted lol


  • Y’all are really bad at these

  • it is official rhett is my fave out of the two of them (i work at a Subway)

  • "subway has the best subs!" -No one, in the history of the world

  • Wawa has the best subs

  • The white streak in links hair is on point

  • i work at subway, thats cool

  • I'll never trust a man who gives subway a 6

  • Jersey Mikes subs are my favorite! Fire House is a rip off in my opinion

  • I actually love Quiznos' Chicken Carbonara. Unfortunately, they all moved out of my area. 😢

  • How did you guys find a quiznos?

  • need milios

  • Firehouse is the best they didn't have it hot and fresh I want a redo lol.

  • Can I get enough likes to make "Will it Ice?" never happen?

  • Totally should have crowned the "Earl of Sandwiches"

  • Just want to put it out there MSN stole this idea... Even turned it into a news page to make money on.

  • I miss Little King now. There's still one in Omaha.

  • The french named for the video is totally wrong. It should be something like "Deviner des sous-marins populaires les yeux fermés".

  • Let me just stop you all and say....Publix.

  • Jersey Mike's is my favorite sandwich shop and we dont have them where I moved and it's so sad :(

  • Wawa with the best subs !

  • Where’s wawa


  • This is one of my favorites 😍

  • should have gotten Ike's!!!

  • Lol I have subway and firehouse subs and Jimmy John’s because I’m in a Ohio USA 🇺🇸 bless the lord 🇺🇸

  • “but where is it from?”

  • What about penn station

  • So I've been bing watching these blindfolded taste tests and I've come to a realization. I dont eat *anywhere* *near* enough fast food in order to be able to tell the difference. Quite a number of these places I've either never eaten there or have only eaten there once.

  • I got a subway ad before the vid ;d

  • Thanks guys lol I am nine months pregnant and guess where I am going to at 9 o’clock at night LOL totally going to Jimmy John’s!!!

  • i don't even know where the quiznos is

  • But Publix is the best out of all them.

  • These tests are better when they're eating things they're very passionate about. They're usually so confident (which makes it fun when they're wrong)

  • Quiznos down here in south florida taste so good

  • I have to say, firehouse subs is clearly the best.

  • I love when theyre just like "ITS DEFINETLY FROM THIS PLACE I KNOW IT. IM 100% RIGTH." and then theyre wrong

  • Which wich is amazing! But if you get to have a WAWA hoagie, you’ll die happy.

  • Link:I got nothing close to that Camera person:link u got gotty lol #CRINGE

  • You should just wear weird gloves to hold the foods... not doing the foods justice with nibbles

  • Subway is the worst. No matter what you order from Subway it all taste the same.

  • Re-watching this and now I have to drive thirty minutes to get some Jimmy Johns. Thanks for that

  • Link is like a child who never grew up I used to hate tomato then I got used to it after 12 years old now I love it

  • Disappointed potbelly isn’t on here. Do they not have them in CA?

  • I ate at Jersey Mike's once. I'll choose not to eat there again due to an employee cross contaminating raw chicken with cooked chicken. He had gloves on, touched the raw chicken that was stuck to the spatula to get it on the grill, not more than 5 seconds later went to chop the chicken for my ceasar wrap and touched it with his gloves. I told them it was contaminated with the raw chicken and he said he didn't because he used the spatulas. His gloved hand touched both. He refused to remake it and another person who understood what had happened, stepped in and made it properly. I know there are so many times food gets cross contaminated but if I see it, I'm going to say something. I've had food poisoning enough times too be cautious.

  • As a present worker of Jersey mikes I am honored

  • You had me at mouth feel....

  • Lol. One long sandwich advertisement.

  • Man I really like a roast beef and provolone from Jersey Mikes w/pickles

  • I wish they included Erberts and Gerbert's

  • As you can see, we can’t

  • Jersey mikes and firehouse are great. Never had witch witch

  • I know it’s jimmy johns because all the shit wants to slide outn

  • Jimmy John's has less bread. They cut out a portion of the bread to accommodate for fillings

  • Honey Baked Ham sandwiches!!! 👍👍👍

  • No PUBSUB?!

  • Watching link eat in these is infuriating

  • Anyone else eat food while watching them eat food?

  • Like this if you’re a Wawa homie

  • Firehouse has the best subs. Period.

  • Turkey provolone Mike's way 🤘🤘