Slow Down

Опубліковано 13 лис 2018

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  • What...the fuck did I just watch and why do I love it

  • 1:36 fat mood

  • the fax machine and printer section is ruthlessly catchy

  • Woah.

  • I think this was one big high

  • *and...*

  • Still high?

  • Yes

  • I'm five hundred percent sure bill just jots down his random ideas or things he sees and pulls them out of a hat and writes a song about them

  • 7/8

  • Hey bill I’m a HUGE fan and i happen to be inlove w you hehe ANYWAYYY would you be able to do a video about how to have self confidence because I’m struggling v hard

  • What is he on

  • Fire is very nutritional and good for you I recommend eating it

  • Will time slow down if we're on your blimp?

  • I swear it's always so therapeutic

  • Real youtube rewind right here!

  • number one summer jam

  • this is my favorite poetry

  • Thank you bill, Very cool!

  • AHHHHH! Get it out of my head! AHHHHH!

  • I brethed

  • Should I drop LSD to understand this?

  • 1:12 Instructions were unclear, the frying pan is lodged into my forehead.

  • I did and nothing happened. Tell me ur secrets bill!

  • Ronnie D'addario lol

  • I am useless bill wurtz thanks for my life story slowly dies

  • He seems to be influenced by Fagen and Becker "Steely Dan"

  • I just realized that this content is what is going to remain of bill. I imagine this in a future museum, and maybe even literature/history books as one of those abstract geniuses, who revolutionized the art of music and video.

  • “my hat is bent, oh I gotta BENT HAT

  • How can this be so strange, and still seem so genuine?

  • I have this song stuck in my head all day, where can I find an mp3 of it?

  • *Dio has joined the server*


  • The fun fact about this song is that if you actually put it at a speed like 1.25 or 1.5, it gets better.

  • Real talk: *I almost shat myself listening to this.*

  • better than 90% songs charted on Billboard right now

  • Why does this entertain me? (Hint: ITS SO FREAKING GOOOOOOODDDD)

  • I eat pasti with blue llama, hbu?

  • Great music.

  • I really hope this gets on the radio xD

  • Thanks for making my day Bill.

  • T H 1 C C W 0 I M A Y N Z 3

  • Im going to hell, and I'm late for it But I'll slow down Makes perfect sense

  • remember guys , the clients name always cares

    • +Pemerhati UA-tv you can trust , the clients name always cares Or does it?

    • I never trust edited comment

  • I guess this is how it feels to take ecstasy

  • This reminds me of one of those ai generated songs but somehow in a good way.

  • Please make an album!!!

  • Welcome to the magical world of LSD.

  • is... is this song abou depression?

  • *you could make a religion out of this*

  • I never know what kind of music Bill makes... But it's beautiful. And yet I don't understand.

  • Wait wait slow down

  • Time Isn’t real

  • *woah there friend you might need to...*

  • 0:16 conform, you say? *NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAR*

  • I love how it doesn't make any sense

  • Is there a way to report this in a good way? Cuz if it is i need to do it

  • Is this what it like on acid 🤣🤣🤣

  • you

  • p

  • o

  • o

  • This is a message to our society we need to play a different kind of music

  • Genuine good music. If only it made sense haha.

  • We can make a religion out of this.

  • Ok but can we appreciate the intense symbolism this vid has

  • I've been watching too many of these.... I know this because this video made sense to me.

  • *"I'm going to hell and I'm late for it"* same

  • And then I wonder why I have such fucked up dreams

  • this is therapeutic

  • Your music is seriously so soothing. When I'm anxious late at night it helps me calm down, and it's SO GROOVY. Keep up the amazing work!

  • How does it feel to be on drugs

  • We go from clocks to bent hats. What are you smoking?

  • a pile of water

  • This is so fucking catchy! I've listened to it way to many times!

  • If the Universe is shaking, we have some *very very big* problems to attend to.

  • shout out to your music theory god damn homie thanks for inspiring me to make music :)

  • What the fuck kind of drugs was this dude on.

  • i was the 6667 comment gotta keep it a Christian channel

  • What is this witchcraft

  • Bill-senpai should make an album with these songs

  • The middle to end bit reminds me of Channel Orange Frank Ocean.. so good

  • Name one imperfection in this. I dare you. Can’t do it? That’s what I thought.

  • I hate how many times I've come back to this video in the last 4 days

  • The hi im Steve shirts are sold out so im sad..

  • This is somehow inspiring

  • I think there is some deep political message here. Maybe about climate change.

  • how high is this dude

  • (Puts video speed at 2)

  • I really think there's something more beside the song and animation.... I feel like it has a meaning behind it....

  • *Oh I got a bent hat*

  • Am I the only one who felt that the was the longest 3 minutes of my life? Time really did slow down

  • I really want this song to be covered by Al Jarreau, somebody please make this happen.

  • This song is a FUCKING BANGER

  • CHECK ME OUT :) LOVE THIS SONG THO!відео-8kX2eMtOHN8.html

  • feels like it could be sung by a demon

  • bill wurtz is my aesthetic.

  • we should slow down the video

    • dont do this at home, kids

  • i kno wut kind of music the radio plays. . . . . . . bill wurtz

  • look i'm late to hell