Ultimate Super Glue Test

Опубліковано 29 січ 2018
We put popular super glue brands to the test to discover which is the most super of all super glues. GMM 1263.1
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  • "We have to be scientific" *saves anything remotely resembling science til very last round*

    • "Sorry baby but I'm putting a thumb right into your eyehole." Felt sorry for those babies.

    • Yeah I mean as far as I understand they all use the same chemistry to create their bond so the idea that one cant hold 10lbs and one can hold 50 is just broken science.

    • You're a legend.

  • Chase is so cute, gosh

  • I just love these guys💗💗

  • Why didn’t you just do the last comparison on all of them ??? .-.

  • You forgot flex seal

  • the original superglue was there in the finals whent they start the semi

  • You kept choosing the loser to move on

  • 8m the singing salmon spending all day jamming

  • 8:49 the original super glue is already in winner spot without battling with scotch Is it an error?


  • Literally thought this was a taste test, now i'm upset

  • “Which one is that?” “Link Left Foot” 😂

  • Just wanna say at 8:49 they already filled in the board so you could tell the original super glue won

  • Did anyone notice at 8:50 it already said super glue went to the finals

  • Nice Boxers Link +1 (too bad they wernt GMM boxers, Merch idea!)

  • they have matching shoes

  • Not like it matters, but Chase is a gay man right?

  • Why am I just know seeing this

  • spoilers at 8:50

  • I left the lid off my super glue for 2 days once and it still came out just fine.

  • Should have used combat boots. No feet are pulling out of those

  • Finding a winner is easy. Just eliminate the gluesers.

  • Chase with blond wig looks like Dave Grohl if he died his real hair blond.

  • why not just glue the tails of the fish then press the red button?

    • i just realized this video is a year old....ok

  • Am i the only one who thinks Chase is so cute?

  • It doesn't matter for this type of show, obviously, but as a little curious aside, people commenting re: using equal force on both arms are still missing the fundamental issue. Even if they tried equally hard on the left and right (which is incredibly tough to do), it's still not equal unless the two pullers are equally strong. Take the logical extreme: a baby and a gorilla each pulling with equal bilateral effort (imagine that the baby somehow has the weight and the structural integrity to withstand this). The disparity between the two sides will essentially be the disparity between the gorilla's two arms; the baby's contribution to the gap will be negligible.

  • Anybody notice at 8:50 the scotch vs the OG super glue, already had the OG super glue as the winner?

  • Tbh Link sounds like he's giving birth

  • *New movie* *_Planes on snakes_*

  • What happend to your legs Link😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Here is an amazing super glue hack for you. WARNING: wear gloves and avoid and contact with skin. Use Loctite super glue and cover the glue with a little bit of baking soda. It solidifies as hard as a rock almost instantly. I had a mechanic teach this to me. They even use this combination to fill in chips and cracks in airplane propellers. Use at your own risk.

  • Something to think about they use bsi glue on tires to hide it when they have a Crack in them. There is a lot more that companies do who make tires that will make you look at them closer. Also with bsi glue it works better if you use a accelerant to make the glue dry faster

  • 13:54 I lost it, that's hilarious LOL

  • Anyone else notice the animation mess up at 8:48

  • 8:50 Well, they spoiled that round, cuz we’ll, the winner is on top :/

  • Why dose chase looks so Jonas brothers at 9:54 lmao

  • 11:33 when you get a blister

  • 10:39 it sounds like they are in labor lol

  • 8:49, y'all see that?

  • Ok but why do I fall more and more with chase every video?

  • Counter balancing does increase internal validity

  • Why not just have a 3 part thing, glue one link each with the different glues and pull. One link will snap, the other will stay glued...

  • The only reason you didn't use flex glue is because you know it would embarrass everyone else

  • The only reason you didn't use flex glue is because you know it would embarrass everyone else

  • I have that same exact snake!!

  • Dudes... It’s all the same chemical...

  • I am dying😂😂😂I live on the top floor of my building. I had my sliding door open and someone yelled out from the parking lot “HEY!! You guys okay up there!?” As link and Rhett are screaming trying to pull their shoes apart!

  • 8:22 ua-tv.org/tv/відео-Qcp2W1-SFt4.html

  • 8:49 It already spoils you

  • Bass lip pull off was satisfying

  • 8:50 If you look where the real real finals is,they already put Super glue as the winner even though it’s only the semi-Finals round .3.

  • I misread this as super glue taste test and let me tell you I sure was confused for a second there

  • I misread this as super glue taste test and let me tell you I sure was confused for a second there

  • 8:50 shows the winner

  • this seams so much more hapier than all the other episodes

  • Where. Is. The. Flex Seal?

  • You guys messed up 8:51 the bracket shows winner for next round hahahha

  • 10:00 the shoe test was the best lmao it looked like they looked like they were giving birth 🤣🤣🤣

  • Link - why are your legs so orange?????

  • Y’all shoulda done e6000 glue

  • 10:45 I’m disturbed

  • Why did they start with babies lol 😂 even I know I watch GMM everyday I still thinks that is a little creepy for them

  • Gorilla Glue is a major Cincinnati employer! Don't b dissing the Gorilla boys! We may beat our chests in protests. Plus beware if you bring GMM TO Cincy- you may find your dressing room doors glued shut. Um. Jus saying.

  • Gorilla Glue is a major Cincinnati employer! Don't b dissing the Gorilla boys! We may beat our chests in protests. Plus beware if you bring GMM TO Cincy- you may find your dressing room doors glued shut. Um. Jus saying.

  • Lock tight is for nuts and bolts that don't get much removing force

  • I feel like the most “scientific” way to go about testing the glue on Billy the Bass was to super glue the tail to the board and then see which released first- however the fish may have not been strong enough for that🤷‍♀️

  • what about loctite super glue?

  • Now Where is Flex Glue. Pathetic

  • Okay but why are Link's legs so tan compared to the rest of his body lmfao at 13:29

  • 8:50 Lul at the final spoilers

  • I feel like Bob should've had another chance

  • 8:50 It already shows the winner of the semi-final round

  • It would be more scientific if thay did it with weights

  • What about flex tape tho

  • "these dilweeds..." -all superglue brands

  • Chase is sooooo cute

  • :○

  • Chase is the definition of cringe.

  • Poor chase 😂😂😂

  • Where’s my flex glue?

  • I have that same exact red snake toy

  • Rhettlining.

  • 6:20 Money shot

  • where the heck is the flex glue e-e

  • Who else was singing........... TAKE ME TO THE WATER! PUT ME IN THE RIVER! Give a like if you remember that nostalgia!

  • what about flex glue

  • 9:44 *mom walks in*" what are y- "**backs away** *"n-n-nevermind".*

  • 8:50 it already shows who wins the next round

  • I personally think you should’ve used the same products with each glue that way it was more scientifically proven just saying I think the laptops would’ve been the best choice or something similar to where you could’ve pulled it apart like that

  • 11:01 look at the top of links mouth

  • I have that exact shirt that link is wearing

  • Why havent they done a super glue taste test yet??? I'm joking 😂😂

  • Haven't you ever had that moment when your scrolling through the comments and you see a phrase and then a second later the video says the phrase.

  • Anyone notice Links hair getting more grey?

  • Chase always gets the worst jobs!!!! Lol

  • Can I point out how much a want a shirt like Rhett’s with rocket pops on it

  • Why does it look like Link adopted his legs from India? 13:29

  • 8:49 Why is The Original Super Glue already in the next level? Intuition much? :D

  • Technically for a real test wouldn't you use the same test subject, say the laptop because glue reacts differently to different substances. I mean just saying.

  • Hmm... I always thought the legs were the bottom of the pants🤔 😂