Week Old McDonald's Taste Test

Опубліковано 17 кві 2018
Can a Filet-O-Fish taste as good as it did a week ago? We sample week old McDonald's menu items to find out! GMM #1319.2
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  • Mac don't crack

  • Big Mac's dont have lettuce any more(i love lettuce)(last one i ate was at San Francisco)

  • ok!! lol here's a poor mans experienced secret on fast food products that last days upon a week without rotting or molding! i was a super poor man at one time living from friends couch to friends couch to my car in my younger years, 2007 to 20013 and these are the foods i would eat that i noticed were still good to eat after 3 plus days of storing in a car or in boxes lol ... 1. mcdonald's hamburgers. i would buy 6 mcdonalds double cheese burgers and leave them in the bag in the floor board of my car the whole week i was working and on lunch break i would go to my car and grab a double cheese burger out of that bag and eat it for lunch i could do that for 6 days without noticing any fowl tastes from the 6 day old burger to the first day burger (mcdonalds chicken sandwiches dont last more than a day but the burgers will last up to a week! 2. mcdonalds chicken nuggets.. 2. little caesars pizza. 3. burger king cheese burgers also kept tasting good after 2 days. 4. burger king chicken nuggets as well. 5.taco bell nachos, as long as you dont get them with tomato or sour cream a nacho bell grande will last up to 4 days and still taste good without the vegetables or sour cream. 6. taco bell plain soft tacos are the same thing i could order 6 of them on monday and leave the bag in my car and eat them as snacks here and there at work in my car up to 5 days later and they still tasted the same and i would be fine afterward.

  • Josh is very rude and unprofessional get rid of him you guys don't need that

  • If the felofish is not changed then that means you shouldn't order it lol.

  • If you put fries under the broiler until they're hot they taste exactly the same as fresh ones

  • I wouldn’t have enough self control to keep these in a fridge for an entire week

  • You've changed, nuggets!

  • Filet o fish is the shiznit

  • This video felt rushed

  • Food poisoning incoming

  • mcchicken bro

  • The second fish thing ret ate was the good one. I watched it over again and they did get switched

  • We shouldn't eat something that never molds. ='[

  • Nice shirt link!

  • Should have tried the mc rib

  • I miss the sound of Stevie's laughter, and the warm orange feel of the set

  • What’s up with Link’s new obsession with pull over sweaters? He’s looking kind of like a lesbian lately.

  • Try this with in and out!

  • do the oven vs the microwave for week old food which is better.

  • I like chicken nuggets and pizza 🍕

  • The stupid gellete ad is the only ad I get from you guys


  • Best friends for decades, still can’t bite from the same burger

  • Toaster oven makes nuggets taste amazing

  • The chicken nuggets are my favorite leftovers because you can eat em cold and when you nuke em they taste great

  • Nothing worse than cold fries.

  • I use to work at maccas and there are certain things you can do to make it taste almost EXACTLY the same when re-heated. Nuggets and fries are really only good when done in an oven. The burgers need to be de-constructed with the meat microwaved / ovened first importantly without the cheese and yes this is the hardest part but makes it better once it is sufficiently warmed up put it back together and back in without the salad (so bun, cheese and meat) till the cheese is melted now just add the salad back an bam tastes 99% like the originally bought item. (However even in the oven fries usually come out like cardboard so i tend to put them in a big pile not spread out to create slight moisture for the inner ones)

  • *McDonald's has left the chat*

  • “Is there anything better than leftovers?” Yes, a really good book

  • I wonder if you’d air fried them if you would have been able to Tell a difference

  • The oven would have been a 1000 times better on some of those. Kind of screwed it up

  • Yeah I prefer week old buns

  • the bread on the filet-o-fish is probably filled with gas. most items that go bad delevop gases. Like bloaty dead bodies.

  • they get hi before doing these I just know it

  • Why is link dressed like a grandma with that sweater

  • microwaves make food less flavorful

  • This video seemed rushed dont you think?

  • Bucket o challenge from pup named scooby doo. Whoever wins gets a bucket o cash

  • Chase is so adorable 🥰

  • remember the big mac halloween special?

  • With a Rosewill infer red halogen convection oven the chicken nuggets and fries taste just as fresh as first caught your issue was microwave you ruin all the week and even fresh foods

  • The main reason this format didn't work? They're are talking and going too fast! I looked away for 30 seconds and they had already done 3 foods

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • Link is so rough with everything he does lol

  • Brooooooo Read more

  • I think the fries and nuggets should be switched

  • Those were 2 fresh filet o fishes.. and one microwaved...

  • I remember the .25 cent Big Mac. One of the best times in my life. I ate them every night for a week straight

  • I want to be Link’s stylist

  • I mean microwaving then also affects them

  • Anyone else get a McDonald's happy meal ad at he beginning of the video?

  • I honestly enjoy leftover nuggets from McDonalds

  • You also HAVE to put the stuff in a quart baggie. Air kills McDs


  • About a minute into it, and something hit me real hard all of a sudden... Link's attire is phenomenal! Thriller shirt, and a suave long sleeve purple pullover. I wouldn't mind having that outfit myself!

  • Either use a frying pan with a cover or a toaster oven. Everything reheats better that way. Also it's possible they overcooked those bigmac patties or something the week before.

  • 3:29 (Rhett) they got whiter **link is wearing a Micheal Jackson t-shrit (ironic?)

  • I Love links shirt

  • remember when rhett ate a baby

  • They steam the filet o fish bun

  • What I have learned about GMM . Rhett just loves food

  • Chase reminds me of Chris from Mr Beast

  • Who needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of eating lunch...?

  • Got the munchies the other night and ate a 2 month old frozen and re heated cheese burger and had the Hersey squirts at thanks giving

  • I like you guys and love all your videos but this video a flop because nobody eats mc Donald’s a week later maybe a the next day or so

  • Chicken McNugg’s are 10X’s better when reheated in my opinion.😂 but then again I love hard dry bland tasting food so... am I the only one?🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I guess im just high but this confused me

  • Link is so picky haha

  • I thought they were going to guess which one is old and which one is new. Other than that I love the whole show and the channel

  • Lol LEFTOVERS...not in america my friend

  • 30 secs in I say plain cheeseburger. 👌

  • Is it bad that I like my nuggets cold? Sometimes I’ll buy chicken nuggets just to put them in the fridge and eat them later cold

  • You guys are so dramatic 😂

  • I feel like one day they'll get food poisoning

  • I have that same Michael Jackson shirt that link has on

  • Microwave would ruin the stuff anyway I would have used an oven to make everything crispy again

  • The filet o fish bun is steamed whenever you order it, so even if you microwave it a week later the bun won’t be the same

  • My health teacher has a 21 year old burger from mc donalds and it look the same

  • I know no one will see this cause this is old but I really came back to watch this to see if I can still eat this 2 day old burger I got 💀💀

  • "They dont have the good floppiness." When has floppiness EVER been good?

  • "I love a smooth bun" 😂😂

  • I feel like McDonald's is sponsoring them because they never say that they're not a sponcer. So is McDonald's a sponsor of Good Mythical Morning?

  • I HATE soggy fries! That’s why I eat them first because they go soggy in like 5 minutes

  • Link; \_(•~•)_/ the beef is bad

  • 8:37 what's wrong with rhett????

  • y'all never worked at mcdonalds, after 3 minutes everything is horrible.

  • What happened nugget ?

  • With the nuggets and fries you should have put them in the toaster oven. Crisps them up.

  • FYI: the filet o fish has a bun that is steamed fresh witch is why the fresh one is more wrinkly. After sitting in the fridge for a week it has lost the extra moisture in the bun and lost the wrinkles. 👍

  • The nuggets are always better left over😂😂like the next day though. Not a week later😂

  • I like the Filet-O'Fish, but with extra sauce and no cheese. Also, I wish they'd go back to wrapping them instead of boxing them, bcus every time I get one, at no matter which McDs, they're pretty much all over the place inside the box.

  • I know McDonald’s is so bad for me and the employees always treat the costumers like shit but dam Macdonald is good, like I can get a big Mac and ona month later eat the left overs

  • I’m watching this as I work at McDonald’s 😂😂😂

  • Use a pizzazz instead of the microwave for nuggets

  • You gotta reheat some of this stuff in an oven or toaster, like the fries, for instance.

  • If a McDonald’s burger lasts 15 years and it makes a fish sandwich younger shouldn’t it be healthy to eat it and make you live longer??

  • McDonalds has to be the most overrated fast food place in the entire world. Sure, as a kid I loved them but that’s because I had the taste buds of , well a kid. Even the Big Mac, I’d have to be drunk with no other option to go back to McD’s ever again. Try either ShakeShake, In N Out, Five Guys or Jack in the Box and you’ll never go back to McYouCantSeeOurPatties.


  • Mc donalds is no food thou.....just sayin ^^