International McDonald's Taste Test

Опубліковано 22 лют 2018
What country offers a McCroquette on their menu? We taste test McDonald's favorites from around the world and try to guess their country of origin. GMM #1281.1
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  • 13:18 you are welcome

  • Your telling me that other places don’t have gravy with chips...

  • Their knowledge of Canada is concerning lol

  • Its just the dumb north part of India that doesn't eat beef, Where im from (Kerala, South India) we eat Beef all day everyday

  • Rhett is so good at this game 😂😂😂

  • 0:01, it is actually C’est tout ce que j’aime, just to let you know. (Not to be mean)

  • Now I am even more hungry...

  • A Poutine in canada has cheese

  • when Rhett said that Canadians and Australians have similar tastes and then said that one has Vegemite and one has "the other" aka Marmite, which Canada definitely doesn't have. That'd be England, Rhett... 😂

  • I love the McDonalds in Japan! So many creative choices

  • The MCD in Hong Kong is by far the best ever.

  • Did anyone else notice they got the pictures of the food at the bottom for Japan and India's mixed up?

  • My dad actually got the shrimp patty when he went to Japan on a business trip when I was a kid. He says it was good.

  • I'm rewatching old episodes, when link said that the Netherlands was the most mayo loving country in the world. My heart ached

  • One of the most entertaining videos 😹

  • Go to a southern state of india called kerala and u might take bake the non beef eating part

  • Am I the only one who noticed that they switched up the images of the burgers of India and Japan?..

  • man if only you guys ate the Spicy Chicken Nuggets or the Ninja Burger from Singapore

  • *i don’t like cheese*

  • I wish link's shirt was still available. Its my favorite of their merch and I wanted it for Christmas

  • 13:01 Rhett's reaction is FLAWLESS

  • poutine is made with gravy and CHEESE CURDS you uncultured swine

  • wow american macca's doesn't have gravy fries? whats the point of having macca's then

  • 1:18 chase has PTSD

  • I'm Australian and I love loaded fries (the chips and gravy)

  • it was on Uruguay they didn't realize

  • why have i only just now found these people?!

  • *AGAIN* *INDIA IS NOT A NON-BEEF EATING COUNTRY* About 20% of the population consumes it. That's above 200mil people.

  • The best part about this video is the guy in the safari hat.

  • We put more gravy on the loaded fries

  • Link: there's no cheese Link 2 seconds later: ITS ALL CHEESE

  • i feel so bad every time somone says that vesterås is a madeup place because it is a city in sweden :( my girlfriends home town

  • Non beaf eating India?? Are you serious!!??

  • When I saw Saudi Arabia I thought they gonna try the McArabia!! I’m disappointing they didn’t!!

  • Kinda copied Shane....

  • Putin's also big in Russia.

  • I have never been to mcdonolds kfc Wendy's or Burger King

  • I have never eaten pork

  • This get’s me craving macdo

  • What happened to the Westeros burger? I feel cheated!

  • Nigeria doesnt have mcdonalds

  • Nigeria doesnt have mcdonalds

  • I don't know why I always want Link to lose these.

  • its actually "C'est ça que j'aime`` in french

  • we south indians eat beef ,pork, duck,and any meat an american can eat though. if you want indian style beef look for kerala beef fry mythical beasts. kerala is not a hindu only state thats why we can eat all these delicious meats and most kerala people dont drink cow pee like the north indians.

  • Im from the netherlands and the mckroket is the best thing ever

  • As an Australian, Gravy and Chips are the best aha. Definitely served hot and ready

  • good vid but i still dislike beacause they are gai

  • Rhett at 1:07 is the cutest thing in the whole world

  • Poutine has cheese curds and they are the best part of the entire dish

  • "Doche de neche".., hahahaha

  • Where intheworld dotthese internationalmacdonaldsitems comefrom

  • “What is that? I’ve got to eat it to find out.” -Rhett Words to live by

  • he's definitely the hamburgler in disguise. that's two mcdonalds videos in a row.

  • Say it right, god damn it! It's the Brazilian famous Doce de Leite

  • Hilarious! The dart gods have shined upon me!

  • Why everyone does the same? Maybe because not everything revolves around 'Merica and people don't take planes to eat at McDonald's

  • The face though time (13:08) ha ha ha Rhett

  • "Who doesn't like cheese?".......vegans

    • +Señor Tequila Purr i mean REAL cheese...not some fake ass soy milk cheese shit

    • Vegan cheese is a thing.. Not that it's any good.

  • We're almost got it says link. While he doesnt even try and just copies rhett's answer. Link? I Hate You Rhett? Love you tho

  • How is Rhett so good I don’t get it

  • Do they eat this cold

  • Were these imported?

  • Idk if its jm but i think its all bs

  • POUTINE HAS CHEESE CURDS!!! Outraged Canadian speaking

  • Where did they get these...?

  • poutine is never poutine without cheese

  • Perfect example of Link...”It’s not good, because I’m afraid there is something in it that I don’t like.”

  • It's funny cause there's actually a place in Sweden called Västerås

  • McDonald's needs to being this stuff to the states. It's too good not to try.

  • K.S.A... K.S.A..wait..where is McArabia!?

  • Beardman i look at you and i can only see you beardless.. It is disturbing

  • Apparently, Japan actually puts mayonnaise on a Lot of stuff. They *love* Mayo. So Link may want to check his facts.

  • A fried paneer sandwich sounds so good actually

  • We eat beef. 🙋

  • McFart haha yes!

  • Anyone from Uruguay? No?... Just me?... Okay

    • Jajaja Yo también, no me acuerdo de que hayan vendido ese panqueque con helado acá en Uruguay

  • That boiiiiiii is good

  • Philippines is the only place that has spaghetti menu in mcdo

  • Funny how they assumed that was a poutine when it had no cheese 😂😂🇨🇦

  • Link isn’t too bright

  • its weird how i got a burgerking add to start this video off

  • The fart isn’t an advantage it’s a disadvantage. Anytime someone uses it (usually link) they loose the round.This isn’t a defense for link I’m just saying they should have the advantage be NOT having the fart while your opponent does.

  • At 4:22 poutine has cheese curds

  • n

  • The fictional place exist. Västerås

  • how do they get the food to them? they have it hot even

  • I would love fried cheese sandwich (India), gravy-loaded fries (Australia), croquette ragu sandwich (Netherlands), shrimp fillet (Japan), and pancake helado (Uruguay) to be implemented in United States McDonalds. :)

  • We have nasi lemak mcdonald, which basically the sauce we use on with the rice, -from malaysia...i think the name would literally give us away 😂

  • As a Canadian that is NOT a poutine

  • I'm surprised they didn't make them eat the McSpaghetti from the Philippines. It's not bad, actually kinda good, just not al dente.

  • CA-NA-DA

  • no hicieron venezuela por q seria mc'imaginaria hahhhhahaahahahahahah

  • Good video ,, but the map of India is wrong and honestly kinda offensive. KashmirThe crown of India has been cut out of the map.

  • Do you get the feeling these guys grew up watching "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? Especially the one getting darts thrown at him.

  • We also legalized cannabis, eh...

  • Where's the philippines. We have exotic menu items. I think.

    • Yes you have. The only place where you can get spaghetti

  • Who else only ever roots for Rhett?

  • rhett really good at this 😂

  • Do every fast food fried chicken around the world