Will It Chip? Taste Test

Опубліковано 5 лют 2018
Can a Bloody Mary be made into an edible chip? The Mythical kitchen whipped up some of the strangest chip flavors for us to test on our palettes. GMM #1268.1
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  • DID Y'ALL see Rhett and Link last night during the superbowl??? I was so proud of these lowkey dads, they've gotten so far 😭😂🎉🏈

    • What

    • I'll need to find it. I rarely watch football and I'm not as regular of a viewer of any gmm stuff since 2017 so I'm watching a few games and Will Its getting back into it

    • **shows Rhett and Link** Me: **rubs eyes** Rhett and Link?!

    • Psycho Milk... sigh

    • Wait that was them. I asked my mate n he said no

  • What was that at 10:32

  • It was approximately 7.25 seconds

  • Fish have no taste buds

  • 1. Put it on 0.5x speed. 2. Go to 13:55. 3. Enjoy.

  • Will it marshmallow?

  • 13:57

  • Disappointed that they didn't did the fish food in Phish Food ice cream

  • the bloody mary chips just look like regular ketchup chips

  • Who likes Rhett over link

  • Do Will it Nacho dip

  • Haha I can't do it 😂😂😂😂 this is too much for me

  • This is one of the best episodes of GMM of all time!

  • Still waiting for that "Will it penis" episode, lol :D

  • I just lost it when Rhett will it penis😂🤣

  • Can’t wait to see will it penis

  • will it penis XD

  • Will it Christmas tree ornament?

  • 10:51 The *madness* begins!

  • Rhett and Link are true gourmands: ua-tv.org/tv/відео-X08upzdwejg.html&t=2m39s

  • i laughed so hard when Rhett said " Will it penis?" im crying omg


  • I want to eat the cereal chip

  • Will It Ramen? Use random liquids for boiling ramen in. Hot sauce, flavored water, etc

  • Mmm guacapenis is best

  • *virgin chip*

  • Will it penis xDD


  • Will it dip?

  • Guaca-POLEy

  • They needed to be made thinner! :)

  • "Battling it out 'hand or hand'" 😂

  • 9:22 That T-Pose tho

  • Well I can’t watch this around my mom lol

  • Rhett getting a little of that straight penis 🍤🍆 will it penis?

  • Rewatching this episode after I’d forgotten about it. Felt a little self conscious when they pulled out the “brunch” Bloody Mary chip. I’m just sippin on one alone at 12am....

  • I was waiting for them to ask the question so I thought,” when are they gonna say will it penis?” Then I realized that’s not what it was an Rhett proceeded to make the same mistake.

  • Shoulda called the guac cockamole

  • Wats up yo

  • Bloody Mary’s are disgusting

  • _will it penis?_

  • i’ve been watching for years and this is by far my favorite episode

  • Where can I get these chips

  • please sell the chippy marry at walmart ill buy ten

  • The whole time I wondered how I never saw this will it. Then instead of more it went to the poppy video and I realized this was during the dark times.

  • w i l l i t p e n i s

  • Can you do every food item that has mythical

  • absolute best episode ❤️

  • Will it dip?

  • Lmao so hard at "will it penis?"

  • Why can’t chick fil a chicken sandwich be a real chip flavor..?

  • Rhett: will it penis Me: pffthahahhaha *dies laughing*

  • don't we all like some straight penis? don't want a bent one... Will it Penis... that's another episode... you guys..

  • The chip bags are adorable

  • “Man, let me tell you what your penis did” 🖐😂👌🏻

  • Today we ask the age old question ;) Will it penis?

  • Will it Penis?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • u guys make me feel happy when im depressed or anxious

  • This is my favorite episode! "Will it penis!" I mean chip😂😂😂😂😂

  • *wow, i am rewatching this episode 8 months later (according to the last comment i left... which i forgot about completely) and i was about to post "FISH ARE SO STUPID!" -Charles Lincoln/Link Neal III, 2018. and then i realized i already posted the same comment almost a full term pregnancy ago! LOL. reminds me that these two are genuinely such a fantastic comedic duo. i love that i laughed the hardest at the same part in the show nearly a year apart. also reminds me that maybe i need to better my commenting game.* o_O

  • Will it cake ?

  • reht: will it penis? link: that's another episode if i could quest star on any episode it would be that imaginary penis episode.

  • 13:56 i dieeeeedddddd xDDDDDDDDD

  • Sorry to burst your bubble guys. But here in Canada atleast,we already have a similar chip to the bloody mary. The CAESAR CHIP!!! and it is awesome. Made by KETTLE BRAND, which by the way, makes some awesome flavour combos

  • 13:55 I was probably to only one to notice how they both did a double take 😂

  • Sooooo..... yack penis is the hardest penis?

  • article 13

  • Is it bad that I'd probably eat all of those? Yes. Probably yes.

  • Lucky charms tooth breaking chip Chick a flay homophobic crackers Bloody Mary chips Fish incest garbage chips Furry secret indulgence yak penis chips

  • 13:57

  • its called cockomolie

  • Will It Penis? *Taste test*

  • 13:42

  • Okay so apparently Rhett and Link of never seen an excited fish before. If you feed goldfish the same time everyday then at that time they start getting wildly excited. You can also do the same thing Pavlov did with dogs.

  • You should’ve done actual fish for fish and chips just my opinion..... This is one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen in a while

  • This was gold!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • in 4 will it penis episode

  • If the eggs aren’t fertilized, it’s less like fish babies and more like fish periods

  • Omg rhets rant😂

  • Do a will it phone case and see how different items can protect your phones

  • We want will it penis next pls

  • will it penis ):

  • 😂😂😂😂will it penis

  • Will it painus?

  • Will it penis

  • Then do a T-POSE

  • Tang!

  • 13:57 Where’s the Will It Penis episode

  • Who else is happy they don't do this format of their episodes anymore?

  • I'm so glad they kept all that at the end in 😂

  • Did... Did they really- *Did they really eat straight CONDENSED MILK* (condensed milk is sweet af-)

  • Will it... pinis...

  • whaaaaaatt !? yall mean to say yall aint fans of yak penis !? yall are missin out.

  • Will it penis 😂😂😂

  • Links fox on his shirt looks like a p*nis lol

  • You know they don’t actually want to eat the fish food chips when they take forever to end the conversation and just *e a t*

  • One of the funniest Will it’s!! 😂😂😂😂

  • best

  • i cant wait for will it penis

  • You should do will it candle Like if you agree