Real Doctor Reacts to GREY'S ANATOMY #2 | "Into You Like A Train"

Опубліковано 18 лис 2018
Back at with my second review of greys anatomy the hit medical tv show on ABC. Now you know my feelings on medical tv dramas-- I need less loving and more medicine haha!
This was a crazy episode but it is a fan favorite so I decided to review it. Definitely not every day that you see a pole go through two humans!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Grey's Anatomy / Real Doctor Reacts to Grey's Anatomy. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • Technically Mcdreamy is the fake Doctor Mike since Doctor mike is actually a Doctor. 😂

  • Watch The Night Shift on Netflix

  • you should react to season 13 episode 20 "In the Air Tonight"

  • Meredith is definitely an alcoholic so it makes sense that she would have a banana bag


  • this episode made me cry good luck

  • You should watch a season 13 episode 8; “the room where it happens” its a more medical one, its all in the OR.

  • thats why its just a show you idiot you are doing this just to gain more followers on your social media now thats a fact


  • I legit rolled my eyes and chuckled when he said that he was “the fake McDreamy”😂😂😂

  • I respect anybody who has to save and try and save so many people in hospitals in terrible situations like this. #respecttoall

  • Can you react to Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Ep 24 "Flight" next?!

  • Also your sexy as fuck You are not mcdreamy Your McSexy


  • That lady telling him that he looks like her older son could be my mom. Everytime she's having a younger doctor checking her she tells me "Well, he was a bit socially awkward and had the looks of a 12 year old."

  • Look at young Bailey in her light blue scrubs. Sigh.

  • Please watch the episode where Derek dies... that was the first one I ever saw and it made me go back and watch all of the seasons and I've been hooked since. Or even the one where George dies... just pick an episode where a doctor dies please.


  • When Derek gets shot!

  • I want a shirt that says *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions* *chest compressions*

  • You are amazing. I love how you pause and explain the medical words.

  • Later on they reduce it to 80 hours a week that they can work I’m pretty sure

  • Can you do this for the tv show code black x

  • Plz do a part 3

  • I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN AT 6:03 HE SAID “oh mcdreamy can you feel me rubbing your foot?”

  • You look too cute when you say 'chest compressions'😊😊

  • That always shits me when they remove the stab items no.1 would be svu when will (from will and grace )got stabbed in the neck

  • My dream would be if he watched the Izzy cutting Denny’s LVAD episode!

  • Watch season 2 episode 16 and 17 + season 3 episode 17 and 18 of Grey's anatomy

  • This is a great series!! You should react next to the bomb episodes on Grey’s, Season 2 Episodes 16 and 17.

  • Luv’in the channel! A note on 9/11 in NYC. While local and area hospitals were alerted to be prepared for mass casualties and acted appropriately, a bizarre twist on the situation at the Trade Towers that morning was there were so few people requiring medical attention...nearly everyone in the collapse area either lived...or died. Hospital staff waited in vain for the expected crowds of injured, but few arrived.

  • in a sad example of life imitating art: a train did in fact derail in WA state resulting in injury and death. (although it was between Tacoma and Olympia.)

  • Can you please do more episodes Like season 9

  • It would be very interesting to see you react to the episode "Golden Hour" (Season 7 Episode 15)

  • season 9 ep.1

  • S5 E5! They do like a piggyback kidney transplant... I’d like to hear how that’d play out in real life! :)

  • can u react to the whole show ? HAHAHAH season 11 episode 21 pls

  • “No no no that dude is toast” 😂😂😂

  • season 10 episode 9 there's a huge malpractice lawsuit against the head of ortho that a former snowboard olympian files after he loses both of his legs due to an infection from an experimental procedure called the "Peterson Hip"

  • You should watch the night shift. Amazing show

  • Please watch another Grey's episode!

  • 0:40 Thats always my excuse to take a shot, when i come home. If my boss calls me(i'm a taxidriver in germany, zero tolerance.), i can always say: "Sorry, i'm already unfit to work." 😎 4:28 Because it's supposed to be funny.

  • In my opinion ,after seeing dr.mike mcdreamy be nothin

  • I'm starting med school in two weeks. I was invited to go to my uni early. I'm 14, I honestly can't wait, and it helps when you talk about conditions that are said in the show.

  • The patients who have the pole through them probably were really scared about what was happening. Humor to lighten the mood probably made the patients feel a bit better

  • My friend said while watching this episode if it was a kids and an adult stuck together between a pole, that the doctor would pick the kids. I laughed. I said: No. I mean yea, well kinda. It really depends on the matter. It depends on how the people are." so was I kinda correct??!

  • yreeeeaaa....

  • *_9:35_* *_Soo..could I have that? I mean, all the symptoms match up!! Am I dying_* *_Me trying not to jump to conclusions: If I die before I walk I pray the lord my soul to keep...._* *_*starts to write will in head_**

  • Don’t worry mike, McDreamy and Grey get married, and have like 4 kids, so yeah they do make love

  • "how long have you been together?" doc. mike: aww "we're not lovers, we're best friends" doc.mike: *in a sad tone of voice* .......... oh

  • what does it mean if the doctor says that you are guarenteed to live for a week but still living 4 years later?

  • skervy, skurvy, scervy, scury, i have no idea how to spell it

  • Please react to Season 13 Episode 8

  • 4:03 "usually given to people who are chronic alcoholics" well....... you're not wrong.

  • Russian version of 1:20 is copied in Склифосовский 4 сезон 2 серия (1 : 05) How nice to find your comment on the issue here.

  • Marry me. You are very cute and I need a man like you. Thanks.

  • 3:30 Oh hell yes. I´m a car mechanic and sometimes I work with both hands over head. That is so tiring.

  • Waiting for fake McDreamy to introduce his doctor bestie fake McSteamy.

  • People need to explain how they could dislike this video. Dr. Mike seems very knowledgeable and professional.

  • You should watch season 11 episode 21 and tell us what they could have done (or did wrong) to save McDreamys life.. ‘Cause we all have been waiting for this mystery to be solved!

  • id love to see your review MASH as well! I would highly recommend starting with "Life Time" and "Point of View" and there's a couple of very medicine focused eps that you can try out. the red/white blues, lend a hand, back pay, baby its cold outside, dear comrade, the young and the restless. but all in all its a great dramedy (theres a significant tonal shift after s5 and its considered p divisive by a lot of ppl where they say it wasnt as good after that but im on the other side of that argument lol 10/10 highly recommend)

  • React to season 6 - death and all his friends

  • I was extremely confused when I saw Addison 😂 I thought that he was reacting to the second episode of season 1 not 2 😂

  • chest compression. Chest Compression! CHEST COMPRESSION!!!! DD:

  • Soooo he does look like if Derek and Alex had a baby tho. like seriously, watch and think about it. im so right bitch

    • im fucked up bishhh but im right!! im so right

    • no but like seriously, ever since i brought it up I cant not think of it. this is literally my first youtube comment. give me feedback

  • You should watch newer episodes of Greys I think there more medical

  • Watch greys anatomy heart in the elevator with George and Alex!!!!! Pleaseeeee

  • I’m 12 and in the 6th grade and everyone always asks me how I know so much about this type of stuff and I just say “doctor.mike” and walk away


  • Do season 2 episode 16

  • Chest compressions!!

  • I remember seeing the pole situation but it was in the adult swim show children's hospital

  • mike you know its not real right lol

  • Why don’t you show the surgery, I would like to see you react to that.

  • Do patients actually die often like the girl in this video? I really want to be a surgeon and I’ve wondered how often you see patients die. ~Alexandra

  • Is it weird that I'm binge watching greys anatomy because the show is as old as me and I want to be able to watch a live episode in my lifetime without it being put of order

  • React to Sanctuary and Bring the Pain.

  • Plase react to Grey's anatomy part 3.... Episode 11x21

  • There is actually an episode that has, at its center, a local bicycle race. Its intense. just thought you might be interested in that, since you mentioned bicycle accidents as being particular gruesome affairs.

  • Watch season 2 episode 19!!

  • The airplane crash

  • Greys Anatomy, Season 3 Episode 15 - Walk on Water. Mass Casualty Ferry Boat Episode


  • Can you put a Portuguese caption please?

  • More please!

  • "why can't they just cut the middle of the pole"

  • He really reminds me of Gabriel Conte

  • It’s not supposed to happen in the open but unfortunately some doctors will still tell family in the open

  • pleaaaase react to the episode where a patient has a bomb in his chest!! I don't remember the exact season or ep number but I think it was a two parter!

  • You should watch season 6 episode 6 of Grey's. It's so chaotic!!

  • You should watch the musical episode

  • there's a few episodes you need to watch... the kid in a cement pool...

  • Please tutor me for my next surgery test 😍

  • Are you a surgeon if so what specialty

  • It’s so sad don’t watch season 9-10 bc derek dies 😞

  • Monday mornings


  • I would definitely check out later seasons and not season 1. Probably an episode where all doctors are shown, orto, PEDs,trauma all of them I think that starts in season 3ish?

  • I am a medical student in my final year so what lessons would you have wanted to learn when you were in medical school? Any advice for me and med students like me!!

  • Part 3 please!! 🙏🙏🙏