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Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful

Опубліковано 7 лис 2018
‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ Out November 9:

“Life Is Beautiful” off ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ out now:
Gus wrote this song in early 2015. He and a friend shot some footage at our home in Long Beach, NY-where a couple of his other videos were shot. Gus liked shooting in the basement, and in the garage. He liked playing with atmosphere. In this one, he was playing with light and shadow. He was also very proud of his new glasses. He needed prescription glasses, and this was the only pair he ever had with a prescription in them.

Directed by Mezzy
Animation by Bryson Michael
Shot by Will Silberfeld
Produced by Smokeasac & IIVI



  • This is such a good movie.

  • Rip Peep Rip X Rip 2pac Rip Biggie Rip any other rapper who died young

  • Young peep

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  • *Guys, put this song on 1.5x thats the real trap.*

  • He looked really nice with glasses they suited him

  • Воскресни сука или уебу

  • Anyone who thinks the original is better than this one is literally just dick riding, this song actually has a melody and a beat, the other version was very bland and repetitive, they literally made it better and y’all are like “tHe OrIgInAl iS sO mUcH bEtTer”

  • Stop say rip please

  • hand down my fav song from lil peep

  • Moi

  • O Legado Dele Sempre Estara em nossos corações,Rip Peep,Descanse Em Paz

  • Die in a room alone,

  • Sometime I Feel Like Lil Peep Was This Generation Biggie And XXXTentacion Was This Generation Tupac Damn Rest In Peace To Both Of Them Cause They Are Angel

  • Legendary

  • apparently he had a net worth of only 300,000$ wtf

  • Always in are heart 💗🙏🏻 R.I.P lil peep! 💔


  • We miss

  • He was such a handsome man. 😔

  • This song reminds me to enjoy my life as hard as i can

  • 1:57

  • Love this song just don’t really like the new beat.

  • peep was a prophet

  • xxx

  • :'v

  • school sucks so much. i study for hours everyday and i still fail. there's nothing i can do anymore i'm gonna fail, have no job and eventually kill myself. i can't stand anything.

  • *It's not beautiful with out You*

  • God, I wish I can upvote this twice.

  • who else thinking he looks like chester bennington in this vid? :O

  • He cant die He is a legend

  • life was beautifull with you peep.

  • I miss you 💔

  • got me balling

  • shit.

  • rip

  • My life of sadness

  • Не могу поверить,что он не жив Покойся с миром 💔💞😢 I can not believe that he is not alive Rest in peace

  • every like and a punch on who left did not like

  • I love u peep im so fuxking hurt I wasn't able to see u);

  • Everyone in this comment section is so friendly

  • Wait this man ain’t peep the one who is in the background

    • Oh damn just notice it’s old peep I’m dumb

    • Still a good song tho

  • this is my real life version of this song please read!!! p.s. im 13 you get attacked by a dog and almost drown in your own blood your mom tries to commit suicide and you try to run and hide and find a place to cry, isn't life horrible' i think that life is horrible' you run from a killer clown but you fall into a pond and almost drown but you got a good friend to help you through it all, isn't life beautiful, i think that life is beautiful, you get a dog just to find out a year later he dies you cry and cry but he wont come back to life, you have a dad that beat's you and he makes you super sad, isn't life beautiful i think that life is beautiful, you are born with as a heart murmur and are skinny and just try to make it in this life but you really wanna die because all you do is try but it's never good enough isn't life horrible, i think that life is horrible, you wanna be normal but you always break a bone and cry because of how bad life is, you'r brother is autistic and you try to be optimistic for him he get's made fun of and you see his pain, and through all of it you try to obtain you'r goal of having a good life but it will never come true, isn't life dreadful, i think that life is dreadful. it isn't the best but i really tried and it's all true it feels so good to get it all off my chest :) don't have to like if you won't want to.

  • We miss u peep 😞

  • who else saw rip x at 1:06

  • why is this copyrighted

  • Right click on top of the video select "loop", enjoy the next hour :)

  • Publicado em 7 de nov de 2018 what thhis is peep you resucited

  • I personally love lil peep, been a fan of him for about 3 years now. However I am not a fan of this song, pretty edgy if you ask me.

  • I made a cover of Haunt u - lil peep. Would appreciate some feedback! Have a Great day

  • RIP

  • with this glasses he looks like my grandpa xd

  • A legend, a inspiration, my inspiration....

  • 🦂🔥

  • Gus look pretty with glasses

  • wish we got to work together ripвідео-z6PquWPNfjM.html

  • Lil peeps fucking beautiful omg😍😍

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  • Legend in heart people ❤❤

  • 💜

  • Es hermosooo :'v

  • look what drugs did to u ily man wish drugs could also bring people back alive

  • Fake lil peep

  • This song is beautiful

  • January?

  • G R E Y

  • And we did see u die bro. Legit

  • Кто из руских любил малень кого пипа

  • Congrats on his sobriety

  • Não paro de ouvir essa música. Talvez a vida seja realmente bonita, mas acho que não.

  • If you could say anything to LIL PEEP what would you say? (comment)

  • I think that life is beautiful

  • Can't believe he's gone but still in our hearts

  • bye bro peep,forever in hearts

  • Life is beautiful but why you choose that way..

  • 17,01,19 Russia here


  • 💯

  • 2:19 How the fuck he knew that he die alone and inside his room ...

  • Who's raped replay botton?

  • why are other songs in this album blocked in India

    • Same shit here in Pakistan it didn't used to be like this back in 2017 but Idky

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  • Русские есть?)

  • RIP lil peep his music is always the best

  • I think this song is beautiful

  • Legends never die peep

  • You better live!!! Remember !!! Love!!You're our 1 !!!

  • Where you are ?... 😔💔

  • Welcome to America the type of sh*t is typical let me tell you something this type of typical is everywhere , you will always get judged if i can get rose by people who already did that to me i could get like more than 100 roses ez just dont let people destoy you , yall are strong

  • I know that it hurts sometimes, but it's beautiful Working every day, now you're bleeding through your cuticles Passing through a portal as you're sittin' in your cubicle Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful Tryna keep your cool at your grandfather's funeral Finding out eventually the feeling wasn't mutual You were not invited 'cause you're nothing like the usual Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful You wanna see your friends, but you're stuck inside a hospital Doctor walks in and he tells you that it's terminal Tumor in your brain and they're sayin' it's inoperable Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful They'll kill your little brother and they'll tell you he's a criminal They'll fucking kill you too, so you better not get physical Welcome to America, the type of shit is typical Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful Wake up in the morning, now you're doing the impossible Find out what's important, now you're feeling philosophical When I die, I'll pack my bags, move somewhere more affordable Isn't life horrible? I think that life is horrible You think she's adorable, she thinks that you're intolerable You think you can do it, but your chances are improbable Once you feel unstoppable, you run into an obstacle Isn't life comical? I think that life is comical And if you ever need a friend then you got me And in the end, when I die, would you watch me? And if I try suicide, would you stop me? Would you help me get a grip or would you drop me? Run away, make friends with the moon Why you trippin'? You'll be with your friends soon There comes a time, everybody meets the same fate I think I'ma die alone inside my room Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful Isn't life beautiful? I think that life is beautiful

  • Damn it!..If only Id new about him earlier

  • ihave feeling he is here

  • {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 cost= 1 like..

  • piggy peppa

  • 2019 we can’t see you but we can hear you😔😔😔

  • This is beautiful


    • +настюша рулит бля завали ебало,ты расстраиваешь меня ложными обнадеживаниями что пип жив,просто больше не пиши...

    • +_DaViMoZ _ дурость нашла тебя?

    • Завали ебало пизда

  • “If you ever need a friend then you got me” 🥺❤️ RIP lil peep

  • Life is beautiful with this song

  • The irony