Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

Опубліковано 19 жов 2018
Which bike helmet can you trust to best protect your noggin? It's our scientific duty to find out. GMM #1404
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  • I like how scientific this is

  • “WHAT THE CRAP PAUL” -Link 2k19

  • "This kid has another problem he should to see someone about." 😂😂 Paul was hilarious!!

  • "My arms are getting tired. I'm not commenting about that." he commented.

  • *eggs are more fragile then craniums link*


  • You can't be a tough guy if u are wearing skinny jeans. Sorry Paul

  • 4:45 abis kadabel is my birth name

  • Nowadays kids don’t wear helmets

  • I wonder why peta is not here yet....🤔

  • "and you don't want yur human head cooked" lmao

  • Is that a silver Maserati in the parking lot? Whose is it?!

  • Paul noo!!! Please they are children!

  • Guys I'm sorry for what the idead

  • *Oo, dats hot*

  • rhett’s persona reminds me of lillian from unbreakable kimmy smchit

  • I too take naps in the road thanks for the helmet test!


  • rip

  • Abus almost got eliminated on the first round.

  • You should test out nutcase brand helmets

  • *that kid has a tough helmet *lauges

  • Off the funny side. Read the use and wear of bike helmets. After an impact hit to the helmet in a crash. They should be replaced and not used, again and expect protection. I would expect more from recycled coffee cup products.

  • its bad if a helmet is just tough like concrete, its supposed to crumple

  • once a helmet takes a large impact you need a new one, its made to be crumpled/destroyed and take all the impact so your head doesnt, you cant use it again, also, massive amounts of heat will destroy a helmet and you need a new one

  • Science

  • This totally shows the best helmet

  • He says the burn is getting burnt but it's not in the next test

  • Oh shit- That's my name

  • Rhett’s greaser impression sounds like hedwig from split

  • you have to also think about the impact of the items hitting the head and not just thinking about the damage of the helmet to get better accurate results. I'm not trying to be a smart a$$ I'm just saying.

  • 2019 anyone ?

  • Teach these kids a lesson

  • Rhett is basically fearless

  • i have a bell and i ride my bike when its hot and my head is not hot maybe because i have one of the really nice ones and mine has no holes in it...

  • Link: my arms are hurting and im not commenting about that! Me: *typing sounds*

  • Paul reminds me of Ryan Stiles' Carol Channing impression

  • Actually link ya did commented about ya did😂

  • Paul is American yakuza

  • Just wanna day something I understand you stretched the video with the heat test but I understand it your you tubers but why the heat test was a bad test was because ya know your skin the thing that helps you cool yourself with sweat then again as I got to the third test I'm realizing that this is less a real test and more just a video

  • NO YOUR WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  • crush job?

  • Thanks for looking out for our Arizona brains~

  • I disagree with the heat test

  • Hi

  • I subscribed

  • Please incorporate the character Paul into other shows you guys host along with the sword or other weapons.

  • You have no idea how close I was to writing a comment about ventilation

  • You guys always make my day no matter what. Thank you 🙏 God Bless You All

  • #SWoords

  • We walk wid swooods

  • What about movement you for got that the air comes in the vents

  • the heat wasn’t even links were further away

  • I was just thinking the other week if y’all still had the FJ 👍👍

  • Quick Question! I want to know the a cappella track used at 1:47. Anyone help me out?!

  • Plot twist: The helmets are designed to break so they take most of the energy out of the impact. If they didn't your head would do that and crack. Funny though!

  • Giro helmets are w pretty good, at least for mountain biking, I'm pretty Sure they're not meant to be cooked, dropped, rolled over,and sliced, 😂

  • WhAt ThE cRaP pAuL!?!?!?

  • Abus

  • *Rhett and Link get into the car* me: this is peaceful...nothing bad happened......yet *Rhett and Link run over the helmets* me: there it is always a little peace than destruction😊

  • Rhett...err i mean Paul thats an amazingly hilarious outfit.... what an odd back story of your sword... me and my brother love it!!

  • I love how they called eggs "brains" its hilarious XD

  • Rhett murdering children

  • all of the helmets are for different purposes

  • links side of head hair is too short

  • Send me the link to the sword truck 😂🤤🤔⚔️🚚

  • Rhett must like his steaks rare 😂

  • dont waste eggs

  • 0:35 best its time for ever 😂

  • It would of been cool if they used those paper helmets you get for a dollar from a machine. They say it's pretty strong. Would of liked to see them test it.

  • Yeah let eat some eggs and some almost cooked steak

  • Seems legit

  • 9:16 but you should watch the rest of the video

  • My friends decided I looked cute with this guy so they pushed us into each other and I skinned part of my hand and apparently the guy told the meanest teacher in the school what happened and now I have to talk to her and discuss it. Help. I would like to die more than anything right now. Thanks for reading because I have no one to talk to

  • I love Rhett's character with a sword a lot! He's so funny!

  • Rhett Sounds like cotton candy randy when he had the swords

  • ًٓ

  • Now I Know How To Live When My Cousin Wants Me To Ride A Bike 😉✨✨

  • 1:36 you calling me an egg head?

  • The first test is extremely inaccurate because your neck would break before your head cracked and you would likely die if you landed headfirst off a building in any helmet

  • I'm living for link's hair in this episode

  • The ventilated should be... Oh crap

  • You aren’t moveimg the helmet to let cool air in

  • I am watching two grown men slice children's heads open

  • *_we be carryin' swords for years - Rhett 2018_*

  • What about protec

  • *Gets chased on my bike by a man with a katana*

  • Gmm is awesome and it always has been

  • I chose the right won



  • I really liked Paul 😊 “Neva happened before”

  • Can I have those steaks please? I'm broke but would love to put steak in my ramen x3

  • That Toyota is a bad vehicle decision in California.

  • i was told to comment

  • Totally scientific, cant see any flaws at all, good job guys

  • Rhett looks so much like Harry from Home Alone

    • Exactly what I said

  • Crush slash jr

  • You should do a video where you guess if the asmr is someone eating something or squeezing something who else would want to see that

  • Leather jacket Paul looks like David Guetta