Ultimate Super Glue Test

Опубліковано 29 січ 2018
We put popular super glue brands to the test to discover which is the most super of all super glues. GMM 1263.1
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  • "We have to be scientific" *saves anything remotely resembling science til very last round*

    • "Sorry baby but I'm putting a thumb right into your eyehole." Felt sorry for those babies.

    • Yeah I mean as far as I understand they all use the same chemistry to create their bond so the idea that one cant hold 10lbs and one can hold 50 is just broken science.

    • You're a legend.

  • Lock tight is for nuts and bolts that don't get much removing force

  • I feel like the most “scientific” way to go about testing the glue on Billy the Bass was to super glue the tail to the board and then see which released first- however the fish may have not been strong enough for that🤷‍♀️

  • what about loctite super glue?

  • Now Where is Flex Glue. Pathetic

  • Okay but why are Link's legs so tan compared to the rest of his body lmfao at 13:29

  • 8:50 Lul at the final spoilers

  • I feel like Bob should've had another chance

  • 8:50 It already shows the winner of the semi-final round

  • It would be more scientific if thay did it with weights

  • What about flex tape tho

  • "these dilweeds..." -all superglue brands

  • Chase is sooooo cute

  • :○

  • Chase is the definition of cringe.

  • Poor chase 😂😂😂

  • Where’s my flex glue?

  • I have that same exact red snake toy

  • Rhettlining.

  • 6:20 Money shot

  • where the heck is the flex glue e-e

  • 1:37 Are these men giving birth?

  • Who else was singing........... TAKE ME TO THE WATER! PUT ME IN THE RIVER! Give a like if you remember that nostalgia!

  • what about flex glue

  • 9:44 *mom walks in*" what are y- "**backs away** *"n-n-nevermind".*

  • 8:50 it already shows who wins the next round

  • I personally think you should’ve used the same products with each glue that way it was more scientifically proven just saying I think the laptops would’ve been the best choice or something similar to where you could’ve pulled it apart like that

  • 11:01 look at the top of links mouth

  • I have that exact shirt that link is wearing

  • Why havent they done a super glue taste test yet??? I'm joking 😂😂

  • Haven't you ever had that moment when your scrolling through the comments and you see a phrase and then a second later the video says the phrase.

  • Anyone notice Links hair getting more grey?

  • Chase always gets the worst jobs!!!! Lol

  • Can I point out how much a want a shirt like Rhett’s with rocket pops on it

  • Why does it look like Link adopted his legs from India? 13:29

  • 8:49 Why is The Original Super Glue already in the next level? Intuition much? :D

  • Technically for a real test wouldn't you use the same test subject, say the laptop because glue reacts differently to different substances. I mean just saying.

  • Hmm... I always thought the legs were the bottom of the pants🤔 😂

  • When links overalls fell down I died 😂😂

  • "You bunch of dillweeds"

  • in the Simi final bracket they put in the wrong bracket... 8:49

  • Y'all did the gorilla glue wrong You are supposed to add water:)

  • 10:38 Link is giving birth

  • Nobody notice at 8:50 where they show the winner before the round starts😂

  • i still think of krazy glue as the kragle, all thanks to the lego movie, it damaged me

  • lol they literally gave away the winner @ 8:50

  • Im in love with Link's shirt! It's so great!

  • JB weld would win

  • Does Rhett shop at Forever 21? I feel like I've seen that shirt there.

  • Glue one stick to another for all glues and hang weights off them

  • Rhett you are not sametricul I couldn’t spell it right

  • I think they accidentally put the winner for the semi-finals at 8:50 😅

  • on the semi final round u put the winner

  • Wonder which will will 8:50

  • I paused the video so gorilla glue better win! Edit:...........THEY DIDNT DO IT RIGHT THESE IDIOTS!!!!

  • 1 minutes ago (presses) _Jan 29 2018_ WHaT

  • Aww you could of sang the song called stuck on you by sugar land.

  • Has link put fake tan on his legs?

  • I can't believe Link's overalls completely fell off!😂😂

  • Chases face creeps me out

  • the look on chases face at 9:20

  • Will it marker?

  • I hope that those laptops were ether broken or didn’t work before they glued them together...

  • New level of Tug of war 😲😂😂

  • My back hurts watching them pull on the shoes

  • I use gorilla glue and loctite both work way better than that

  • listening with audio is sooo weird when it was the shoe part

  • The last thing my wardrobe needs is more T-shirts, but I like Link's enough to have just googled it D:

  • In a real actual test loctite won the overall against the other glues. It lost only to a super expensive brand 2 times in like 8 test, forgot the channel but they did a amazing job with real test. Loctite was clearly the overall best

  • I used to be terrified of my grandad's singing bass- I was really susceptible to "uncanny valley" stuff back then.

  • Bsi is used in rocketry. It’s called CA glue in my class tho, and it hurts like a mother trucker, like I got it on my hand and it just burns.

  • Child abuse

  • For a second I thought it said "ultimate super glue taste test"

  • No its moma had a bad by and the head popped off😂😂🤣🤣🤣that's what we said with those Russian dolls inside each other😂😂✌

  • Wassup

  • Gorilla Glue

  • Wow those are some anatomically correct baby dolls. Links face when Rhett shoved it right at him 😶

  • *buys computer* *glues it shut*

  • The glue on the bottoms of their shoes had me dying 😂😂

  • "All these glue brands and like these dill weeds." 😂😂

  • At 8:49 it shows who will be in the finals before they compare.

  • Omg the ending!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 literal lol!! 😂😂😂

  • 10:34-12:10 R.I.P. headphone users

  • Did anybody notice it showed the winner of The Original Super Glue and Scotch before the round they battled 8:50

  • We gotta be scientific so let's change 4 constants of the experiment lol

  • Is link going gray

  • Chase doing his hair flip OMG! 😍

  • Anyone notice at 8:50 they showed who won before they tested it?

  • what Rhett and Link would look like if they were giving birth hahah

  • GlueMasters is *T H I C C*

  • Jk 10:40

  • 10:30 ish their giving birth

  • 5:59 constipatation

  • In middle school, a kid in my class super glued his hands to his face with Gorilla glue. I had to walk him down to the nurse. You should have had him on this episode to help haha

  • I laughed so hard when links pants fell down

  • Either it glues or it glon't

  • Oh, sh*t, they have a kragle!

  • Starbond has always been my favorite

  • What I’ve learned from this is to never let Linc be my dentist and to never let them get to close to my hair

  • 13:28 😂