Slow Down

Опубліковано 13 лис 2018

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  • This is a new Bob Ross and mr. Rogers

  • *It's weird I even love this song more than those on the chart*

  • i feel like im on acid


  • What you see when you take every drug ever

  • Count how many times he say "and" it will get annoying

  • My favorite part 0:34

  • Literally no one: Bill Wurtz: *Slow Down*

  • *iM gOinG tO hElL anD iM LatE fOR iT*

  • It really is easy to feel if you’re useless. I’d know from experience.

  • Bites za dusto

  • Bro, just like, slow down, like gosh.

  • "I'm going to hell and I'm late for it." Is now my favorite quote

  • Don’t do drugs kids

  • Am I being brainwashed?

  • This is no kidding in my iTunes study playlist....

  • Your songs work a lot as sleeping lullabys

  • is this on Spotify?

  • D d d d d d s s d f f g h you I you h h y you you y h h g f g g h g f y yay y you you you y yay ycy f try t f g g t f y d d d d D d d d. D d dg ss. Ss ss ss. TJ GY ftbc GY BV h h h g

  • bill is on a completely different level than every other artist

  • “i’m going to hell and i’m late for it” why is that such a mood

  • Wait, is this actually a serious song?

  • This one is so gooood

  • 0:54 is amazing

  • I dig the Real Book font at 2:22😆

  • The start of this song reminds me about the duck tales intro

  • And I thing I'm bobblin to a DEADLY LASER

  • Incredible *10D Animation.*

  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD ------------- IS GONE

  • I'm just waiting for someone to sing one of bill's songs on America's Got Talent. Any one else? Just me? ok. I just think that would be an experience to behold.

  • I feel guilty now that I haven't liked every one of your videos from alphabet shuffle on.

  • I was depressed before I watched this video and when i was at 1:35 i got so depressed i threw my phone away.😥

  • *Is this what drugs are?*

  • All of you’re videos are probably what ecstasy feels like

  • roll a 7 go to heaven

  • oh god i watched the 12 : 30 part at 12 : 30

  • I'm swanking out to this so hard

  • Bill knows something that we don't and I'm scared because I don't know what it is.

    • Just a hunch, but I *think that he's having visions of Judgement Day*

  • am- am i high?????

  • does the clock actually slowsdown?

  • Always bobblin to a brighter day

  • The transition from 2:21 on is just so euphoric when it lands

  • 2:16 There cant be a friendly neighbourhood spiderman without a neighbourhood!

  • The history of time I guess

  • Is this how bill wurtz sees the world?

  • these songs are the only things keeping my shit together

  • i love you.

  • *playing this at 0.75 speed*

  • i wonder whats wrong with his heaD

  • We can make a religion out of this

  • I wonder if he’s high when he makes this stuff. Probably. But if it makes great shit like this, then keep on going my dude

  • *puts it on 2x speed* mwehhehhehehehhehe

  • I slowed down the video.

  • One of these days bill is gonna find the true meaning of life, if he hasn’t already

  • the only circumstance where random DOES equal funny

  • I listen to this at school since we get to listen to music bye.

  • *Time waits for no one.*

  • Anyone who dislikes your music is lying to themselves.

  • Wait the roof fell of Again?

  • I *really* want to _somehow_ make a musical out of all of Bill's songs

  • I'm going to hell and I'm late for it, but I will slow down and talk about it.This a good nod to People with Mental health issues seeking counseling which I am a big fan of.Bill Wurtz is a genius on steroids.

  • We could make a religion out of this!

  • play this on .25 speed

  • is this what a acid trip looks like

  • Instructions unclear, crashed into one of the twin towers.

  • I have no idea what is going on but love it 🥰

  • I dont know what kind of drugs you use but i want it

  • "going to hell and i'm late for it"

  • Im waching in 2x Nice

  • 1. Literally everything in this video was totally true. 2. "I'm going to hell and I'm late for it." is the most relatable line in any song ever written.

  • when bill wurtz said "feel the sense of victory". I felt that.


  • it's easy to be useless but hard to tell your friends

  • What am I doing with my life?

  • damn id love a pile of water rn

  • this is way too surreal for me

  • 1:12 instructions unclear now im president of syria

  • 0:53 when you're late for class

  • I don’t understand why this got me so sentimental

  • This is my favorite bill wurtz song

  • ''Ooooh, I got a bent hat! Maybe I'll *slow down.* and straighten it out.'' *straightens it out and starts bending it again*

  • this is r/surrealmemes in a channel

    • this is WAY BETTER than surreal memes

  • I too hate it when my hat gets bent.

  • I feel like he could control all of the humanity with this videos

  • Things that Bill should do are... 1. Release an album 2. Do a live tour 3. Eventually release a greatest hits album.

  • Lyrics 'cuz I'm bored: Look at the time up on the wall The clock is tellin' it all wrong You got to slow down You got to slow down Slow it right off the wall You got to slow down My hat is bent Oh I got a bent hat Maybe I'll slow down And straighten it out And then twist it all around Then put it down And I'm bobblin' down 124th Street And I think I'm bobblin' to a brighter day And the radio's playing a different kind of music And the universe is starting to shake Look at the time! It's 12:30 I'm going to hell and I'm late for it But I'll slow down And talk about it And the world goes 'round and then comes back down Now I'm swingin' about my every daily business And I'm ponderin' out about how it's daily been And it's easy to feel if you're useless But it's strange when you tell your friends So I re-loaded my fax machine with some fresh clean paper So I can slow down and have a slow time printing it out Then the roof blew off again and it came back down And the hurricanes and storms cover the landscape And the picture frames are floating off the wall And the hourglass is twisting a little bit sideways And the neighborhood is all gone Look at the time on the wall 'Cause it's going very very really slowly now And it's the only thing that anybody ever talks about And the scientists are always trying to figure out And the physicists are always letting it bounce around And the novelists are typically writing stories about it And the journalists are usually breaking news about it And the pharmacists are frequently making drugs about it And the charities are always raising money for it And the [client's name] is always there And [client's name] always cares

  • I think Bill actually does that process before making each video

  • ... why was this recommended to me...?

  • We should all slow down

  • Phish need to highlight this guy's work at their shows...perfect marriage

  • Wow there are so many hidden messages...this is really deep when you think about it

  • 0:58 me before this video

  • Slow it down

  • Henry David Thoreau?

  • its so dumb its art

  • Me: speeds up

  • 1:04 got all flat earthers triggered for sure xDDD

  • and it's easy to feel if you're useless but it's strange when you tell your friends :(

  • Best song he has made

  • One thing I did Catch at the end is that he is giving you happiness in his videos for free but there raising money for depression and ppl are always talking about it and the client is always gonna be there because they think there is no other way (after typing this I realized this made as much since and building a way to keep a race away from a 1million mile peice of land😂🤦🏾‍♂️)