Rhett and Link in France

Опубліковано 16 кві 2014
We went to France and we're going to tell you all the things we learned on our trip. GMM 424!
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  • I actually take French, and I love Rhett and Link, but I cringed every time they spoke in French except when Rhett said "merci beaucoup", which was a spot on pronunciation. That made me so proud! Also, "Good Mythical Morning" in French would be "Bon Matin Mythique" just so you know!

  • Et ouais les gars, bienvenue au club!

  • What did Link say that was so bad that they had to cut it.

  • Wait you don't need to flag buses down in america???

    • nope. we just sit & wait for them to stop at certain designated locations

  • Wow, I am from the Dutchspeaking part of Belgium, but I noticed the same thing with frechspeaking Belgians aka the Wallons. But they really have a noticeable different lipstance. I think you're right, Rhett, It is just by speaking French

  • I'm glad you had a good time!

  • Maybe you guys are time travel

  • Ive always wanted to go to France.

  • Can I just say, I learn more vocabulary words from this show than any teacher I have ever had.

  • this was really interesting

  • France surrenders

  • Voila means There it is, Here it is is actually Voici llol

  • These Tai Lopez ads are getting out of control


  • The way I learned French numbers was from the beginning of “Take A Break” from Hamilton

  • Don't worry. I'm also a stupid 'Mericun

  • How does Rhett still look great with helmet hair?

  • “In North Carolina, if you’re on a scooter, it means you got a DWI” lololol That is the most telling/accurate statement of home

  • Rhett should get his own sunglasses and stop wearing his wife's.

  • 😅😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  • Oh der good

  • Lots of scarves XD

  • Please do not go full French I'm taking Espanol and I dont want to be enimes (Cinco De Myo)

  • Remember when you guys cut out controversy?

  • I love these guys, and have watched this episode many times; but, love it more just cuz I am a Southcarolinian and Link singing the "Daisy Dukes" song ROFLMAO

  • The French brothers logo I'm crying 😂

  • as someone whose studying french and having a hard time with the accent the plucking of the lips helped me a lot

  • I speak French

  • what city were they in

  • Take a shot every time he says french

  • I'm pretty sure Rhett said "speak to its my heart" I'm pretty sure I'm still learning French but that's wat I thot I heard

  • put pet cute dachshund puppy on the wheel , thanks

  • you published this when its my birthday

  • The method to spot a French guy is genius!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rhet is a real wild dawwwwg😝😝

  • Everything's okay cause I'm on vacation!!!✈️

  • ça taille sec

  • regret not taking french in high school 😂😂😂

  • loving this show more and more every freaking second

  • Did anyone notice the glitch at 4:44

  • We We

  • I'm French & love u guys

  • YOUR FRENCH IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S., You probably are losing french fans.

    • The Mythical Banana you need to chill fam

  • I wonder how many countries they've been to. I know they just did Amsterdam

  • Link's French accent is a perfect Adam Sandler impression.

  • You should come to Québec! Like in Quebec, but Quebec yknow, the city itself. We have a castle! We also speak french and we have poutine.

  • my grandad used to pose infront of other people's cars


  • Wow! The logo! What a crazy coincidence...

  • Why was there a cut @9:43 I 've never seen a cut on GMM. I bet Link said something inappropriate :D

  • 1:09 Illuminati Confirmed

  • This video made me more excited to learn French next year

  • You actually don't have to wave at buses at bus stops in America?

  • Lol love the edit towards the end! I can only imagine.

  • "parlons de ce que." - Rhett 2014

  • You should have an episode where you speak in an English accent

  • how i didnt watch this episode before ???

  • I might have been to Saint Paul de Vence without realising it as we went their for a trip and they just told that it was a medieval town 😂


  • A language without vowels? That's basically just Welsh.

  • lol I loved how link said merci beaucoup! btw it means thank you a lot

  • I know you went to Wisconsin too but how long has it been???

  • We need more of these stories now u guys only play games pls bring this back

  • Links hair!!!😂😂😂

  • instead of parlons de que around here in New Brunswick We would of said parlons about ça

  • Bonjour les mecs! Ça va? J'ai besoin de apprendre cette langue, aidez-moi beaux françaises!

  • Why is the camera so far to the left on this episode?

  • whats with the jump cut at 9:43 link say something disturbing enough to cut out?!?

  • I'm late but COME TO QUEBEC You Will see a totally different french AHAHAH

  • At least you jokingly admit and laugh it off that you are 'stuped amerikens'

  • did you say '' ballon de soccer '' ? i speak french and i didnt understand haha :P

  • In the UK (were I live) we have to put our hand out

  • You guys are not stupid😠😡😷

  • tu penible

  • Bon matin mythique!

  • well. have you ever thought that many buses pass from your bus stop, and the driver can't know which bus you want unless you tell them??

  • l love love love love love love love love love love love love love that cat

  • The bus thing happened to me in Italy, couldn't believe it! xD What did they think I was doing there? Just chillin at the bus stop in the middle of nowhere with my travel bags?

  • Merica 👊

  • Haaa, trop drôle de les entendre parler français ! Morte de rire avec le "voilà"! J'adore ces mecs!

  • What about there kids

  • Why the jump cut at 9:43??

    • Jason Hillyer link probably dropped the mug and didn't want to spoil his reputation or something

  • Rhett you are osom

  • I am from Québec and in the introduction i only understand parlons de ce goût ( let's talk about this tast)

    • Samuel De Oliveira same except I heard " Parlons de ce que"

  • Your show brightens my day everyday

  • I actually knew what per capita meant! Thank you, grade nine social studies class.

  • Same in Finland, gotta stop the bus

  • I'm so happy they didn't visit Germany ....

    • TremereTT well at least here in Germany you don't have to wave to the bus ..

    • offense to me I am mostly 🇩🇪

    • Why

  • Rhett et Link-- Ton vacances est très intéressant (comme toujours). XD

  • The end really suprised me. I'm from Slovakia. BTW i'm 12 years old😋

  • The bus accelerated at full speed

  • Why can't we have more of these? just simply talking, sharing about you life events. It's nice

    • Ehtisham did you just start watching?

    • Doesn't get the views.......sadly.

    • well, you can only tell so many stories i guess

    • Sara Grand

    • I miss this too

  • I'm french!!

  • He said roman noddles not Roman numerals

  • 3:51

  • I inadvertently paused at 9:54 and was rewarded with the look on Rhett's face.

  • +Good Mythical Morning Bon matin mythique à toi aussi, Link.

  • +Good Mythical Morning Nice google translatin' there Rhett... "Parlons de ça!", not "Parlons de ce que" :)

  • deriens :)

  • something had to be cut out, what did Link say?