Vintage Party Food Taste Test

Опубліковано 2 тра 2018
Is Spinach Dip from the 1920's or 1980's? We sample vintage party foods and take turns guessing what era they're from! GMM #1330.1
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  • “That’s my stick!!!” “I’m taking your stick!!!” “My stick is just a little bit longer than yours.” “My stick is more accurate.”

    • cybertree my sister needs to read that. We saw s car with a bunch of military stickers n I was like “you think they were in the military?” N she gave me a weird look and was like “yes” n I just sighed

    • Irony? Seems more like captain obvious humor. :p I guess that's irony too but the first example sounds more like sarcasm. :p

    • Get rid of the “s and t” in “stick” and put a D

    • Who has the best control over their stick though

    • cybertree and Dylan Salrin you know she could just be a incident kid that doesnt have a dirty mind like all of us

  • "It's gotta be gritty. Is it gritty?" 🤣😂😭 I love Link ❤️😂

  • I thought Link's shirt was replicating his old haircut...

  • Link will never be good at that game

  • Food

  • We don’t have a family gathering without spinach dip bread bowl. So good

  • "You got friends over... you wanna do this to them?" LOL


  • Rip Olive 2018-2018

  • Some corta finger food.- Link Neil

  • What a waste of food

  • Does it bother anyone else that they're wasting so much food????

  • Can I invite y’all to my party? Chase is gonna serve!

  • 4:44 we all know what was going through our heads

  • They should make it so that they make a final guess with words then they do the board thing and if they land on the correct number they get the point. Not whose closer that would be more entertaining in my opinion.

  • Slidden into hoooome

  • Link: gimme dat stick Rhett: woah hold on, that's my stick Link: IM TAKING YOUR STICK Rhett: my stick's just a little bit longer than yours subtle Rhett, subtle

  • Go check out AEW

  • This is a good game plz do more of these

  • 2500 BC had delicacies, especially in the complex civilization of the 5th dynasty of Egypt and Mesopotamia, which included fish, barley, wheat, and honey and bread.

  • I feel like Leslie Knope writes every single on of their titles

  • I really love rhett$ shirt

  • At the end links plate was only 3/4 there, so his "plate" was far away from the 1950, so eat this! ___-----___

  • I love Stevie’s voice. It’s pretty calming for all the stuff they do 😂

  • I really like these. You guys should do more of them. there are so many more interesting things from 1900's - 1990's that you guys could be discovering and guessing when it was popular.

  • Idk how they can resist eating more than just one bite of what's on their plates. I'd eat it all

  • I only discovered you guys about a month ago and since then I’ve been binging you daily. Your channels make me so happy. You’re a light in a muddy world. You guys are hands down soul mates. Don’t get me have many many soul mates including your spouses and kids. But you guys have been peas in a pod for “ever”. Most of us probably aren’t as lucky as have such a bond. God bless ya’ll.

  • Rett: but first party snack , that have been around longer than you Queen Elisabeth: I remember that one, ooh did I enjoy that in my days

  • I don't like it when their away from the desk

  • I'd love to see them eat worms like the movie, "how to eat fried worms"

  • oh no.......Link's hair is getting white! :(]


  • "My stick is a little longer than yours" Very subtle Rhett

  • "It's not bad" he says with a disgusted look on his face lmao

  • "it's not bad" - Link *also Link's face 😵

  • I will never understand the 40s and 50s and their obsessions with cottage cheese, mayonnaise, jello and jello molds. Like... why? 🤷‍♂️

  • 6:15 A brawl is surely brewing. Now go! 7:43 WALLOP!

  • Big shirts, half shelled oysters.. ah the 90s

  • How have you never had spinach dip in pumpernickel bread

  • Rhett: my stick is longer then yours

  • I feel like someone could make Rhett and he would enjoy and like it. He would legitimately eat anything that is given to him almost. Link on the other hand, would try to be happy and enjoy it, but his gag reflex would betray him. XD

  • does anybody else wonder how they come up with the game titles

  • the more I watch these the more I realize I have the same palette as Link, I hate oysters, olives, spicy food ect.

  • “Big daddy oyster on the half shell”

  • 6:01 it looks like two giant birds shit all over their shuffleboard.

  • Three men, three things interesting that I noticed for each of them. 1. Rhett. I'm almost positive that Rhett took speed before the show, and it shows hard. Or maybe he just woke up in a talkative mood and a sabotaging mood as he tried to steal Link's stick. Seriously, Rhett wouldn't shut up the whole episode, Link could barely get a word in edgewise. He keeps interrupting everybody and forcing Link to second guess his every strategy with his constant yammering. Rhett really made this a hard episode to watch. He turned up the volume and turned on the bullying. 2. Link. Where to start? He seems kind of angry and stressed out; but with Rhett's nonstop yammering who can blame him? I actually saw a 180 role reversal. Usually on every episode, it's Rhett who seems annoyed by Link and Link who won't stop talking. Link usually doesn't get this stressed out, but today is the exception; Rhett's behavior made it harder for Link to enjoy the game and enjoy his win even. Link gets angry and goes over the edge. The few times Link did talk during the episode, he was delegating to shouting. 3. Chase. Why exactly were you present? They obviously didn't give you enough to do except to just stand there. Did you get bored at all? At least the last time they played this game, you jumped high in the air and almost hit the studio lights to avoid expired milk spilling on you plus the limp sandwich, today; you didn't do much of anything, even though you were in worst danger this time around! Anyone notice that when Rhett broke Link's plate and the glass shards went flying into Chase's direction Chase had no reaction? He didn't even flinch and he could have gotten badly hurt. Anyone notice that during the 100 years of school lunch episode, when Link knocked Rhett's tray off and the sandwich plus milk spills upwards Chase takes immediate action and jumps out of the way to avoid injury? But for the broken glass he just couldn't be bothered? In other words, that means that now both Rhett and Link have almost hurt Chase cut him up badly for the sake of the games! Chase, choose your friends wisely in your next life. Catch my drift?

  • "Here you go." "I don’t want your stick, I got my own." "Fine, whatever." What I always say when I don’t wanna fight with someone.

  • Does anyone else cover the answers and try to guess along with them just by the name and look of the dish?

  • I love pumpernickel bread and spinach dip

  • Sad that they be wasting food. Especially the Spam and Cheese loaf,

  • 9:24 0.25 speed

  • Damn, by the second one alone, Link is getting angry. XD

  • Bread bowls are so freaking good man, especially with clam chowder. :p I love panera bread has them.

  • Man, I might eat a worm, hope those aren't too bad... but the roach sounds too much, that seems disgusting. >_< Different kind though, wonder if that matters...

  • My neighbor still makes the is SO good!!!

  • Wasting food...sad

  • oh my gosh i dont know why but that "whats is this some quarta" but had me in tears of laughter which is not east to do btw! Hilarious!

  • Link seemed more angry than usual in this episode.

  • Stevie needs to gargle my balls

  • This one was too easy, guys

  • surely party like it's 1945 is more appropriate for Americans

  • My mom still brings a spinach dip bread bowl to parties. It’s gone in minutes.

  • 6:59 did anyone see they all slidd to gether

  • 12:57 chase laugh

  • Rhett:*Eats Oyster* "I think you'll like that man" Link:*Attempts to eat oyster* *Makes discusted face* "It's not that bad.."

  • Poor Rhett.

  • "Its not bad" *has disgusted face*

  • Me encantan!!!!!

  • You know you like a UA-tvd when you watch the whole add before the video

  • Anyone else notice how when link moved the canapes on the plate ALL FIVE MOVED AS ONE UNIT. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  • I like them more when they don't have to eat really disgusting stuff

  • Rhety thinks peoples from the 1910s/20s/30s where savages

  • Why do these guys have to be married? They’re so cute.

  • Rhetts cream cheese actually landed on the 50s which sounds crazy but if you slow the video down you could see a piece of the cheese on 1950

  • How do they come up with these ideas? 😂😂

  • Oyster logic bad boys... they were popular for common people back before everyone ate all the accessible oysters, then they became expensive

  • Does anyone else try to guess the year with them by covering half the screen and then dying inside when you accidentally see the year?

  • I’m worried Rhett and Link think the world began in 1900

  • I love their videos but i lowkey wish they wouldn't give the answers right away to us so we could try and guess it by looks alone omxxomxmo

  • I was really surprised they didn't know Oysters Rockefeller ... it's one of my favorite appetizers at seafood places

  • You guys should make them eat a food they dont like as a punishment, like tomatoes for link

  • I wish if you guys used a picture of the food on the plate instead of throwing it around! It’s good food you could eat it later.

    • But the way they do it is more fun 😑😑

  • I would prefer it they didn't put the year on screen, I want to be able to guess along with them

    • Touchy touchy 😑😑

  • Link hating the oysters had me crying! 😂

  • 8:59 is Rhett’s nose bleeding

  • My mom made spinade dip and puper nical bread when I was little for Christmas we still do it to remember her it was one of her favorites and mine too ~sorry had to share

  • Rhett did they at least cook that worm for you but knowing this show they probably didn't.

  • “My stick is more accurate” yeah that’s why you have three kids, and Rhett only has two

  • They should've worn tuxedos while doing this

  • Oyster is better than a worm

  • Does anyone remember when Rhett possibly got a waiter fired over his shirt?

    • Stop hating his shirt wth?

  • The red stuff appears to be tomato aspic. It’s friggin nasty.

    • Yes, tomatoes are the best...seems criminal to turn them into ASSPIC.

    • But tomatoes are good 😭😭

  • QQ

  • Come on guys I love you but they had fancy food back then

  • Was the worm boiled for safety?

  • Modern GMM seems forced nowerday. Catch me watching reruns instead of this forced comedy :(

  • What a waste of food...

  • Did anyone else read village pantry

  • Chase's laugh at 12:56

  • Wow, millenials know nothing of history.

    • Barbara Danley Are you under 40? If yes, you are also a millenial.