Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

Опубліковано 29 жов 2018
Which Halloween candy is the worst of the worst? We're kicking off our 3-day long tournament to find out. GMM #1410
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  • I love Dot's

  • I feel insulted by the dots,they're amazing.

  • Happy cotton candy day daddy’s

  • You know why that they called it good and plenty because it's not good and there's always plenty of them left.

  • I like whoopers...

  • i love dots if yoou like them too then give me a like

  • Oh my candy spirt butterscotch Is good

  • I like dots

  • Tf dots are good

  • Dots are amazing!!! They are the best change my mind

  • How don't you like butterscotch

  • Not gonna lie I hate Whoppers, and anyone who likes them.... Is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that

  • I never tried any of these candies lol since these candies are not sold In my country

  • dots are amazing!

  • The best flavors for all candy are grape, orange and sour apple. Wild cherry ain’t too shabby either. Oh and lemon.

  • Atomic fireballs are amazinggggggggg

  • We Swedish people hate licorice 🤮🤮🤮Netherlanders love it😍😍😍 I can’t understand that🤔🤔🤔 also 7:14 CHUCK YOU ARE A WIMP BRO

  • What yr is this?

  • Watching Link chew that wax bottle made me crave one so bad. I loved chewing those as a kid.

  • I love nik-l-nips

  • I love whoppers

  • I like raisinets as well

  • Whoppers look like British Maltesers

  • I used to be in London

  • Wait... I love Nik-L-Nips!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • I like butterscotch. (BUTTERS!)

  • Most of these are good candies⁉️

  • Atomic fireballs are amazing! Who hates those

  • Is it just me or does that sound like something Dwight would say? 7:07

  • I love dots

  • I like dots.....

  • Never eat dots alone. U gotta share um Dats beautiful When trading, you can trade greens for oranges 🥬 - 🍊 But never oranges for reeeeeeeedddds 🍊x 🍓 Dats rite 🥴

  • Whoppers and dots are all amazing y’all just like overly sweet sticky disgusting caramel peanut butter chocolate things

  • I hate whoppers Love candy corn and Dots

  • I love raisinets and dots!

  • Am I the only person that likes dots

  • I love Liquorice too #liquoricebois

  • lol butterscotch candies and good and plenties are the shit.

  • Why do people not like Candy Corn? I love it!

  • I like whoppers

  • 9:20 i love raisenets and dots

  • I don't like Whoppers

  • Someone elses finger?

  • I love butterscotch... any other teens?

  • I never knew people hated raisinets I love them

  • the absolute worst candy is candycorn. people are backwards lol, whoppers are decent but aren't awful. as well as dots..which only stick to your teeth but taste alright.

  • Bull whoppers are the best

  • Where's my licorice-loving swede-crew?

  • Is it sad that I love most of these candys...like licrish...

  • But I love dots they are amazing!

  • I love dark chocolate raisenets

  • Dots are like the goat tho

  • Excuse me but Whoppers and Butterscotch are delicious you h e a t h e n s

  • Dots, whoppers, and butterscotch candies are actually pretty good. *Change my mind*

  • I agree with Rhett.. Dots are amazing

  • Not woppers

  • I lovvvveeeee Nik-L-Nips, the wax is so satisfying

  • Dots & especially Good and Plenty are awesome. Whoppers and Nik-n-Lips are solid too. You want bad? Fruit Slices.

  • Dots and whoppers didn’t belong

  • I like atomic fireballs I like spicy stuff

  • *i love all of these candies but ok*

  • No need for this video it's automatically Heath bars

  • just give Rhett all the candy you don't want lol

  • Bru I loved nickel-nips

  • I love dots

  • I love good and plenty

  • RASINETS ARE AMAZING!!!! Get them off that list!

  • Butterscotch is not nasty!! People whats wrong with you😂

  • Can’t relate because we don’t have these candy in Australia

  • Whoppers aren’t bad In my opinion.

  • Candy corn is so good. It tastes like marshmallows.

  • That’s like a Maltese which is english

  • I disagree with so much stuff in this. I love whoppers. I love candy corn. I love so many of those candies. Including some candies in the other videos.

  • Whoppers are amazing

  • Nik’n lips are good

  • Okay Almond Joy's are AMAZING

  • I just dyed my hands red and tomorrow I have school isn't that embarrassing yeah I'm just going to try to get it out of my hands before it's way too late love you guys bye

  • Almond joys are the best why are the hated

  • Asmr scares me

  • Whoppers, niklnips, dots, then butterscotch. Hands down. I don't think any kid likes raisenets. They're SO unpopular, Ive never in my life gotten them for Halloween

  • Came back a year later, still upset about my candy corn!

  • I FRIKIN HATE RAISINETS AND LICORICE i mean I’m not judging you can like whatever you want I mean

  • I actually like licorice...

  • Is it bad that I like ALOT of these candies

  • But I like good and plenty . :)

  • I love whoppers

  • Dots aren't that bad

  • I love dots!

  • This show is just o show you how many people hate your favorite candy

  • I like whoppers,dots and rasinets

  • Oh. I love Nick L Nips. They’re my favorite. Unless you can’t cupcakes. Are cupcakes 🧁 candy?

  • I actually love whoppers and dots. I can understand not liking dot but who in there right mind dosent like whoppers

  • Nik l nips are also good for people with braces as the bottle can help with the ends of the wires

  • I love whoppers

  • Dots are one of the best.

  • Man y'all can just leave all this stuff at my house. Most of these candies were considered the good stuff when I was growing up in the 80's and 90's.

  • i love whoppers)): poor lil guys

  • Whoppers are terrible

  • where are the candy buttons?