Disneyland Food Taste Test

Опубліковано 13 кві 2018
Is the Monte Cristo Sandwich or the Turkey Leg the tastier Disneyland treat? We sample these and more! GMM #1317.1
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  • I always called those turkey legs hamurkeys when I was a kid. They do just kind of taste like ham on a stick and they are massive!

  • You forgot the Grey Stuff!!

  • Oh heck no, when you go to cafe orleans you need to get the Mickey donuts (Idk how to spell what it actually is). Also you put dole whip to low. Edit- YOU DID NOT JUST PUT A CHURRO THAT LOW. YOU DIDNT EVEN TRY A REGULAR ONE SO ITS NOT FAIR. Lol idk it just made me mad like lalskxjjdjd Edit again- I just finished “how many of you have we upset today” I’m one of those ppl lol

  • Your food is huge in the US, turkey leg is ginormous. The monte cristo does not look good, but I'd definitely try the Dole whip and churro

  • It not turkey it’s emu leg ..... someone I knew who worked at Disney told me

  • 5.25 for a churro i get a dozen for that price in Mex!

  • You can make Dole-whip at home. It’s easy, delicious and no standing in line forever for it. Bring your own food. You’ll save a ton! Plus is great to pull out a snack basically anytime. If you’re with young kids (seriously will save you at least one or more tantrums from a toddler) I’ve gone to Disneyland once... in July (my almost 2 year old nephew we think got heat exhaustion. He was lethargic and had a fever) he perked up after playing in the play fountain thing for awhile. I think in Toon Land? Idk. That was 2009. I’ve been to Disney world twice, both times in October, weather was warm, but nothing compared to going in Summer! And actually needed my sweatshirt leaving the park at night.

  • i have never been to disneyland. im 16

  • When I had a Disney pass... it was pretty much for the food and treats lol the snacks you chose in my opinion were not the ones I would have went for, but I know you tried the most cliche things. I never used to get corn dogs or turkey legs, and neither did the people I went with. It reminded me of cheap fair food too much, and Disney has much better fast snacks and restaurants to eat. I’ve never tried the Monte Christo but that looked awesome. Whenever I was in that section for NO I would get the beignets! So good. Personally, for things on the go (to walk around) I used to get the clam chowder sourdough bread bowls, Mac n cheese cones WITHOUT the rubbery bacon lol (from ca adv., which they tried last), dreyers Hand scooped chocolate dipped ice cream cones, churros, the sour worm goofy gummies they sell are surprisingly so yummy and sour!! If I had time to sit, I’d go for the jolly holiday restaurant or even the little southern restaurant that’s in the middle of Main Street, I forgot what it’s called. The food at Disneyland is a lot better than the stuff they tried in this video

  • C’mon Link...Meat is a mass term, it takes away from the individuality of the animal you are eating. Call it what it is, eat it off the bone and if you can, be the one that raises and kills it.

  • I don't like turkey legs too

  • I just went to LA and had that Mac and cheese cone and it was AMAZING

  • I hate how u guys chew

  • I don't like turkey legs either! I always find them dry, and they aren't flavorful enough. Like it's just boring dry meat 😂

  • The Monty sandwich is actually french

  • Monte Cristo is amazing... Feels so wrong and yet so right.

  • Tickets I love turkey legs.😠😠😠😠

  • The turkey leg is sooo good

  • Is the Dole whip like a sorbet or is it like ice cream?

  • Oh no. Rhett’s shirt is horrible. My eyes!!!

  • My mouth was watering seeing them eat the dole whip 😂 this makes me miss going to Disneyland, yet I live next to Disneyland 😭

  • I love the Monte Cristo! Always been my favorite sandwich.

  • Say what you will about Rhett's shirt, but that's a fantastic leopard print on it.

  • Y'all should do six flags. Their PINK things (in Texas) are so so so amazing.

  • Disneyworld > Disneyland

  • They have dole whips at kennywood in Pittsburgh PA

  • They need to do a universal studios taste test. Or maybe a wizarding world taste test!

  • They make them so hammy by injecting ham drippings/juice into the legs.

  • you missed the hot link corn dog!!! it is KINGGGGGG

  • I Agree with the list. The turkey leg is to big and if you were walking around while eating that thing you would look stupid

  • I actually feel like putting my hand through my computer screen and grab the food they are eating.

  • Y’all are crazy I would rank the turkey leg 1st place

  • I love turkey legs

  • But the turkey legs are so good!

  • Hello

  • Disney WORLD is “the happiest place on earth”! I don’t know what Disneyland’s slogan is but I know that’s Disney worlds lol

  • a semi cold Disney churro is disgusting compared to a crunchy churro at Disney. If you had that on the show it would have been #1 right away(the non strawberry churro tho)

  • As a pass-hole that is at the parks most weekends....I can agree with this ranking.

    • But ya'll are sleepin on the Bengal bbq

  • I got the dole whip float at a water park in cali

  • The turkey leg is God’s gift to man

  • 9:25-9:27 Link is surprised 😂

  • I'm kinda surprised that they didn't add butterbeer

  • Rhett hot link peppers nice merch

  • I saw you guys at Disneyland

  • $8.75 for a freaking corndog? That’s sickening!

  • Dole Whip is not a Disney invention.

  • Elle loves every item you guys tried. Let's be honest here. Lol. She definitely ate all the leftovers. That girl loves her good, you can easily tell. Lol

  • Haven't had any so idc

  • GoSh I hAtE uS

  • November anyone?

  • Where I live DOLE means something very different. VERY DIFFERENT.

  • Why its a taste test with it is not ranked by taste?

  • I feel personally attacked that there was no bread bowl clam chowder.

  • Rhett: "what part of the animal is a corndog?" Me: "All of them"

  • the best thing about Disney world is free parking

  • i love how these two men, who have, in fact, gotten vasectomies together, refuse to take bites from the same spots after each other

  • here’s my ranking : #1 dole whip, #2 turkey leg, #3 corn dog, #4 churro, #5 sandwich, #6 mac and cheese thing

  • That monte cristo Cheddars sells it

  • Dole Whips are not soft serve ice cream. They're dairy-free. I try to tell as many people as possible so they know they can have it even if they're lactose intolerant or have an allergy!

  • They got Dole Whip Floats, which, is just...wrong.

  • Link is wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt but good mythical morning?

  • LINK😍😍😍😍 That shirt!

  • Citrus Swirl is better than Dole Whip (discourse)

  • You should try Sea World food next! They have an amazing pineapple icecream that's to die for!

  • Dole whip isn't exclusive to Disney parks. Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg both have it and I'm sure more do as well.

    • .....how did I not see it at Williamsburg BG

  • These food are SO expensive my gosh

  • The only memory of Disney Land I can recall without having been told, is that one day, we went to Disney Land enjoyed ourselves, all that stuff and then it was evening and we were watching the fireworks. And I fell asleep on a rock....Yeah a big, grey rock. I was like 7.....how do I remember this? Idk....

  • You can buy the Dole Whip powder on line from the distributor that Disney uses. There are other flavors like lemon, orange, and strawberry. Amazon also sells it. But the distributor is much cheaper, of course.

  • $21 for a donut

  • probably, you make something hammy by curing and smoking it

  • You can buy pineapple dole whip outside the park at a bunch of places at least you can here in Ohio

  • Wtf I got a universal studios ad before this video

  • So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Rhett gave the corn dog a kiss at 3:06? 😂

  • It's remarkably hammy!

  • This ASMR has me weak

  • i want a turkey leg

  • I had a turkey leg for the first time at Universal Studios Orlando in Jurassic Park... the taste gets old very quickly. My dad and I got one each and neither of us finished ours. It's almost too much meat lol.

  • You should do a Food and Wine Festival taste test.

  • It's so true. The corn dog is soooo gooood. But no pickle???

  • ....why.....why do I watch these videos at 1am when I hungry......Why???

  • How are they not fat guys by now

  • you upset about 672 people

  • $5 for that little thing? $8 FOR A CORNDOG?!

  • You can actually get the dole whip at the AZ state fair as well and probably other places.The fair also has multiple flavors not just pineapple.I tried the mango flavor and I really enjoyed it

  • I don’t like dark meat

  • Monte Christo is the BEST sandwich in the world me and my dad had it and it was amazing but it was too expensive!

  • Cafe Orleans? The Monte Cristo has been a Blue Bayou staple forever... there’s another place where you can get it? 🤔

    • Also, switching the monte cristo and corn dog? Unforgivable. It’s a corn dog... literally a kosher beef frank on a piece of wood bought in bulk from a distributor and dipped in a thinner version of cornbread batter in every theme park around the world. The MonteCristo is a classic Disney meal with over ten times the ingredients, and if you get a Monte Cristo outside of Disney? It’s just NOT the same, sometimes they don’t even deep fry it depending on the place. Savory and Sweet > a glorified cornbread hot dog (you do know how hot dogs are made, right? You can watch MonteCristos being made and not be disgusted like you would with hot dog meat...)

  • $84.00 for my family to just have the monte cristo sandwiches? Heck no.

  • the state fair of texas corn dog is better

  • The churro is 1

  • yay mustard dog clan

  • “When your doing something that’s wrong but feels Right” ;)

  • What are those prices?... they are like Swiss prices, the opposite of what I expected from the us.

  • That churro isn't work almost 6 dollars

  • Wish we had hand dipped corn dogs at Disney world 🌍!

  • I cannot handle Rehtt’s leopard print shirt. Its too weird.

  • I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this video

  • Are these guys aware of this place called "Disney World" on the other side of the country that serve the same things? And at a lower cost, I believe...

  • Oh geez like 5$ for a churro why?

  • Fish and chips should have made the list