Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper Challenge

Опубліковано 16 лис 2017
Binging with Babish challenged us to eat a hot pepper & today, we're taking on the challenge. GMM #1221.1
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  • I watched them eat the pepper and start dying, exited off the youtube app to buy one, came back 2 hours later to finish the video. Without context its kinda like they took 7 tabs of acid

  • Rhett looks like the Easter bunny on roids😂

  • Apparently acids help neutralize the capsaicin oil.

  • That was hilarious! xD 7:03

  • Good

  • I ate 4 Carolina reepers and I died but it was tasty

  • They look like they are in labor 😂😂😂

  • For the Carolina Reaper video, they had the full version with them talking at normal speed. Did they upload a similar video for this challenge?

  • Anyone watching this Oct. 2019?

  • I’d love to see an episode where you combine the 2 ALS challenges into one. Sort of a fire & ice challenge, if you will. Eat a hot pepper while submerged in an ice bath. Yes, you’ve done each separately, but I’d love to know which is the lesser of the 2 evils once experienced simultaneously!!!!. 🔥 & ❄️

  • Weird. I LIVE IN TRINIDAD. It's Great,You should come

  • *Rhett aggressively murders a basket while Link just casually rips a paper*

  • You guy's should eat trinidad scorpion and a carolina reaper peppers at the same time

  • You people should challenge me to this I am a pro when it comes to that

  • When Rhett gags, you can hear the concern in the crew. But they’re used to Link

  • This is where I live currently Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  • I won't eat that whole pepper and i'm from trinidad

  • You both hiccup because you swallow it too fast. Not because its hot.

  • Why not water? Why juice filled with sugar and added sugar?

  • I hope this time was a doctor in the studio.

  • This is the 4 chapter? It is not more only a trilogy?

  • More of these plz

  • Rhett drank 1 second before the 10 minutes was up. He only went 9:59. Therefore, he must do it again!🌶🌶🌶 Seriously thought guys, way to go and support a charity! Keep up the great work!

  • 1:06 is link screaming into a trash can

  • Their faces aren't red. There is no mucus from their noses. And no tears. They aren't real peppers. This is at least twice they pussed out. FAKE!!!!

  • I need the full versiom of all the hottesr pepper challenge

  • Dont worry its only gonna heart twice as much going out

  • Wait till you try the Guatamalan Insanity Pepper - approved by Homer Simpson for guaranteed hallucinations of coyote's in the sky and horrid images of your chain smoking sisters-in-law. 😁

  • That's how i feel when my period starts 😕😑😭

  • Wow Link was in so pain still he ordered crew members to bring something for Rhett to break

  • drink soda while doing this challenge will be fun!

  • Lmao 😁

  • Rhett looks like a broken man


  • Pepper X Plz

  • “Firmly nestled in Saten’s buttcrack” -link

  • 5:39 Are peppers the new parasite?

  • You both should eat a trinidad scorpion and a carolina reaper at the same time and take nothing for 12 minutes

  • I think seeing Rhett play "tough guy" might be the cringiest thing ever.

  • I watched this just to see Rhett destroy a basket

  • I mean, they're still alive amiright?

  • I live in Trinidad and I hate pepper but that is not even spicy

  • Mad Dog 357 Plutonium Challenge please??? Lol

  • Poor Rhett

  • Don't break the chair lmfao hearing that in a southern accent like a old man killed me

  • No, 8:20

  • 7:59 Rhett is a VERY ANGRY BOIIII

  • Rhett is an angry boi

  • January 2019 anyone?!?!?

  • Woooow link is a beatiful creature

  • Don't break meh chair

  • Previous video: Rhett: *I hate the world* *I hate that we exist* Now: *I hate us* Chase: it's been 4:15 minutes Rhett: *You're lying* XD

  • Hey drink a second before it reached 10 minutes I'm gonna say the only one Succeeded

    • Given paused it he drank the milk 1 second before he lost by 1 second

  • 4:30

  • I love how Rhett is having like a mini tantrum and Link is just in despair this is entertainment 😂😂

  • There is no way the last dab is spicier than this pepper. I call bs

  • I love that Rhett gets angry and link just gives up

  • Rhett: I gotta FREAKEN BREAK SOMETHING!!!!!

    • Link: don't break the chair

  • if you watch for afew seconds at 9:47 and then skip back to the first minute, the change in their composure is hilarious.

  • Pepper making Trinidad and Tobago proud

  • 5:52 Well, that was kinda akward Link😂😂

  • 2 men become gay after eating chilli peppers

  • Rhett becomes angry and destructive while Link becomes funny and the clingiest boyfriend ever. Poor babies.

  • unedited version?

  • Has the rock responded?

  • Rhett seems less tolerant of the spice than the other videos

  • 7:04 L: WUTZ DUH TIME? chase: oh you want me to start it now? ;) L: *WHAT?!*

  • Half of this video they’re squaring. So it looks like they’re trying to give birth 🤣🤣

  • "Dont hit the crew" Thats why I love Link so much ♥ even in pure agony he still thinks of his team.. awww :)

  • Shout out to muh peoples Why am i now seeing this

  • I fuking love u guys......we not might like what we do but we do what’s gotta be done

  • Link was on FIRE with his jokes

  • The Moruga is actually second in the world, and the Ghost is not third anymore.

  • I live in trinidad 😆

  • I can never see ANY hate comments in these videos. Everyone loves Rhett and link ♥️

  • For a moment they looked and sounded like two 80 year old men trying to wrestle...

  • just put sugar in the grapefruit juice

  • 2019?????¿

  • im from trinidad it is not even hot

  • I want the unedited hidden camera when Rhett was a total prick for 3 hours after

  • Well at least if u didnt eat the ghost or Carolina reaper then ur bodies wouldnt b use it

  • I like how link is calmly ripping the paper folder apart while Rhett is violently breaking the basket 😂😂

  • jan 2019 .i just like to leave messages so when i come back to watch old episodes i can see the last time i did .


  • Rhett: *breaks basket*👿👿👿 Link: hey watch this *rips paper* 😂😂😂😂

  • Not trying to be disrespectful, but Rhett's face at 10:23 was saying "F*ck ALS".

  • I love my scorpion pepper. I eat it almost everyday. In pepper sauce. Also it there any Trinidadians here besides me

  • Rhett literally died at the end lmao

  • You guys are so mean to Rhett and Link THEY WERE IN PAIN YOU KNOW!!!!!!

  • Hi

  • I almost pitty them when they donthings like this, but then i remember they did it for internettainment and us😂😂

  • I tried the scorpion habanero and I am nine

  • Theirs a new pepper Rhett and Link!!! It's called pepper X. Look up the last dab hotsauce by hot ones. Try that please and thank you lol

  • I’m from Trinidad and I have NEVER eaten that pepper 😂 😟

  • Ghost Pepper- Definitely not die. Carolina Reaper: Almost Died Scorpion Pepper: Tranformation Into hulk an

  • “I hate us. I hate you” *twenty seconds later* “Hold me.”

  • While you advertise "The Mouse" in your description, why don't you advertise the mics they are actually mostly captured on, which are lapel wireless mics??


  • you guys are millionaires, only $1,000?

  • That messed up Rhett more than the reaper did. LOL