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Imagine Dragons - Demons (Live in Toronto)

Опубліковано 6 чер 2016
15,000 fans. July 2015. Toronto, Canada. Grammy® winners Imagine Dragons bring their award-winning Smoke + Mirrors World Tour to town and blow the roof off the arena with this spectacular live show.
Smoke + Mirrors Live is a multi-sensory production, but equally an intimate fan experience as the crowd sing along word-for-word with the band. Featuring sensational performances of their multi-platinum hits and fan favourites from their first two records, including Radioactive, I Bet My Life, Shots, Gold and Demons; and the never before played live Thief. Also includes exclusive bonus features.
“DAZZLING” The Guardian “THRILLING” Boston Herald “EXPLOSIVE” The Sydney Morning Herald
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Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Demons. (C) 2015 Imagine Dragons Productions, Inc, exclusively licensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd
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  • Класс

  • Guys new song please

  • Essa música é Perfeita 😍

  • They were never made bad song. Imagine dragons always best

  • It is not physically possible for Imagine Dragons to make a song i do not like.

  • Isto é magnífico!!!!

  • Счастье❤

  • anyone else think his voice sounds different?? Or is it a diffrent singer??

    • He is just amazingly versatile!

  • Cool!😉

  • This isn’t for Dan Reynolds*Although I love u* but it’s for the WHOLE BAND..I love you guys and I went to my first concert on June 9 and I loved it I love all of u and ur music makes me feel so happy! I’m taking violin and when I get good enough I want to do beloved and natural and more songs by u! Thanks for taking the time to read this I LOVE U

  • Imagine dragons is the greatest band ever.

  • *October 2018??

  • It's where matt damons hides

  • I very love this song and I very love imagine dragons

  • If you think catching Pokémon is hard Imagine Dragons

  • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • My favorite line Its woven in my soul I need to let you go

  • 06 September 2018 I love you

  • What key is this in😍?!

  • *listening to this song* Me: AARON There’s a video with Aaron from aphmau and it’s this song it suits him well

  • I created 5 accounts just to like the song 5 times

  • THIS is the live version that Im lookin for!

  • I love it this better sound

  • Por favor que vengan imagine dragons a Toluca, Estado de México y país de México

  • You guys are amazing 👍👍

  • Song of the centry

  • Omg you guys are the best amazing 😍😍

  • Блять ,отвратительно ..Отдал бы уже микро зрителям ,пусть поют.И так пол концерта сами спели

  • What's with the mc d ads? Great song :)


  • So amazing😏😍😍😍😗

  • A rare footage of Star-Lord performing a non-90s song.

  • My demons are dark if you go inside you will never come out again.

  • Favorite song

  • Nice

  • No Dan's face here :)

  • Which one is Dan and Tyler?

  • All my fav songs are made by you, Imagine Dragons ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2018?

  • Me myself and I love this song

  • ♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥


  • Anyone #March2018? Loving the music they still produce! Great video!

  • ...this is where Matt Damons hide!!!!

  • It’s my dream to be in that crowd ONCE

  • i love it

  • my favorite song along with gold

  • I remember that red lines in radioactive. Still best. I was there😢😙

  • you boys are cool my girl friend loves this song

  • Dan’s voice is completely different from the original Demons video from 5-6 years ago..

  • OMG💗💗

  • супер! вообще чёткая песня

  • my favourite song....

  • When the

  • *2018*

  • Imagine Dragons members 👇👇 1.Dan Reynolds_ Lead singer 2.Wayne Sermon_ Guitarist 3.Ben McKee_ Guitarist 4.Daniel Platzman_ Drummer (Imagine Dragon)

  • 2018

  • *Demons, Radioactive e Believer, são as melhores, na minha opinião!!* 😍😍😍💜👏✨👌🇧🇷


  • 20!8

  • who listening on 2018???

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  • My favorite😍💕

  • I love you♥😍

  • Wow hw let the crowd sing I wish i was there😭

  • they're the best

  • you can't help singing

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  • Best band EVER! I love Imagine Dragons!! ❤

  • Am i the only one who does the aphmau mucic vid wile lissin to dis?

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  • I from malaysia.. love heard all imagine dragons song ❤❤❤❤

  • Song of 21st century

  • Goosebumps ❤️❤️

  • It's when Matt Damon's high... once you hear it you can't unhear it.

  • I am. Sad. Cry😢😢😭

  • Fuck😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Im so sad help meeeeeee

  • Oooooo I like this song!

  • For me live version better then original :)

  • Une voix tout simplement magnifique.

  • He's voice is so much cool and beautiful. I love it.

  • I want to cry

  • This song is just so amazing. But it makes me rly sad as well as I have so many demons I'm trying to battle and no one will realise. I'm just always there, no one needs me I'm just another person to ignore ;)

  • 3rd grade nestolgia now in 5th

  • Gggooood best ever

  • This should be the national anthem! 👌

  • No imagine demons is the best

  • Who else misses the original imagine dragons?

  • Great song cool lyrics

  • Kindest band ever You all keep on donating

  • Best band ever

  • Im a big fan of you I wanna come to your concert

  • Very good better and better

  • i now do music because of this song

  • SOUL

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  • These people that dislike these videos are the real demons