Craziest Game Show Answers

Опубліковано 31 сер 2018
The Mythical Crew rounded up the craziest game show answers they could find, and now it's time to see if we can predict what these contestants are going to say! GMM #1369
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  • Stevie Harvey is my Spirit Animal

  • I kiss myself

  • Name something a burglar wouldn’t want to see when he breaks into a house: 2 full grown German Shepherds with a guy with a shotgun.


  • I don’t practice kissing because I know it won’t EVER happen EVER!

  • 11:50 that echo though

  • I was about to rewatch this episode and then i realized this is the one where stevie acts like a prick about one of the answers (p.s. no amount of defense changes it lol) some shit just gets your goat and this has got mine lol

  • Yall i swear to god while they were guessing the first one i thought "naked grandma" and when it said it i was like 😳😳😳 yooo thats so crazy

  • I got two right!

  • Host : name something you used to practice kissing Guy: sister SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Thats not steve that dr phill

  • _Lesbean_ big mood

  • They should have put in the Newlywed Game answer of "What's your favorite part of our Newlywed set", and the guy said "Wife number 2".

  • At least half a point..

  • At least half a point..

  • Worst answer ever given on a game show: Mythological Hero ARCHULES (Wheel of Fortune)!

  • Steve- "Name something you practiced kissing on." Jeff- "Sister..." Jeff's sister- "We've been exposed!" The siblings run out of there screaming, "I'm sorry mom!!!"

  • OMG the first thing I though was naked grandma!! Seriously that’s sick 😂😂😂

  • But what WAS the answer to that jeopardy question?

  • I'm really upset that I got the first one right

  • bah

  • Stevie seemed so mad.☹️

  • This is good and all, but I haven't seen anyone mention the faint screaming at 11:51.

  • 735 sweet home Alabama

  • 4:50 in the movie sing a rodent plays the saxophone

  • Sometimes I think Stevie thinks this duo is a trio

  • I actually remembered the answer to the first clip after seeing that episode 1.5 years ago

  • What is the answer to the last question? According to google the nominees were "Billy Elliot: The Musical", "Next to Normal", "Shrek The Musical" and "Rock of Ages". I've never heard of any hymn called anything like that, but I hope it's "Shrek The Musical".

    • MateriaHunter rock of ages

  • Wait what was the actual answer to the sheep question 😆....

  • 7:36 *S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A*

  • *OMG! RHETT’S FACE AT **8:21**. I’M DEAD* 😂

  • Haven't watched this yet, but they better have "NAKED GRANDMA!"

  • But what is the stupid answer?

  • 4:51 my friend Jay Rattman

  • I know all of these just because of memes lol

  • Yesssss I love kinky boots!


  • Not cool I have to get a circumcision tomorrow

  • Steve Harvey is actually Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks turned into a human.

  • Guy: sister Me: (breathes in) SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Everyone has practiced kissing on their mirror

  • String bean is my super skinny dog's nick name 😂💕

  • I got two right, naked grandma and the sister lmao


  • Why does Stevie look great in that mustache???

  • About to say the naked grandma


  • “name something you used to practice kissing” *country music plays* me/the guy- SISTER

  • Omg on the “ kiss your mom “ one and he actually said “ your sister “ I got an ad about the chocolate kisses and it said “ Kiss your mom, kiss your sister, kiss your frenemies etc. “

  • A rodent and a saxophone meet everyday at the New York city subway...

  • Man if they had Steve Harvey as a special guest

  • I guessed naked grandma or naked fat lady

  • Nekkid grammaw!

  • I like it when we get to see Stevie

  • lol I knew the first question...saw that episode... NAKED GRANDMA!

  • Omg I got the first one correct ksjsbd sisj

  • What’s the answer to the last one?

  • I watch match game a lot on my tv like you do to

  • Naked grandma

  • BAKED BEAN!!!!!!

  • Is it weird that i thought he was going to say he practiced kissing on sister? Yes? OKAY!

  • On the bean one I was like SOMEONE HAS TO WRITE HUMAN. Me and Rhett think alike.

  • I have watched the funniest family feuds so many times, I knew the first clip

  • “What do you put around your neck?-“ *a noose*


  • You know you’ve seen too many of these when you remember some of the answers...

  • I actually guessed sister. What’s wrong with me?

  • Rock of ages

  • Stevie sound like an updated computer


  • WHEN WILL RHETT’S SHIRT (the style, not his actual shirt, obviously) BE IN THE MYTHICAL STORE? Hubs would LOVE it!

  • 7:32 I got a question right for once

  • Hey, I’m gay, and look at my name. IM A LESBEAN!!

  • Stevie needs to learn what a euphemism is... that really killed the mood of the video. Clearly the guy from the 70’s implied the answer Rhett had which is what Rhett was saying. Neither were implying that 13 yr olds get circumcised at a Bar Mitzvah 🙄

  • this episode is just perfect

  • I love how impartial Rhett and Link are. It's a good reason I keep coming back after so many years, lol. I can trust that their ultimate priority is creating content everyone can enjoy

  • “ it was moist “

  • Kinky boots?

  • Practice

  • Ppl comment, Stevie is hot, Steve harvey is a jerk, this and that, then everyone fights......................freakin lame. Nobody just laughs and enjoys each other’s comments.

  • I thought her impersonation of a face steve Harvey makes was sexy. Is that weird?

  • They should have also done kebert xela

  • Oh my Gish I actually got one right .. the sister one

  • Rhetts reaction to link at 8:15 is priceless

  • Stevie is adorable speaking of les-bean lmao


  • i knew all the answers from compilations i watch

  • I got the sister one right!

  • Can we get Steve Harvey on the show

  • NAKE-HUH-Steve Harvey ????


  • a lot of these Rhett and link had no chance of guessing and were completely random. This got me heated.

  • I got sister

  • where was the snoop dogg pi in the horse?!?!


  • I remember that clip sister


  • Naked grandma

  • Stevie is so unfunny, sorry not sorry

  • I saw that fourth one before he says cousin...jk he says sister seriously tho not funny