Will Smith hosts Meme Review

Опубліковано 22 лют 2019
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Mars Rover
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Alladin Memes:

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  • Hope project zorgo hack T-Series!

  • Memes are so dry in February

  • How he is in trending in India

  • Elon Musk: *laughs at meme of dead deer* *realises he's laughing at meme of dead deer* *inner conflict* *laughs at himself having an inner conflict about a meme of a dead deer*

  • Opportunity Rover : NASA I don't Feel So Good

  • hey 9 year old poop's, how are you all.....

  • Why would you not include Elon’s musk in the title

  • If elons not next to pewdipie hosting it it doesnt count🥺

  • Some memes i dont understand.

  • *Хаха офигенно*

  • Very cool

  • At the minute youre 54,000 subs ahead. Thats better than yesterdays 9,000 ahead. Good too u my friend

  • Melon musk

  • Elon Musk did his part


  • Omg that was epic!!!

  • Bruh, Elon in Rick and Morty?

  • This is #1 on trending in greece


  • That guy from Rick and Morty was horrible. Like... *sees joke* Aaaaah, *explains joke* Nothing personal, but dammit.


  • Elon Musk has joined the server

  • Finally 🥺😢

  • #1 trending y'all

  • Why is the guy next to Elon explaining every meme

  • *Comment for the algorithm*

  • T series will be the host of meme review


  • Waited 4 this

  • WHO ARE THOSE 9K people's who disliked this :(

  • 1# trending in Pakistan

  • #4 in Estonia

  • Elon send memes to mars

  • #15 in trending in the Netherlandssss

  • We got him bros

  • Let me iiiiiiin

  • F for a rover that lasted as long as i have existed so far.. F

  • Pewds in trending, again? Wtf is happening

  • Elon's laugh is better than T series history . 🦀🦀🦀

  • Best meme review ever! Thanks Elon

  • I think that Elon Musk laughing face is gonna become a meme

  • I'm so proud of this community. (Read in rewind)

  • #1 on trending.. Is this real

  • Will Smith = Garbage

  • 19:15 I don't know why, but Elon's face here makes me so happy

  • casey frey was in meme review omfg

  • #1 trending bois! Wtf???

  • He said Alladin correctly lol

  • finally

  • finally

  • Roover 😞

  • On the this night time T-series is passed you for 8 minutes.

  • Elon musk hostingeme review

  • Lies, Will Smith didn’t host

  • Allahoma salle ala mohammed

  • @MrBeast where is your Tesla?

  • Omgg guys it means time is different in mars

  • 18:56 the One That Made This Video Number 1 On Trending

  • Bruh

  • Trends in Germany. We are doing our Part. 🇩🇪

  • Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk, whos next.....

  • Opportunity is lost on a different planet without any life on it and hostile climate, sad 😢

  • f

  • Who needs Disney when you have elon musk

  • That ,,should i laugh at this"-face of elon reminded me of the ,,your first time?"-meme lol

  • This vídeo is trending in every country!

  • Put elon frickin musk in the title ffs

  • 1# on Trending thank you youtube now delete t-gay

  • Nobody: Felix: roover

  • Finally

  • I like it when its #24 trending and it wasn't even in my recommendations. UA-tv is with T-series.

  • *Will Smith's Mom:* What do you want for Christmas? *Will Smith:* Fortnite and Markass Brownie

  • 1# trending Heck yah

  • UA-tv has done their part boys we are number 1 on trending

  • yep t series is gonna die

  • make this the most liked video

  • awesome, can´t say anything else now

  • amazing!!!!!?

  • Ben Shapiro one was better

  • This is the first time elon musk has ever spoken

  • I see why it is on trending #1 because sive 1 updated editing

  • nics video

  • Scooby got... *inhales * WAAAAAVES!!!!!!!!!

  • Elon The Musk is my favourite tycoon

  • 18:55

  • It’s ro-ver not ru-ver

  • *#1 on trending*

  • Roiland and musk in One video ❤️😍❤️😍

  • My life just complete

  • This is history !

  • pewds said it, stop memeing X

  • PewDiePie... In my trending tab...? It's 2013 all over again, bois. Back when the platform wasn't so complicated. T~T

  • Wasn't Will Smith black and one single person?

  • jesus big chungus is so dead bruv jävla neger unge

  • !!!!!!!!Nani!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF


  • My name is Jeff.

  • Hey stop bullying Sive and Brat!