International McDonald's Taste Test

Опубліковано 22 лют 2018
What country offers a McCroquette on their menu? We taste test McDonald's favorites from around the world and try to guess their country of origin. GMM #1281.1
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  • Taste real québécois Poutine.!!

  • watched tons of videos still forgot to subscribe :)

  • Rhett is such a modest and grateful winner

  • Rhett was given the answers and tried to steer link in the right direction so he could win.

  • The way he says Uruguay🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Wieśmak shouldve definately been there

  • 0:57 superwoman reference

  • wrong indian map... Where is the north east part?

  • Las McCroquetas de jamón serrano dónde están? T_T

  • Im watching a video about Mc Donalds and I got and ad for Hungry Jacks/Burger King XD

  • Love to see you drinking out of a cup with no drink in it

  • Korean mcdonalds also has shrimp burgers

  • Link:I’m gonna splay these across the board Me: chase run!! Chase: runs

  • Every filipino loves chicken fillet of McDonald

  • 11:30 This is something straight out of JoJo.

  • I'm guessing that these are just recreations?

  • That dragon chicken shirt is sweet.

  • I am Indian i am definitely in love with your show thank you for showing respect towards India

  • Chase is cute af

  • Wow 1 ad

  • I want McDonald's now.

  • It's been almost a year since this came out, but i just realized that the Japan and India images were switched

  • Rhett Likes everything lol

  • the mixed up the pictures of India and Japan 😂

  • Watching while eating a buttermilk crispy chicken

  • "Canada..come to daddy"

  • "I dont need your-pity.. handicaps!" "-yes i do"

  • why not russia

  • I think link is retarted

  • Please please... more of these international food taste eps

  • Vamo arriba Uruguay 🇺🇾

  • Rhett is so cultured. And I KNEW he would say something about some “Gods” who shines upon him to win. 😂🤣

  • I want links short

  • That'"s not poutine.

  • I was watching a "malcolm in the middle" documentary (yes this actually exists) and before the damn video is finished, I find myself watching these two again... Well not this time! I'm gonna hit the back-button and finish that video (and probably watch this afterwards)

  • Was those things frozen then send to these guys from various countries ?


  • Im from the Netherlands and i love the mc kroket its great! 😁

  • no link should have won. the ketchup touched rhetts dart soo they are equal in the last round

  • 13:04 What the- XD

  • McDonalds have bad influence on darts.

  • He won a few times

  • You can make several chapters with McDonalds international menus and also by time.

  • In Russia there are cherry pies!! MMMMMMM THOSE ARE BOMB!

  • Okay be real, it was almost like Rhett wanted Link to win so bad, he knew the answer to the gravy fries

  • Every Dutch or Englishmen dies a little when they throw the darts

  • How are they getting these if they’re from other countries only??

  • Did you say westoros? xD Sweden: Västerås. It's a city.

  • Speaks French at the beginning meanwhile the episode has nothing to do with it

  • did you seriously not put italy?? famous for its food?? guys come on

  • tfw you get a mcdonalds ad

  • How did Link lose

  • Dole-say??? C'mon Stevie you're better than that

  • Your crew needs to make their recipes public. Some of that looked incredible

  • Poutine has cheese curds....Gravy and Fries is just called Gravy Fries...

  • Did they get sent these I'm lost

  • Rhett at the beginning of the video: “i want you to win” Rhett upon winning: *primal screaming*

  • im Australian and ive legit never seen gravy loaded fries before at mcdonalds

  • Who calls it poo-tine ? Sorry.. I’m from Canada and I think that most people from my province calls it poo-tin...

  • I didn't understand the intro.... jardoza?

    • +Bigmann 6769 ohhhhh thxx

    • He said "j'ador ca" which is french for "i love that". Which is the best translation for "im loving it"

  • I hate cheese 😂

  • Uuuuugh I really want food now 😂 I can’t watch these vids without feeling at all hungry

  • I thought he said dark gods 13:14

  • W E S T A I R O S E

  • Rhett : "I want you to win" Also rhett : *yells yes and is so happy he's won* 😂😂😂

  • Mcdonalds in canada doesn't have poutine.

  • One question : how did they get those burgers??? They didn't fly them to LA so how???

    • They literally said they recreated them

  • Australia was just poutine without cheese

  • i love when link loses

  • *I don’t mean to swear but loaded fries are the sh*t in Australia! 😱 (aka chips and gravy)*

    • Waldo no where beats la belle province tho

    • Honestly can't imagine it's close to poutine though, cheese is essential to that equation. Mcdicks poutine is pretty rad in canada as far as generic fast food goes.

  • What if McDonalds served Casu Marzu?

  • Why dies link look like Mark Ruffalo in this video

  • In the beginning of episode Rhett: I want you to win At the end Rhett: 13:05

  • Rhett is gorgeous

  • excuse me what about the heckin kiwiburger from new zealand

  • How did they get all those items in the US ?

    • They recreated them they said it

  • Canada also serves those fries

  • Westerox

  • Gravy on chips is also a british thing and I wish the UK done them, don't think the UK has any unique items from mcdonalds

  • The dark gods? 🤔

  • Canada!!! Where people fight over whos paying

  • 5.15 surely Rhett is closer they should measure using a globe rather than a map :D

    • it is unless you need to measure from Canada to Australia in the shortest distance (as you would need to go off the left side of a map at the correct angle and come on to the map from the right), much easier to do that on a globe with a material tape measure. Pretty much impossible on a giant map unless you go the wrong way round the world which is a much longer and incorrect distance :D - see this map...

    • A globe is harder to measure than a giant map

  • always wondering how the numbers will, results counted in cm but as can see was inch on the map (oO)

  • wheres the kiwi burger?

  • I can always tell what McDonald’s menu item came from India.

  • Why is Vancouver island blue? Lol

  • Gravy fries are actually the best, but not the bacon one

  • Can you get Gordon Ramsey on the show

  • 5:20 What I call most rappers nowadays

  • look at rehts face when link says "IM GOING TO TURN INTO A HUMAN TEABAG" 0:20 😂💀

  • Hey you Guys Said KROKET RIGHT

  • Västerås is a real place in Sweden though

  • BTW Canada does not have marmite. But we do have Poutine with cheese

  • I'm just wonder where you guys get these stuff lol shipped by plane to USA maybe?

  • i know my mother self makes thouse chips (or frys) witch is how i would know where it's from

  • Uruguay probably has to be the first place where the McDonald employees say that the "Ice-cream machines isn't broken."

  • Im from the Netherlands 🇳🇱😂

  • Love the Carmen SanDiego cover

  • Mcshrimp

  • They are not shrimp they are prawns