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Chris Broussard believes the Warriors are 'not vulnerable' after win vs Nuggets | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Опубліковано 16 січ 2019
Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the NBA on today's show. Hear why he doesn't the Golden State Warriors have hit their peak this season and reveals one team that may stand in the way of their 3rd straight NBA Championship.
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Chris Broussard believes the Warriors are 'not vulnerable' after win vs Nuggets | NBA | UNDISPUTEDвідео-OGezYZ8BG_k.html
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Will the Warriors win the NBA Championship this season?

  • Warriors perfect chemical combination than other team specially Lakers . ..,. good luck though.

  • LeBron won't make the finals... Period.

  • Warriors are repeating again, thats not even a question, Will they go 16-0, that's the question.

  • You got all these plurals on yours 😂😂😂

  • Bronsexuals starts making the warriors seem to be gods so they can have reasons when lebron goes 4-1 against gsw lmao

  • The Warriors will run the high pick and roll with Boogie and it will not be defendable.

  • stupid question.

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  • Skip is so dumb

  • 🧐

  • Is it just me or does Chris Broussard looks like he could be Steph's father more than Steph's own father Dell. And it ain't just the light skin either, they have similar facial features too.

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  • He look like Eric Andre with short hair

  • This is a golden age. Guys who's livelihood is talking about sports on TV every day? Speechless. Denver thought they were on the comeup. Guess again. Wow.

  • Boogie was the first one that say he will be the 3rd splash brother and it happens.

  • Anyone else think that was Eric Andre in the thumbnail?

  • I would love them if it wasn't for D. Green. Crotch kicking coward.

  • Shannon spit straight fire

  • Clippers bout to be MURDERED Friday man

  • All the people who say RIP the league. You guys have losers mentalities. If you love competition Im ready to see what they do because idk if anyone has noticed but teams are catching up to the warriors now.

  • @2:15 you could tell Broussard wanted to bust out laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Klay + Curry + KD scored 89 points in 3 Q

  • The Horst is beautiful

  • this looks serious. oof.

  • Cousins is the only person that can get a hold on the phone when you have a good job

  • The little white guy, what's he doing?

  • So is Chris Broussard the new god of NBA that's going to preach on UA-tv Trending? Replacing Stephen A. Smith is not an appropriate solution. Work it out, you'll get there! Failing NBA.

  • Steph forcing double teams at half court because he’s shooting almost 50/50/95, That’s a real HOF Mvp.

  • 3peat confirmed

  • Boogie’s that last infinity stone, my dudes

  • The only NBA champions in 2019 is the team who drafts Zion Williamson. Everything else is already written

  • Why is skip bayless even on a show

  • I hate the warriors but its really annoying when analitics say there not gonna win the finals even though they are capable of scoring 51 pts a quarter that's 204 pts a game if they did there best every quarter it's like come on now

  • First, I'm not a Warriors fan. I like Step's and Klay's game though. Steph is the most underrated defender in the league. It's funny how people say, they're going to attack him because he's a liability on defense. That's bs. People act like Steph is only stealing the ball in the passing lanes. He's taking cookies out there. He has super quick hands. He actually puts forth maximum effort on defense, and that's why we see him get his ankles torn apart. If he wasn't out there giving it everything he has, he wouldn't be on the wrong end of those highlights. I know people will say it's just bandwagoning or whatever, but like I said, I'm not a GS fan. I'm a Hornets fan. Steph plays better defense than most point guards in the league, including my pg, Kemba Walker. It's just facts.

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  • tommorow we gonna get cousins 😉😉

  • Dirtiest Play Ever Caught On Film!!відео-oyqXrVsrCDA.html&t=3s

  • Right Le Bron is a great player but look at his team now. One man show while Warriors, pull out one of the tree and still they are the threat cuz they have a deep bench with Igoudala, Livingston, Cook, and now comes another threat Cousins. So even one threat player at Warriors id off night, then lots of Warriors player to step up.

  • Skip is such an idiot

  • Daaaam They already writing boogie off they gon change that tune real quick

  • Skips ability to insert Lebron into any basketball topic is straight up hilarious cause it always triggers Shannon 😂😂😂😂

  • I love when skip is making those noises while shanon is talking Lmao


  • skip, you are an idiot.

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  • “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives”

  • SKIP BAYLESS is A PINK panther hater whole body looking like Trump can't stand him , WHY is All of the zapping analysis hateing ,

  • So they talking about the all star team playing the whole NBA right?

  • Honestly thought this guy was Eric Andre in the thumbnail

  • NBA is a scripted fraud! Sad times in pro “Entertainment”

  • Broussard is sorry.

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  • apparently skip says everyone that goes 1st lmfao

  • Yo Skip is a fool. Straight up

  • Skip has lost his mind. A team has to win 4 games before GS wins 4 in the playoffs. Good luck with that!

  • "Grand Junction" or "Pueblo"....Shannon is a fool!!

  • Skip it's no trouble in GS

  • Nuggets are a way better team then Lakers with Lebron.

  • that girl hates on Lebron too? 8:17


  • Skip doesn’t even agree with what his saying

  • They chat a lot. Need to play!

  • ☝🏽c

  • Did anyone else hear skip call lebron the greatest driver of the basketball ever.


  • Skip is a hater

  • Klay is the second best shooter of all time

  • Don't sleep on Boston because they're a dynasty and once they get it together in time for the playoffs it's really over for everyone mark my words🤦🏽‍♂️😓👋🏽

    • 5th seed dynasty, adorable

  • Yawn why y’all acting surprised everyone knew this was coming. I want the league to be let’s go mavs

  • Skippppppppp u trippn skiipppp lol!!!

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  • Skip...stop bringing up Lebron when hes not the topic of discussion. When Shannon or Chris bring him up, change the subject. Its ridiculous how much hes talked about.

  • Nobody cares about you over paid knucklehead s

  • Hey look it’s 55 yr old Steph Curry!

  • There are only two genders Male and Female

  • Shooting from Grand junction or Pablo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I guess the Warriors have played like 50-60% of his full capacity until now. They had up and downs and there is the fight between KD and Draymond... And even with all of that they have one of the best records in the league. They are clearly starting to play better. Klay did not shoot very well until now, Draymond either... Their season starts now. The last 20-30 matches of the regular season plus the playoffs. And this season there are not rivals like Houston or Cleveland... So let's say it straight... Or Boston figures out how to adjust all the pieces they have and improves drastically or there is no obstacles to get a new ring.

  • Zoom

  • Chris is the best guest to have.... honestly..

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  • Why is it Everytime they talk about the Warriors , Lebrons name always gets brought into the conversation 🙄

  • why is this video trending?

  • I really don’t think Dre and KD an issue. Stop trying to start stuff guys

  • Lmao Shannon at 3:40 😭😂😂😂

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  • How is this on trending?

    • Because they feel sorry for the apes

  • Chris

  • Why does the lady only say a couple of sentences also I don’t know her name cause I don’t watch this channel a lot

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  • Lmao after one game ? All of a sudden they not vulnerable. You stupid af. Rockets had em at game 7 they very well were vulnerable then

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  • #3 on trending

  • Looks like father and son

  • An aberration? An anomaly? Nope. They scored 147 tonight!!! This is just the Warriors.

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