Commercial Styled Food Taste Test

Опубліковано 25 чер 2018
Food commercials look amazing...but does the TV-ready styled food actually taste amazing? GMM #1345
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  • I was gonna comment how on they shouldn't eat the glue, but then I remembered this was GMM, and they've eaten worse.

  • for the first one you’re meant to put jelly on the bottom

  • You could also take a small iron rod, heat it up and press it against the burger patty

  • You could make glue out of milk

  • The music on the strawberry commercial brought back memories of me as a little kid watching the movie up lol

  • “I don’t want to eat a strawberry, I want to be a strawberry!” - Rhett 2018

  • I wanna be a strawberry!

  • The bottom of the Whopper doesn't have grill marks because it is put on a conveyor belt and rolled through a grill machine. It kind of works exactly like pizza ovens. So yea it is only grilled on the bottom and then they flip the burger before they put it together. So really the top is the bottom.

  • Do they got a fake audience? 😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • Yyygdsmmmmds👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • They must be Vinny's friends. They ate glue.

  • Link: Devour Me Big Boy Sure that wasn't your wife on a Saturday?

  • Mashed potatoes as ice cream


  • *crispy soda*

  • For steam in commercials, they get a tampon, put water in it, and heat it up.

  • For the cereal they actually make a gel, put that in the bowl, pour glue on top of it, then pour the cereal in. Because that way they use less glue

  • eww glue

  • *The sprite looks so good it’s toxic!*

  • Best song 2018: Look at all those bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

  • Their hair: The one things that’s sacred on GMM

  • I miss the *PG* part of this show.

  • I got a food photography ad before this video.

  • "I dont wanna eat the strawberry i wanna be a strawberry" mOoD

  • And that is why I eat my cereal dry, yes I really eat my cereal dry because its disgusting when soggy.

  • How do they make links hair so grey??

  • All i could think about was the movie up when the strawberry commercial was playing

  • why did you say maneese

  • Burger King patties only have grill marks on one side because they ROLL the patties FROZEN through a "flame broiler" and then stick them in a steamer. Big fat BS people.

  • I love burger king whoppers no capp😍😚

  • Burger king commercial? I just had one :/

  • The ultimate question:.... Rett or Link?

  • Idonthinkwesoudsualoudis

  • Bubuls

  • so were gonna ignore the fact they just swallowed school glue,dish soap,hair spray and the others i dont know i didnt watch

  • This is a bad idea. You absorb chemicals through your gums and under your tongue directly into your blood stream. You basically IV'd shoe polish except the ROI takes longer so you didn't get a huge dose but you did get it

  • 5:26 links face 😙

  • When you relize you shouldnt eat glue but they have ate worst

  • Except IN-N-OUT. Their food looks the way it does in commercials

  • Is links hair turning gray must be from POISONING THEM SELVES ALL THE TIME

  • Really link you make Rhett eat all the bad things

  • Huh... I got a food styling ad

  • You guys have a 70% chance of dieing from food poisoning

  • Tbh cinnamon frosted flakes are actually so good

  • Was the glue boiled for safety

  • Wait but I love soggy cereal! 😐😐😐

  • Soggy frosted flakes are 🔥🔥🔥 don't @ me

  • Ciao sono Agostino e vengo da Agostino, Tecsasso.

  • Can u guys make slime?

  • They should do will it mochi

  • You know what’s soo weird, the fact that there was a food styling commercial before I watched this🤔

  • No one wants to watch you eat toxic products. That's stupid and encourages children to do it no matter how many times you say not to. Please stop.

  • You know when all the ingredients land on each other in burger commercials are actually just snapping rubber bands in all no if that makes sense

  • But in Tokyo, most expectations meet reality

  • Oh my god you actually ate it

  • I didn't think they were actually gonna eat the first one but... They are rhett and link after all! 😂


  • So that BK commercial.......nobody vetted that?

  • B

  • Watch 0:25 to 0:45 in 0.25 speed

  • d

  • )

  • z

  • 9:42

  • I’m surprised they didn’t do Ice cream because they use mashed potatoes for Ice cream so it doesn’t melt

  • I just got back from myrtle beach 1 week ago

  • Just got a food styling ad!😂 didn't even know they existed

  • I didn't even concentrate when the strawberry advert came up because I was just thinking of the film UP from listening to the music

  • I love cereal 💜💙💜💙

  • "You want that squirt to happen"

  • Everything goes wrong when we eat what weve shouldnt eat, But GMM they will do anything to make us go crazy for more! 😊

  • " I don't wanna eat a strawberry, I wanna be a strawberry!" ~ Rhett McLaughlin 2018

  • i was watching this while doing algebra homework

  • Boy it's pop not soda ;3

  • When you guys were putting the glue with the cereal and ate t my mom kept saying no!No!! No!!!. Oh and my brother said he like your guys videos.

  • I was eating cereal while watching this

  • Lmao why does the strawberry commercial play the UP theme?

  • I'm just saying, basically the equivalent to eating a shoe polish-covered burger is polishing your shoes, sticking a Whopper in them, and taking a big bite. Of course, you probably can't bite through a shoe, but on GMM, Rhett and Link can basically do anything. Learn your facts, childrens!

  • Link didn't spit out the burger

  • The frosted flakes dont look like they have glue lol And yes, i know that they said frosted flakes might not have glue inthe commercials

  • ‘Lets call Guinness I think we’re a On to something’

  • Who likes the soggy Frosted Flakes thooo

  • He ignored the question...RHETT ANSWER THE QUESTION

  • 0:33 😂 “ devour me big boy” 😂😂

  • I always assumed they dunked the strawberries in water before filming. huh.

  • ain't no ready room!

  • Does this prove that they are Kindergarteners?

  • Lol i watched this episode then farted got up & told myself, Ahhh just released one big Will it fart then i was like ?????? (No Joke then i was like.... Hey they could Do that as their next Will it!!! XD LOL XD Edit: this sounds SOOOO Dumb! XD

  • do a "Will it Juice?"

  • How did I miss this episode?! I almost never miss my Good Mythical Morning!!

  • W Wh Why Why w Why wo Why wou Why woul Why would Why would y Why would yo Why would you Why would you g Why would you gu Why would you guy Why would you guys Why would you guys p Why would you guys po Why wouldyou guys poi Why would you guys pois Why would you guys poiso Why would you guys poison Why would you guys poison y Why would you guys poison yo Why would you guys poison you Why would you guys poison your Why would you guys poison yours Why would you guys poison yourse Why would you guys poison yoursel Why would you guys poison yourselv Why would you guys poison yourselve Why would you guys poison yourselves W

  • On this show they do so many dangerous things, like when will it all come back to them (when will they die?)

  • How are they not dead?

  • While you guys where eating glue in kindergarten.. we were forcing each other to down playdoh! And I was like.. the judge of who had more.. I was the playdoh Queen!!

  • HEY! don’t they have the video “can you eat that?” Where they literally say NOT to eat hair spray i am confused!

  • L O O K A T A L L T H E M B U B B L E S

  • Con Rhett and Link nhìn buồn cười.