Ultimate MRE Taste Test

Опубліковано 26 вер 2018
They say MREs are meals ready to eat. We you know you can, but... should you? We're here to test them out and see how they taste so you don't have to. GMM #1387
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  • As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta

    • I love how people complain that vegetarians are crying babes, but then again you read the comments everywhere and there is no vegetarian complaining, but a lot of people complaining about vegetarians.

    • Thank you for your service.

    • Oh my god let them eat what they want! Thank you for your service Noah.

    • Thank you for your service.

    • +£nv¥{KZ} Im already in the 9 year old army wyd?

  • Sdrowkcab tnemmoc siht daer

  • Well who let link sniff glue

  • Supposed to use the cheese spread with the taco.

  • What they failed to do, make the entire meal which when mixed together, tastes much better.

  • Coming from basic training, I low-key never had a mre I didn't like. Hashbrown, beef brisket, spinach fettuccine, etc they all slammed. Had like 2-3 a day during white phase( my soldiers know this one. The best phase if u ask)

  • I miss MRE's they're good

  • I'm mostly disappointed that they dident do this with the crazy Russia hacker.

  • The spaghetti wasn’t cooked bc it was overfilled

  • Vegetarian lasagna is pretty good actually lol and usually has candy


  • A lot of those MREs have a sort of... vitamin funk to them, it's because they want to cram like 2,000 calories into each of the meals which should be a whole day's calories. If you really were in a combat situation or traveling by foot you'd want to make sure you're getting all your trace minerals and stuff, unfortunately that means making the food taste like garbage lol. I remember when Special K cereal came out, my grandma would it eat and she quit getting regular corn flakes, it had a lot more vitamins in it and after a couple mornings the taste of it almost made me barf.

  • If I’m enjoying the occasional mre it tastes ok. Try living solely off of mres for a week and your bowels will never be the same

  • You should eat them cold

  • MR. E (mystery). I enjoyed the MRE LBV. Also. Seat belt cutters make good MRE openers.

  • My great grandfather was in World War Two and would have MRE chow down contests in the trenches he always won; one time he told me that he ate 12 MRE’s in 10 minutes

  • 10:37

  • I had MRE once and it was something beef and potato. It was not bad, not the best but not bad. I love Irish coffe thing they had tho.

  • Rock or something...

  • Alonzo Lerone should have watch this before trying them out himself. It would've saved him 😄

  • Anti flavor 😂

  • American soldiers eat Mexican based food, oh man, irony.

  • Sorry for all the viewers' named chad, and vegetarian.

  • I was really hoping you guys would be eating the vegetarian omelette MRE. It’s orange and it looks nothing like an omelette. One of my sergeants tried to throw one of those to some kids in Iraq and they threw it back.

  • 0:20 - 0.26 links hands brr

  • As a army soldier, i wish i could experiemce these warm. Never have the time to cook it lol

  • The ones I’ve eaten all tasted good and were a decade old. And they didn’t come standard with a way to heat it using water. Still taste good cold!

  • I wish they would have done the WHOLE MRE and not just the entrés

  • You have to add the Tabasco bottle or the whole content of the jalapeño cheese to any of those meals to make them fit for human consumption. Look up Ranger pudding, best part of an MRE!

  • From a marines stand point. Chicken chunks.. best mre out there.

  • "I was excited about this whole MRE thing when we started, and now I'm growing tired of it after four..." Speaking from experience, I think this is the exact way MRE's play out for most of us who have served in the military.

  • I actually had Meal 15 and it was really good (MRE Meal 15 isn't in this video, by the way)

  • When you're sitting in buttfuck Afghanistan, the taste of your au gratin is EXACTLY what you are concerned about.

  • i find most of them good, you sound really spoiled and pessimistic.

  • started too watch you guys 3 days ago and really liked it, but the screaming makes it so damn bad.

  • Chili mac and hash browns are the only ones you should eat y'all

  • And that Santa Fe style rice 👌🏼👌🏼

  • Cheese with bacon bits with the bbq corn nuts was what got me thru

  • That metallic taste is probably the additives they put in army-rations to stop you pooping. Seriously!

  • my dad was in vietnam, and when we used modern mre's when we were camping he said they were SO much better then the crap the army fed him back in the day. that being said, even he admitted they still needed work.

  • 6:00 this ain’t it chief

  • 1:23

  • i love watching mre videos on youtube.. and i also love your guys show too so you guys just made my day

  • You need to get that out on a tray asap.......nice.

    • And some chocolate with just a little fat separation.

    • Needs the coffee too. Coffee instant type 2, nice.

  • It’s a hot pocket! 🤣🤣

  • Will it MRE?

  • 2:37 just give the MRE a “shot” man it’s been miserable 😂

  • The vegetarian MRE’s are surprisingly the best

  • I am an active military member and I ate these 2 times a day for 5 months, everyday except sundays

    • The beef taco is one of the best, the best one ever is beef stew, y'all should do a part 2

  • To answer why they don't just use Chef Boyaredee; it's because the food in MREs is designed to have a shit ton of calories. A standard MRE has around 2000 calories. They're easy to eat and they will keep you going for a while. Just be careful about how much you eat. You will literally shit a brick.

    • Logan Ligma it’s also a cost thing. They have to pump out thousands, maybe millions of these things on a daily basis, so they’re made as cheaply as possible.

  • They should have totally had the ham and cheese omelet

  • This would get their toilets FUBAR

  • The whole video I'm thinking what yum means until the end I realise its yum I'm an idiot

  • Being in the field for 2 months straight as a Marine my self I would rather eat everything except the main meal to eat something that had actual flavor

  • for the last resort you could always pee in it

  • They have to eat highly healthy and has to be a fast meal

  • they forgot Meals Rejected by Ethiopians

  • you have to add the tabasco sauce in it, its a life savor. worst one i ever had was the apple sausage and the biscuits and gravy. i would just field strip it and forget of the mail meal.

  • Mre’s are really good

  • 13:13 MRE heaters can reach 130-150 degrees.

  • Lol I’m pretty sure he’s wearing that chest rig backwards

  • Did link dye his hair?

  • More MRE’s


  • what does YUM stand for oh Yum

  • When Link yeETed the package...I lost it completely 😂

  • "I'm suddenly jealous" XD

  • Ya know when I was serving the chicken noodles with veggies was my hands down favorite. The others were sometimes better initially but would either hurt my stomach later or just began to taste worse to me the more often I ate them. Also we almost always had no time to heat them at all so the authentic taste test would be which one you like most cold. Great show guys.

  • I remember these wonderful things. We ate them at the Police Academy and while I was over seas. They're pretty darn convenient.

  • When I was in BMT, CQ only ever had maybe one or two of the vegetarian options and both contained dairy which I found out I had an awful allergy to in BMT. Lost a good 20 pounds in BMT because I couldn’t eat 😂

  • Au gratin means that the potatoes (in this case) are covered with bread crums or grated cheese or sauce.

  • Should do a “hot A’s” taste test. 😂

  • is it me or did he say lets f*** about that

  • I maintain this as further evidence (in addition to the ice bath video, and really any time he starts yelling) that Rhett would be, or was in a previous life, a fantastic drill sergeant from sheer tone alone.

  • Ironically, this came out right when I was going through BCT(basic combat training) for the U.S. Army and they aren't to bad anymore although beef tacos is pretty garbage haha.

  • Vegetarian Chad vs virgin marine

  • i ate spaghetti with beef and sauce in real life and it awesome i even ate the appatizers in the pack p.s. you should have done this video with taraz kul he eats all kinds or MRES all around the world

  • Them mispronouncing Gratin made me exceptionally upset. Gratin potatoes are potatoes roasted and baked with cream and cheese and bacon if you're feeling fancy

  • I preferred calling them Mr. E's (like Mystery)

  • They should do another one of these with Emmemadeinjapan she tastes these too.

  • It took me a full 5 seconds to figure out what y.u.m meant. yayyyyyyyy

  • Thanks for the video. STEVE 1989 RULES!!!

  • Heat them up first then they taste way better

  • Some MREs contain laxitve gum for constipation

  • Au Gratin is a way to prepare a potato

  • NO NO NO It does not say to lean it on a rock it clearly say a "rock or something".

  • I believe that smell is hydrogen from the heating element

  • So how many of us that have served have just thought... you poor, misguided soul... as they eat these. #Chilimac

  • Rhett has skills with food He was about to drop potato and then used the bag to catch it😃😃

  • if only they tried the vomelet

  • Video would have been nicer if they put that mre out on a tray... only some will get that

  • "Nice hiss"

  • "Lets get this out on a tray... Nice!"

  • MRE Chili Mac is freaking amazing!!!

  • I’ve eaten several of these items thanks to my uncle supplying the family with MREs for our hurricane kits. A lot of them are really good which makes sense. Why would the army give their troops food they would hate to eat while they’re away from camp weeks at a time?

  • Theres been so many times where my dad would be out in the field for weeks and then come home with boxes of MREs that didn't get eaten. I would always open them and see which ones I liked the best. Also stealing all of the skittles before my sister could was fun hahah. Good memories

  • sloppy joe was my favorite and omelet was my least favorite m.r.e

  • Au gratin potatoes is literally cheesy potatoes that's all

  • Worse possible one to me is the biscuits nd gravy one

  • We also called them mysteries as a play on the words