International Hot Sauce Taste Test

Опубліковано 13 лис 2018
Thanks to Google Pixel 3 for sponsoring today's episode! Go
to to get the Pixel 3 for yourself! #teampixel We've got some international hot sauces, darts, and a giant map. You know what this means. GMM #1421
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  • “You don’t have to throw the dart through the board.” *You don’t have to throw the dart at Chase, Link*

    • +Good Mythical Morning It could be Cotton Candy Randy

    • +Ashes, Ashes This is the first time I have seen somebody use the word spiffy that wasn't in a book with a 19th century setting. I find it spiffing that you use it.

    • +DUB DUB420 They did

    • Bruh, GMM went all out with this comment. Liked, commented, and pinned 😂

    • This is an account thats been active for a few months you morons.

  • Blatant over advertising, ruined the video, not as funny as the others

  • Why didn’t you use children vitamins?

  • I love how Chase's initial reaction, to Link saying they are going to throw darts at a board and turning to show the board to the Mythical Beasts, is to jump out of the way. Says a lot about Link's accuracy with darts.

  • *my Google pixel is great for watching rhet and link sell out for Google money and Google products*

  • I've never seen so much advertising in one video before lol

  • man i wanna try matouks so bad ! im guessing i would love it !

  • 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻


  • After reading these comments I don't really feel like watching the video at all...

  • did anyone else notice when link said japan and rhett didnt say oh

  • Link won in japan cuz maps go both ways...

  • The word "Indonesia" appeared nowhere on that app... did it actually tell him the answer I wonder??😑

  • It's weird cuz I'm watching this on my pixel 3

  • Does rhett think frosted flakes contain tigers because of the mascot?

  • I would kiss Link 😙

  • She should do all audio books on earth

  • wow, that's not hot sauce in Indonesia. It's a sweet soy sauce with chillies . You should try the real Indonesian hot sauce (SAOS SAMBAL) in the asian market. #goodjob

  • Link: “I’m feeling good today I think I might win!” Lemony Snicket: he would soon discover he was wrong

  • All these people are talking about the sponsorship but they did several episodes using the amazon echo even more than this and literally no one cared

  • Rhett would make a great viking

  • not sure if its possible, but they should do international peanutbutter

  • Orange is redder than green -rhett Best saying ever in my opinion

  • F I S H E S

  • Pretty sweet pics man damn that phone is good.

  • michael is back GMM

  • Indonesia represent!

  • It didn’t even say where the bottle was from

  • Orange is more red than green

  • Didint realise estonia makes a good spice but its nice to know that peaple may know wear we are thanks to this ;)

  • Remember that time before UA-tv became worse than tv for adverts? Boycott every advert you see!

  • Yeah nah New Zealand doesn’t have anything that extravagant food wise

  • Couldn't you have just looked at the back of the bottle to see where the sauce is from?

  • You guys should do International Instant Noodle Cups 😀😀😀🍜🍜🍜

  • Link: "this one smells hot too man" Me: "well you are eating "hot" sauce link" 😜😜😜

  • 3:22 the only way to anger a mexican with stereotypes "This (not salty, spicy or chunky)sauce is from mexico, where BURRITOS are born" no hard feelings Link, misinformation can't be avoided when it's so broadly spread

  • Link swore

  • pretty tasteless ad

  • I'm lame, but I want a Google pixel now. They hooked me when they said I could take a picture of a tree, and the phone would tell me exactly what kind of tree it was!

  • Next episode beer from around the world

  • When you're from Trinidad and you actually have that pepper sauce in your cabinet 😂😂😂 and you eat it with everything

  • I hope they got paid a lot for the sponsorship. It got lots of screentime and therefore is worth more ad space.

  • I'm not necessarily disappointed in the sponsor, I'm disappointed mainly in that "Lens lifeline". It was literally using Google to find the answer, which in any challenge would be a huge no-no. I can overlook cringey marketing, but that was literally just cheating.

  • I'm always looking for Korea in these. Only been on the map in two videos and an actual answer in one. Rude 😂😂

  • keegi eestist pärit?

  • I know I am a bit late but, Trinidad and Tobago on GMM, and Rhett and Link knew it too, Oh What a Day it is 🇹🇹

  • Chase is so cute😍😍😍

  • You guys were so funny in this haha thank you guys!

  • its almost malaysia sauce

  • Rhett is obviously smarter than link about knowing which food is from what place. Link just try’s to get closer to Rhett’s answer so he doesn’t get far behind in points. Why don’t they just play a regular game of darts on a dart board an eat food from different places around the world as they play.

  • I have the Google pixel 3 and it's the shittiest phone I've owned it has bad graphics shitty camera and bad audio it's also very slow don't buy it it's a rip off these guys probably got paid a lot to sponsor it

  • I memorized every country of the world so I knew where all these were before I saw the map

  • In from Indonesia and kecap sambal is a soy sauce with another sauce

  • Scorpion pepper hot sauce from Trinidad and Tobago. My beautiful country

  • chase looks like post malone, just me? ok..

  • I just noticed the bracelet on the mic was updated to the new version.

  • chase is sooo adorable

  • just throw a sponsor right on in there....we won't mind

  • Ahhh...That's hot ..that's hot

  • All I can think of is Will Smith. "Oooohh that's hot. That's hot."

  • I can't feel my face when I'm with you but I love it (but I love it) LOL

  • Im from Trinidad

  • The one from Indonesia is not a hot sauce its a soy sauce (sweet soy sauce) with some like jalapeno i think i mean its kinda spicy but not a hot sauce

  • To be fair he has won 4 or 5 times, he won the first one the sauces, he won the spices, he won the candy, and he won the dunk in donuts

  • i am honord for u to taste our harissa but link this is not the hotest sauce we got also we call you too

  • Everytime i see estonian flag i get hyped and gmm is my favorite show so this is very cool for me.

  • 7:51 that’s hot


  • OMG MY country is in there a small country named Estonia

  • I love when davin said the name of hot sauce. Links face was hilarious

  • Rhett’s awareness of geographical cuisine just increases his love of food to another level #countryboyscaneat

  • Do more 🌶 food challenges plssssssssss

  • whats up with Chase's crop top hahahahha

  • I wish they would put all of the international videos together so we could watch them all together.

  • I guess at GMM, the world is flat.

  • This original video was were I started with gmm

  • The new pixel is garbage. Android had a very competitive year this year and the Pixel is the last phone I would want from the year. I went with the S9+ personally and have no regrets. If I didn't get the S9+ I would of opted for the One Plus 6t

  • That was obnoxious levels of product placement. Ugh.

  • Thank you for the video. ❤️

  • While watching this video I feel like someone is trying to sell me something... but I can't tell why?

  • U all are babies im 13 and i eat that every day

  • Is anybody from Trinidad and Tobago

  • Mexicans don’t eat burritos

  • Should try the authentic Sichuan Paste (sauce) for their famous hotpot. The hotpot is watered down so it doesn't really hit that high on the scoville test, but the paste is another totally different ball game.

  • 12:49 or read the bottle ?

  • ايش اسم الصلصه ؟

  • Boooooooo

  • That finger action from Link.

  • Okay, you need to redo this using actual distance and not measurement off of a geographically inaccurate map. Tunisia is 10.5k km away from Japan whereas Tunisia is 7.8k km away from Japan. This would make Link the winner and not Rhett on the first hot sauce alone.

  • We don't eat burritos at Mexico g.g

  • no longer following this ,,, after all that sponsorship shit

  • no need for pixel 3

  • Onesia Why

  • Ghana 🇬🇭 🙌🙌🙌

  • I have a Google pixel 3 XL and it's a really good phone so far.

  • Yeah the pixel 3 does everything a smartphone could do 10 years ago but with a few more gimmicks

  • Rhett looks well uncomfortable with the overselling of the pixel 3

  • Well they're finally complete sell-outs RIP GMM

  • Why do Americans pronounce words so weird and wrong? It's like the whole country is dyslexic or something?

  • Honestly rhett and link made me want the Google pixel lol