Week Old McDonald's Taste Test

Опубліковано 17 кві 2018
Can a Filet-O-Fish taste as good as it did a week ago? We sample week old McDonald's menu items to find out! GMM #1319.2
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  • 30 secs in I say plain cheeseburger. 👌

  • Is it bad that I like my nuggets cold? Sometimes I’ll buy chicken nuggets just to put them in the fridge and eat them later cold

  • You guys are so dramatic 😂

  • I feel like one day they'll get food poisoning

  • I have that same Michael Jackson shirt that link has on

  • Microwave would ruin the stuff anyway I would have used an oven to make everything crispy again

  • The filet o fish bun is steamed whenever you order it, so even if you microwave it a week later the bun won’t be the same

  • My health teacher has a 21 year old burger from mc donalds and it look the same

  • I know no one will see this cause this is old but I really came back to watch this to see if I can still eat this 2 day old burger I got 💀💀

  • "They dont have the good floppiness." When has floppiness EVER been good?

  • "I love a smooth bun" 😂😂

  • I feel like McDonald's is sponsoring them because they never say that they're not a sponcer. So is McDonald's a sponsor of Good Mythical Morning?

  • I HATE soggy fries! That’s why I eat them first because they go soggy in like 5 minutes

  • Link; \_(•~•)_/ the beef is bad

  • 8:37 what's wrong with rhett????

  • y'all never worked at mcdonalds, after 3 minutes everything is horrible.

  • What happened nugget ?

  • With the nuggets and fries you should have put them in the toaster oven. Crisps them up.

  • FYI: the filet o fish has a bun that is steamed fresh witch is why the fresh one is more wrinkly. After sitting in the fridge for a week it has lost the extra moisture in the bun and lost the wrinkles. 👍

  • The nuggets are always better left over😂😂like the next day though. Not a week later😂

  • I like the Filet-O'Fish, but with extra sauce and no cheese. Also, I wish they'd go back to wrapping them instead of boxing them, bcus every time I get one, at no matter which McDs, they're pretty much all over the place inside the box.

  • I know McDonald’s is so bad for me and the employees always treat the costumers like shit but dam Macdonald is good, like I can get a big Mac and ona month later eat the left overs

  • I’m watching this as I work at McDonald’s 😂😂😂

  • Use a pizzazz instead of the microwave for nuggets

  • You gotta reheat some of this stuff in an oven or toaster, like the fries, for instance.

  • If a McDonald’s burger lasts 15 years and it makes a fish sandwich younger shouldn’t it be healthy to eat it and make you live longer??

  • McDonalds has to be the most overrated fast food place in the entire world. Sure, as a kid I loved them but that’s because I had the taste buds of , well a kid. Even the Big Mac, I’d have to be drunk with no other option to go back to McD’s ever again. Try either ShakeShake, In N Out, Five Guys or Jack in the Box and you’ll never go back to McYouCantSeeOurPatties.


  • Mc donalds is no food thou.....just sayin ^^

  • Rhett - “The old ones got taut though” Link- (*talking to bread) “what did ya learn?” 😂 I love link 4:50

  • I just started the video and link has already won he has a thriller shirt on Love Michael Jackson

  • So what you guys are telling me is what Jesse said to TB years ago in Terraria was real?! I though Jesse was making it up as a joke...

  • i love old nugggets, just drown em in bbq sauce

  • I don't like any of McDonald's morning foods. :P

  • lol fresh McDonald's is an oxymoron

  • Dude Rhett is wearing the exact same T-shirt I am wearing right now

  • More like 1 week old McDonald’s vs 2 week old McDonald’s

  • I had high hopes for the nuggets. I once at 2 month old nuggets that had been sitting at the back of the fridge. The look on my friends face when he saw me eating nuggets from the beginning of spring was hilarious. It honestly didn't taste too different from nuggets even just a few hours old

  • Try the filet-o-fish with Big Mac sauce instead of tartar.

  • I'm 20 and i've never had a big mac

  • Claps for Chase.

  • That Big Mac story sounds a lot like Julien Smith “Waffles”, or is that just me?

  • I love the big mac

  • Teacher-"did y'all do the homework?" Me- 0:13

  • 6:04

  • Filet o fish buns are steamed when you order it, that's why it was wrinkly

  • I still get bothered that these two have been friends for sooo long but still get bothered by eating the same food

  • i recommend freezing them first but if you reheat leftover mcdonalds french fries in the oven for 10 minutes at 425 fahrenheit then throw them on a pan with 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil for 5 minutes and turn them over every minute then add salt they'll be exactly the same as they are fresh up to 2 weeks old. microwaving them makes them disgusting and rubbery/soggy because of the oils on the fries from the deep frying. microwaves aren't able to create the crisp that ovens can because they don't have enough heat, but reheating them in the oven then refrying them a bit in a saucepan really gives you that crispy flavor and golden color back, especially if you freeze them first.

  • the filet-o-fish sandwich looked younger with time because the bread dried out. it's wrinkled because the buns get lightly steamed before they put the fish on. just a random piece of information lol I used to work at mcdics.


  • Is there anything better than left over yes a really good book

  • Why does the week old one look like it’s the more fresh one in thumbnail 😂

  • They didn’t say “ Good mythical morninggggg “ Or “ let’s talk about that “ 😢😢😢😢 #DinkitandSinkit #LetsTalkAboutThat #GoodMythicalMorning #MythicalBeasts #WowThatsAlotofHashtags

  • In the uk McDonald’s is all fresh food, so our McDonald’s would not be ok to eat after a week. It’s All those preservatives keeping the food ok after a week. If I tried that here I would get mad food poisoning 😂

    • Katie Price I mean also they went to Las Vegas. Mistake number one for fast food. Busy town, shitty service.

    • Katie Price well I googled it and they all source locally and internationally with caged eggs etc. only thing I can think of is meat DOES taste different depending on nation - but wasn’t significant enough to make a huge impact

    • Brenna Paulson my friend moved from Scotland to Vegas and she tried Mcdonald’s when she first moved there and said it’s disgusting compared to here. So many people on here who do the taste comparisons for McDonald’s say how different it tastes over here compared to America too. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tasted it but it’s definitely a lot more processed there than it is here by the looks and sounds of things. All the stuff you have in American foods are banned in the uk. Colourings, preservatives, flavourings etc.

    • Katie Price its “fresh” in America too. I’ve had it in the UK and shit tastes the same. Had it in Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur etc and they’re all “natural” like they say here. I believe no matter where you go it will taste the same and still be a fake natural, even the UK.

  • i *LOVE* egg biscuits aka Egg McMuffin

  • TOASTER OVEN!!! Look i have a culinary degree AND work at McDonald's. THE TOASTER OVEN IS YOUR FRIEND. Toss left over nugs or fries in A LITTLE, just to make em whiney, bit of oil and pop those babies in your TOASTER OVEN OR OVEN at about 400-450 till they are sizzling and warm again. Enjoy :)

  • Rhett's face at 8:38 😂

  • gotta say, the mcdonalds breakfast burrito both stays exactly the same over however long you keep it and tastes the best- really think yall missed out! (sad to say there were a lot of re-heated mcdonalds burritos when I lived in california) love the show!

  • "Leave me some Regi" "Love me some Regi" Only LoL players will know HAHAHHA

  • I love how little ahead link thinks... live in the moment my man

  • Putting fried food in the toaster oven is the way to go.

  • Should have done this by warming the food in a toaster oven.

  • You gotta heat the nuggets in the toaster oven🙃

  • Rhett gang for fillet o fish lover

  • This episode seems rushed

  • Is it just me or does the editing in this video seem off?

  • It's because they steam the filet o fish bun. That's why it gets somewhat wrinkled and then puffs out after a while.

  • I Like the hot floppy ones fresh

  • Lol in thumbnail week old looks better

  • McDonald's is way better in England my nuggets last longer I can eat the 20 box threw out 1 or 2 hours

  • I’d love to see how much a difference using a toaster oven instead of a microwave would make on the reheated food. I’m positive the fries and chicken nuggets would fair way better. It’d be interesting to see if the rankings would change.

  • You guys waste a lot of food

  • Leftover pizza is great

  • Chick fil las chicken nuggets are good after microwaving

  • Your the funniest 40 year old men on the planet

  • Toaster with a door called Toaster Oven.

  • That fish bun had that Benjamin button disease

  • when they said the bread gone bad it reminds me of that vine that says " the milks gone bad" and then it shoots people

  • Im hungry after watching this

  • I like the good flopiness in french fries its delicious

  • If you put a fillet a fishOut for 15 years that’s back as a fresh try it

  • The beef is bad lol

  • I've ate 1 day old nuggets

  • So, basically normal McDonalds?

  • Chase the real MVP!!!

  • Never microwave leftover nuggets lol. Always put them in a toaster oven. They turn out great

  • I think this is one of the most useful video that you guys have made. Relative to myself atleast. You guys should do other fast food places too.

  • i ate a few days old mcnugget that was sitting in my friends car i didnt know it was old and it tasted like stale movie popcorn

  • ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴇᴡɪɴɢ

  • I love how he leaned close to the nugget and said what happened

  • Eating a leftover whopper as I watch this

  • Do this with BK or arbys

  • Mc fish has had Mc Botox XD


  • This is potentially very dangerous.

  • Link has gone mad with power

  • I Remember my Teacher telling me back when he was in College Him and his Friends Would Go To Burger King For the 2 Whopper’s for The Friday Deal and They Would Buy 30 Something of them and then Put Them In the Freezer and Then eat Them a Month Later

  • Nuggets the next day are so freaking good

  • Slow it down to 0.25

  • i love letting my McDanks nuggers get cold, they taste much better