Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

Опубліковано 7 бер 2018
Can we decipher the difference between Subway and Quiznos while blindfolded? GMM #1290.1
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  • Jersey Mike's is the truth

  • Liked subscribed an commented

  • they share footlongs

  • Link looks like a skinny Jared Fogle,i just realised it when he bit the subway sandwich

  • No wawa!??!?!?

  • Cousin's is the best but you can only get it in a few places around the country...

  • I always watch these food episode while hungry because i like to torture myself.

  • What about bobs subs?

  • Snarfs beats em all

  • All this wasted food... sigh.

  • How dare you rate those other half ass subs, I've eaten all the other subs that you've eaten before and nothing compares to jimmy johns. I work at jimmy johns and I can tell we conquer over all. EAT OUR SUBS! EAT OUR SUBS! EAT OUR SUBS!!! And don't forget to subscribe to Pewdiepie...

  • I love Subway subs, but only with veggies and TONS of lettuce and a reasonable amount of mayo. No, i'm not vegetarian, I just hate processed meats.

  • idk about the Jimmy Johns in your part of california, but in Utah, they are worse than sandwiches i can make at home.

  • Next time you guys should include potbellies😋

  • Potbelly is king

  • Jersey Mike's

  • Does anyone know if they donate any of the food they have left over?

  • You guys should have gloves do you can’t feel the food but you can still manipulate it.

  • Jersey Mike’s are the smallest bs subs ever

  • 9:27 That’s what she said

  • I swear Link at 2:48 is the way my 2019 has been so far...

  • Where the pub subs at

  • Some of these comments are Subpar 🤓

  • How is this entertaining

  • What are the chances , I bought a sandwich’s from subway and I come across this video. Illuminati?

  • Jimmy John's atleast to me has a certain smell to it

  • Ive worked at jersey mikes for a year and this is what ive been telling my customers and everyone ik

  • This video doesnt mean subs on youtube right?

  • We LOVE gmm!! They are so creative and entertaining!! We tried our own blind food taste test!! Check it out on our channel and let us know if it's entertaining at all!! Don't forget to subscribe!!

  • Jersey mikes is actually awful go to one and order versus a firehouse

  • Quiznos has to be toasted or it doesn't even count.. MMMMMM Toasty

  • I love this

  • Subway is the best I work there

  • I have to say that you guys on the west coast are missing out on wawa from here on the east coast

  • Idk what it is but even just watching people eat subs makes me wanna hurl

  • Publix would have wiped the floor with these scrub subs

  • Publix subs are better

  • 3:42 😂

  • Link I hereby revoke your southern card (even though the Carolinas don’t count southern culture wise to true southerns) for not liking tomatoes

  • Y’all ain’t got Port Of Subs?

  • I hope those subs with 1 bite didn't get wasted.

  • Where the Publix subs at🤧

  • subway is the best

  • Rhetts beard is thinning

  • Aboneer op mij voor = voor 2 abonnees terug!🔌

  • I love jimmy johns

  • I love jimmy johns

  • Dang I got the Gillette ad on this, just ruins the experience

  • I agree with you rhett, hot sandwiches are much better

  • Subway forever 🙅🏼‍♀️

  • Spoiler...Blimpie wins

  • I've only ate sandwiches from Subway and Jimmy John's.

  • I would have guessed Jimmy Johns as Quiznos too, also Quiznos hot subs WAAAAAY better than their cold. I haven't had whichwhich but Jersey is most def the dankest.

  • Which which and firehouse will always have my heart 👌

  • You guys still have quiznos?!?!?

  • Now I'm hungry 😋

  • u guys don’t have debella’s???

  • Firehouse is the fuckn best fight me

  • Rhett petting sandwiches.

  • I hate long beard. I am glad you cut it short.

  • Lets eat that.

  • Try a Publix sandwich

  • link got 2 right but they said he got them all wrong ..??

    • ... or three. Regardless. He got some right and Link didn't get any.

    • Rhett got two right. ;)

  • Rhett used his hands way to much

  • You should do different cuts of steak

  • You guys make me happy even on rainy days

  • Yellow submarine

  • Hot take, jersey Mike's is nasty and a hot ass mess

  • We all know Publix has the best subs

  • Lil wich, Lil Chip, lil pickle for me

  • They need a chicken carbonara from quizznos....

  • I just landed in Japan for the bareskin project


  • My list on the subs they tried from best to worst tell me if u agree or not.... 1) Which Wich (taste amazing to but I like the bread ratio more and the diverse options) 2) Jersey Mike's (taste amazing but very thick bread) 3) Firehouse Subs (I've only been here a few times out of state but I do remember it was decent) 4) Jimmy John's (average ok not great not bad could make better at home) 5) Subway (why is this still around they are not good mainstream subs with little meat) 6) Quiznos (I don't see them around anymore so I assume they went out of business because they weren't that good unless it's just in the area I live in they are gone)

  • I love how Rhett and link make fun of the laughter of the crew when something wasn’t funny

  • I like th@ Link h8s 🍅 !!Me2!! (i do luv tom_juice tho)

  • this southern accent

  • this could very easily turn into a porno

  • its seems really had for the to eat the sandwiches without their hands, why dont you guys put on gloves and a blindfold??

  • It still surprised Quiznos still exists 😂 The one in my hometown was god awful.

  • It's official their food opinions are poor


  •відео-OBOm_jatVCI.html?t=500 links wife is a Dom confirmed 8:20

  • God these guys are total douchebags

  • well the closest thing else we have here in the UK apart from Subway is Greggs

  • Firehouse is my favorite.... Beef and cheddar brisket is the best

  • Wish when watching on ur phone sideways u could like it from there

  • Next time cut them smaller and wear gloves.

  • Jersey Mikes is the best sandwich in the world

  • Hoagie* X 75

  • Close to where I live there is Jersey Mike's subs and also Dibella's Subs. Shame they didn't have Dibella's.

  • Judging grape flavored products to actual grapes

  • Go to 9:00. Ur welcome

  • I feel like Rhett and link are ready for bird box

  • I work at subway and showed my boss this. He fired me for watching slander

  • Just a couple of entitled white males, wasting food and making money off of their stupid followers.

  • Is it just me or is it when link says he 100% knows what it is he is always wrong 😂😂

  • it should've been Link: We always finnish each other's.. Rhett: SANDWHICHES Link: Let's talk about.. Rhett: SANDWHICH

  • I hate Jersey Mike's, maybe that's because I hate their roast beef and think it tastes like wet cardboard.

  • i say subway should have own who agrees